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  1. Thinking Of Applying For Mod Once I Get 50 Posts, I Feel Like I Will Get Denied XD
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      Keep in mind that you can also be recommended to our Higher-Ups for a Staff position; in which case you bypass the application process! My recommendation is to actively assist Players on our Servers, point them in the right direction or spend some time on our TS3 Server. Really anything that shows you taking initiative to better our Servers and community.
  2. xCabrio

    Hurricane Harvey

    Unfortunately I am unable to donate, But I am sending prayers, Hoping for the best of any xG members over in tha t area
  3. xCabrio

    XG Discord?

    Seriously? This again? Kind of getting annoyed seeing the discord posts...
  4. No -1 Because of the fact that you went through all of the ban sentances for microphone spamming and being given numerous chances I don't think that If the server unbans you I feel as if you won't learn anything because you had 3 previous bans and you kept doing it and you hadn't learned why you can't do it and you continue to do it... Sorry but no.
  5. Farewell! Hope to see you around soon!
  6. #FightForYourRight #FuckOff #TheResistance
  7. Fucking pissed... Got a haircut (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
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      Hey @[107591:@ThunderLimes] you should take some notes from this!!!!
  8. If The Image In The Appeal Doesn't Work Go To Imgur [MEDIA=imgur]a/blGKB[/MEDIA]
  9. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [xG] xCabrio Steam ID: Steam Community :: [xG] xCabrio Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Ummm Yeah So I Was told To Donate And Put A Picture Of Me Holding A "I ♥ Xenogamers" Sign To Get unbanned So Yeah Here it Is,