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  1. Well, Yesterday was a bad day. Someone managed to hack into my Steam account to steal more than $100 worth of items from my inventory. Could not do anything because I temporarily lost access to my account. An hour or two after contacting Steam support, the Internet just shuts down for me for the whole day.

    Thankfully two out of 3 issues has been resolved, Internet is now back up, got my Steam account back. But I wonder how that person even got access to my Steam account if I never once showed my real Steam Username, and password.

    1. Thorax_


      Sorry you got hacked, this is a good reason why you should always have Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled. You probably got phished without even knowing it, someone you know could’ve done it or you got PG’ed.

    2. Nyxll


      See, I had Steam Mobile Authenticator. I also don't know anyone who done this.

  2. Get home schooled or beat whoever crosses your path up.Only tips I have to give.
  3. Are you trying to get banned? Or get removed membership on xG? Yes, I am aware.
  4. Nyxll

    Tell me jokes.

    What do you call a rich toast. A Tatost. Please spare me from my terrible jokes!
  5. @BonfireCentipede, have fun trying to literally try and get Community Leader, lol.
  6. Never liked the taunt, it can really get in the way when you are trying to use your weapon taunt.
  7. I grab a chainsaw, and slice time in half.
  8. Nyxll


    -1 Acts very controversial, rude, (and sometimes immature) when I happen to have an negative opinion an member submission. Also, what is the point of posting a staff submission if you know you are going to abuse those controls towards only towards passive aggressiveness?
  9. I am joking there. I've seen the map on CoD WWII (A remade MW map), and it is very small in comparison to all other maps. But seriously though. I'd +1 for both maps, because we need more maps.
  10. +1 to delivery, we just need another tight map that can't handle 32 players at once.
  11. Walls and aimbot tend to be more noticeable tbh, but I don't think a lot of those people I encountered on TGH was even hacking, actually easy to tell the difference from someone who has walls/aimbot to someone who plays fair. Basically I feel bad to those who have been wrongly accused.
  12. Nyxll


    +1 Must join, even though I disagree, it seems that there are people who dislikes me trying to -1 so why not offer.
  13. This Bitcoin Miner does seem worse than Abstractism. I am genuinely concerned about whoever even sends me a trade on TF2 anymore, especially about those who has private inventories.