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  1. How much of the game outside of Snowhead and the Bay will be visible? And in snowhead and the bay respectively will you be able to go as far as the temples?
  2. I'm going to stand by a concrete rule that community nights won't have specific EST times, I want them to be variable to fit the largest numbers of people. That being said, it will happen at around 7:00 PM EST.
  3. Small update - I'll be scoping out a multitude of servers for each gamemode we'll play so that we have multiple backups incase one or another has random people/is populated/has bad ping or other issues, etc. I'll (probably maybe) post the IP's here if anyone wants them once I'm done but if you haven't already, be sure to add me on steam so you can join off me. Reminder: The CN is THIS SATURDAY (2/16) tags for people who have attended in the past/would be interested (sorry if i missed anyone): @ScottNi @Topaz @Jadow @bagggel @BullseyeX @Tatost @Thunder
  4. the bot kept going down a year or so ago and it was shut down then was shrugged off as “its gonna get fixed eventually we just have bigger fish to fry” iirc but bringing it back would make our giveaway system for population events way better
  5. Good question- due to xG’s nonexistent GMod division and the understandable inability on the higherups side to spontaneously generate servers out of nowhere, I’ll be finding random empty community servers fit for the CN a week or so beforehand.
  6. Just a heads up, to people who both regularly attend or just occasionally hop into community nights that the next one is Saturday of 2/16 and will be GMOD. After this, we will start having community nights every other Saturday with the one after being 3/9/19. If you have any questions or thoughts, etc. leave them here so we can create an even better experience. Be sure to add me on steam so that you can join off me or someone else when we play. Gamemodes we’ll run will be TTT, PropHunt, SledBuild, and potentially more. TL;DR (again): The next community night is the Saturday after this one (2/16) and the one after that will be 3/9, with a CN happening every other week or so. Here’s my steam.
  7. easiest +1 of my life, valuable member of this community that we all enjoy and love
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