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  1. This whole thing was a horrible mistake. I wish I done it all differently.
  2. Spending money doesn't mean you get a free membership card. Please don't put words in my mouth. That's not what I meant at all. Seems like you taken this real personally and I don't understand why, I'm sorry if I upset you.
  3. Wish there was an actual web designer to create a real forums for this community. Having to go through 4 different pages and sift though a bunch of posts isn't really practical, but what can you really do. I'll make sure I have something prepared in terms of evidence in the future. I wasn't really using this post to call out any moment or person in particular rather as a general experience and my thoughts as of this moment. I enjoy this server still and I want it to get better, I think a lot of things could be changed for the better.
  4. Can you please direct me to where that information of returning members is easily accessible and what steps to take to find it as this had never been information that has been stated anywhere that I've seen on the forms or severs itself. I feel like this is information that should be upfront where it's necessary. I don't know how anyone can expect people, especially relatively new people to know that information especially with how the forums are designed.
  5. I was denied from being a member again after leaving, it's a shame. All I wanted to do was have fun on the server but as soon as something goes wrong you're thrown away. What happened was small compared to what I seen other members and even staff do and was never a problem with other users or even staff that were present. Not to deny their severity but the incompetence of some of the staff to attend to the matter during it is sorta ridiculous and leaves to a lot of miscommunication with what's acceptable. Even just me being present on the server and talking is taken with over exaggeration from a few users with claims of toxicity despite me never being outright toxic or even passive aggressive, how ever I seen plenty of staff and other members portray a worse tone. I know I could just reapply in 30 days but being denied a membership implies that you aren't wanted. That they're aren't wanted to be associated with this community, to have a stupid tag by your name or have a tag on the forums that almost nobody uses. I don't plan on leaving again and I'm not too bothered by it, but I just find it quite sad seeing as I spent so much time in the server and even donated, albeit small amounts. This just show's if you're someone new to the server and want to work your way up then you have to be perfect. Unless you're friends with anyone or not try to go against the grain only a little to have fun then you aren't really wanted here. You're better off not trying.
  6. Just was in a bad mood from a bunch of things that happened and just an overal depressed state I'm in almost constantly. I sometimes get into a more self distructive mind set and end up pushing away people I like or things I do. I've got quite a few problems.
  7. In-Game Name ProjectXenome Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member Yes Identity STEAM_0:1:60378751 Age 18 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 240 Hours Reason for Joining Had been a previous member. Had requested to remove my membership at some point and wanted to try again becoming more active on the server. Thanks.
  8. That's sorta a superficial way to look at it. There's context to these things written. Is anything said not allowed as it won't be examined or considered over any other circumstance?
  9. I'm not triggered. I know I should be responsible over what I message and I acknowledge that multiple times. I just feel like your timing with the emotes was weird.
  10. What is there to be explained? They're messages sent during specific circumstances spaced out pretty far away from each other. I don't even remember when it was sent but it was never to insult or be toxic, it's just dumb memes that I've heard from almost everyone and almost never was a problem. I was just trying to be funny. If I'm expected to hold a higher responsibility in how I talk on both voice and text chat then I will do it. Saying dumb stuff just something I do a lot of the time, kinda to cope with that I'm pretty much socially retarded. But I also want you to explain why you decided to put a bunch of negative emotes on my posts. Is it to lower my forum reputation? You put a "Are you insane?!" emote over my reply regarding the death of A XenoGamers member. I found that extremely disrespectful and I was genuinely mourning the death of someone who despite I never got to know; who was so close to the community I interact with. Death in general just depresses me.
  11. I know, sorry. It was ment to be more general. I figured you might have not been in the surf. Sorry.
  12. I don't know why so many people claim to not see me online very much. The logs shown kinda prove I'm on daily at least. I guess I'm not reconizeable enough.
  13. Yeah, that's why I use a Xbox controller
  14. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name ProjectXenome Identity STEAM_0:1:60378751 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 229 Hours Information Hello. I've spent a considerable amount of time on the tf2 servers, the surf server more specifically. I've had many good experiences and had met so many amazing people on the server who I enjoy talking to outside of it. The XenoGamers community has been something I really enjoyed being a part of and what I really want is for it to continue to prosper and grow bigger. Communities like XenoGamers helps Team Fortress 2 stay alive and I respect everyone who puts the time into working towards maintaining and helping this community. For a while now I've been wanting to help be one of those people who work towards making the community a pleasant place to be within and I feel now is the time I try to become a more integrated part of this community as well as work towards helping the community even more just like I wanted to back in my early days within the server. As a part of the staff within this community I vow to take full responsibility of all duties and promise to continue to both have fun and work hard within the community. As for some of my advantages and disadvantages; I'm quite active on the server. TF2 and the XenoGamers Surf specifically has consumed so much of my time in the last few months. I log plenty of hours within the server and even in the late of night. It's both bad and good for the reasons you can probably assume. TF2 takes up so much of my time that there might be points of inactivity due to either lack of interest or me prying myself away from the game to actually do something else. I want to try and moderate my time on the server and with video games as well since so much of my time is spent on it that I kinda push away other things such as my art. I'm also kinda immature at least on mic. I tend to say a lot of stupid things on mic, not particularly harmful things but things that doesn't really present me as formal and it could lead to miscommunication with other players and other staff as it has in a couple small circumstances. However I constantly try to improve myself and I'm trying hard already to help tone myself down on mic and work on present myself on mic. I'm willing for change and I will conform to any ruling or changes that may happen, I'm not too ridged so if there's any advice or things I should change then I will do it. Another thing about me is that I kinda don't take things too seriously which is both good and bad. Certain things like disrespect or toxicity are things I usually laugh off and I sometimes forget that others will take things like that a lot worse than I would. But this is also a good thing because I'm not too prone too toxicity or becoming angry over other's actions which will help in defusing certain situations as well as staying calm under pressure. Anyways, this is all I have to write for now. Thank you all for reading I hope you please consider me. Even if I'm not accepted, I still plan to stay in the server and help the community in my own ways. I wish you all a pleasant day. -Xenome