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  1. boy do i have news for you buster brown
  2. I don’t exactly have a lot of server creds since I only just recently started playing but this is definitely something down @Bonk‘s alley in terms of enforcing it. I would be down for hosting/helping host.
  3. @Caribou and I both share Snake(s) as being favorite vg character
  4. +1 was only demoted due to inactivity, overall pleasant to be around and more than capable of being admin again
  5. It is with regret, but not as much regret as just postponing, that I announce the next Community Night of tomorrow (sorry for the short notice) to be Overwatch. It'll be following past OW CNs in that if you have any ideas for gamemodes, post them below and we'll play them. The community night after this one (5/4/19) is going to be Tabletop Simulator. My reason for """""postponing""""" it, in a sense, is that I've been pretty busy with real life stuff + GMod division and would rather have something easy and manageable fill the spot rather than a delay. can i get a fuck you @Lithium in chat, give me scrim admin old man
  6. pretty easy +1 tbh, just be clear that this is in exchange for your demotion on csgo
  7. +1 Has been one of the more active GMod players, giving me plenty of reason from his appropriate attitude and comprehension to approve of his app.
  8. hongkongatron


    +1 His experience and capability of moderating servers is clear. Would make a good fit as moderator.
  9. hongkongatron


    +1 Has always been a huge help to me and others, showing his experience to me through helping control the first GMod CN, and still shows that experience and understanding very well.