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  1. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name cookie_ Identity [U:1:358569303] Ban Type Server Ban Information i had my aa not doing anything just jumping around and made sure that it wasnt on when i was in combat
  2. i'm too lazy to make it a vote ok shut up
  3. disable the crit when someone is jumping when using the scottish handshake
  4. i'm still imagining a staff say for a guy who did like a 1 second and say it's micspam
  5. Guies plese +1 my staf application so I cab ban all the maen people in the TF2!!!!
  6. why should we keep inferno and dust2 in tf2 when they have dif source engines anyway, like lol wtf
  7. I feel like it would be a great idea, especially to the people who love playing Competetive TF2 (not valve comp its shit) and playing a lot of 6s. dude. eu for life kid
  8. Wow, almost a year now playing in this community, gotta say it was a fun adventure time throughout my playtime. Unfortunatly, if many people know me they would know I love taking TF2 seriously and playing a lot of 6s with people I find fun to play with, but, sadly, I'm getting tired of playing with 160 ping and a lot of delay with mostly everything. But if you'd like to keep me on your friends list it's fine for me, my friends list is always welcome for people like you guys :). Love you all
  9. Where do I start off with, been playing this community for almost 6 months now and I’m still enjoying it. Unfortunately school is starting and I won’t be able to be online or even use my computer, it was fun playing with you all and talking with everyone I met throughout my playtime, but well I’ll try my best getting on. Forgot to mention, this community is the only thing that kept playing in TF2 for so long so good job on everyone who worked and helped build this community. Tree if you’re reading this ily <3
  10. forgot to say I'm only gonna take 5 maps, not more then that, because umm, irl stuff that is in my way
  11. Quick reminder DONT put anything else then surf map name example: surf_nightmare etc.
  12. so I decided to add jails to any tier 5 or higher surf maps because I got f*cking bored of our surf maps rotation and I want new maps, any map that is tier 5 or higher that'd you want to be added let me know, and yes I am gonna be adding a jail to it so don't worry about that. Only put the name of the map, if it's tier 4 or lower I won't bother with that stuff, remember ONLY the map name nothing else,
  13. he should be a member for how nice he is and entertaiment to play with +1