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    Garrys Mod (Segal)
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    Potato The Chinese
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    4-5 Hours
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    I think I would be capable enough for a staff role in GMOD. I enjoy TTT and I've played it numerous amounts of times so I would say I'm knowledgeable of rules and of what not to do. I want to assist in seeing this division grow and I want to have a part in that. I believe I am mature and active enough to do so. I would try to look at issues objectively and not have a bias when something arises. I'm reasonable enough to admit when I'm wrong and to accept my failures and to reach out to ensure those failures and wrongdoings are corrected so I wouldn't commit them again. I'm pretty active in the xG Discord server. To end this off, I'll ask of the people who post their vouches, who also -1 to explain why they -1 and how I could improve myself. 

    [I couldn't fit my entire Steam Profile URL in.]

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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+1 can get too be a little bit much in discord sometimes but truly has a heart of gold. Responsible and mature with solving issues- I've seen first hand.

the only thing that concerns me is his ability to make an entire team of adults quit playing in CS:GO. might actually be Satan himself so watch out for signs.

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