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Found 6 results

  1. It was just a small drawing that I made with the same artstyle of my friend, but I really don't like the way it looks BTW, Drach is my "artist" name, I no longer using Reiki or Reikirishi for my new drawings Made by me
  2. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  3. Reiki


    Something that I drew for a friend a long time ago. Just a Weavile trying to take a video by his own Artist: Me Program: Paint Tool SAI
  4. some examples of what it looks like Random pokemon spawn just by talking in discord, many discord servers already have this bot added being one of the many favorited bots. No pokeballs required it's just buy whoever type p!catch (name) first. you're able to level up pokemon just by talking too and even have the chance to catch your favorites and battle with friends If you're worried about pokemon spawning everywhere it even comes with the ability of being set to just one channel so everything pokemon related can be done there
  5. anyone going to take place in nintendos tiny tourney starting on june 14?
  6. Game Name: Pokémon Sun and/or Moon Platform: (new) Nintendo 3DS (XL) Time Spent: ~ 100 Hours Do you recommend? YESYESYES Rating: 9.5/10 Initial Thoughts: At first glance, the game looks pretty advanced compared to the other Pokémon games in the series, and when starting the game up, a title screen showcasing the main legendary pokémon (Solgaleo and Lunala for Pokémon Sun or Moon respectively) pops up, promising for a good game experience. BE READY FOR MINIOR (heh) SPOILERS IN THE GAME Pros: The removal of HM Discs This new feature will not only free up bag space and shorten the amount of time sifting through moves to teach your Pokémon, but will also get rid of visits to a frankly unnecessary NPC. Ride Pokémon Replacing the HM Disc Moves, this new feature allows the main character, Sun or Moon, to ride many pokemon along the lines of Tauros, Charizard, and even Sharpedo! This allows for access to new areas, new items, and especially faster travel. Z-Moves A brand new feature in the newest installments, Z-Moves allow your Pokémon to use extremely powerful and flashy moves once per battle, if they are holding a Z-Crystal (Waterium, Firium, Grassium, etc.). To add on to this, several Pokémon such as Snorlax and the Starter Pokémon Evolutions have Special Z-Crystals to use with their Signature Moves, described in the description of the Z-Crystal. Mega Evolution is still in the game, of course, but Z-Moves are much more prominent in these games. Poké Pelago/Poké Refresh These two new options in the X Menu are a great way to waste spend your time in Pokémon Sun and Moon and add even more content to the table. Poké Pelago is found in the X Menu, and you travel there via Charizard. Once there, you are greeted by Mohn, a man who wishes for all Pokémon who travel to Poké Pelago to be happy. Your first island on the Pelago is a bean generating island called Isle Abeens, which generates Poké Beans to feed your Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh, but you can also find Pokémon roaming the land who may or may not stay. The second Island is named Isle Aplenny, which replaces berry farms and lets you plant up to 18 Berries to grow. The third island is named Isle Aphun, where your Pokémon in your PC can go and search for treasure or just adventure in a cave! The fourth island is named Isle Evelup and it lets you send up to 18 Pokémon in your PC to increase a base stat, or gain experience, depending on how long you leave them there. The final island in this happy place is named Isle Avue, which you can leave up to 18 PC Pokémon to relax and raise their happiness. It also can help hatch your eggs when you have more than 5 to hatch, just not at the same rate. All of the islands have small Pokémon sprites that are registered in your PC, and you can interact with them as the Pokémon you've raised and caught.. Every island also has a basket or crate, in which you can leave Poké Beans that will give off positive effects to the island and it's inhabitants. Poké Refresh is an upgraded version of Poké-Amie, which you can play with your Pokémon and feed them Poké Beans, the replacements for Poké Puffs. Raising your Pokémon's happiness and feeding them Poké Beans will give many positive effects which are yours to discover! Cons: The removal of HM Discs Though it can be seen as a good addition, the removal of HM Discs also has its downsides, such as; What happens to the moves now? As of now, all of the previous HM moves, such as Surf and Fly, have been completely removed from the game. The moves could be regarded as a good way to fill up move space on Pokémon, and now that they are gone we have basically no counterparts, unless I am mistaken. Post-Game Leveling Though it may just be me and my half-assed way of leveling Pokémon, getting through level 60 and up (Note that I am in fact past the Elite Four) seems to be a constant struggle of leaving my Lucky Egg with Pokémon I wish to level up or farming Rare Candies via. Poké Refresh which frankly isn't enjoyable at all. If this isn't the case for anyone else then please let me know so I can finally get past the silly farming nobody wishes to endure even though it is an RPG. Final Thoughts: Pokémon Sun and Moon are both amazing games and will leave you either in tears or with a smile, with many laughs in between, depending on emotional capacities. All in all, these games are both personally amazing gifts from Nintendo which I will cherish forever and ever. Everybody will have their differing opinions and will certainly sometimes disagree with mine, but alas, this is a Game Review, not an argument. If you decide to buy one of these games, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Alola, friends! ~OneGlove