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  1. Shox


    Dont think he could reform he is too toxic, not much has probably changed tbh, closed XD
  2. Shox


    -1 nope dont give it no offence but dont deserve it dont trust him
  3. TBH, i dont like most the people we play with and i just pick them becasue i dont have any better options, sometimes i will pick goldfish becuase i dont like seeing him fat maned out. I didnt read this becasue fuck @Rabid but i support getting rid of fat manning.
  4. really dont think he is ready for member,
  5. -1 easist minus one of my life btw, kid doesnt deserve to have anything
  6. I have been trust me, he is there but you just attack him and don't try to help him
  7. He needs to mature but not banned, us banning him is not a way to solve a problem. Personally, I have never liked or disliked him and at times he is annoying but banning him just isn't right. He needs to learn, and we need to work on it before banning him. Skipping a lot of steps of helping someone fix these issue before banning isn't good. If anything give him like a week timeout or force him to sit out 10mans until he gets his act together or something(he loves ten men so that's a rightful punishment). I just don't think a ban is necessary.