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  1. Maps below the 0.9 C/DC ratio tend to make more players leave than join so why should we keep them? Here are the maps below 0.9 C/DC: koth_goldeneye_temple_a1 trade_clickclockwood_kz1 ctf_darktower mario_kart_deluxe_v3 rusty_bucket_bay cp_inferno
  2. Make the revolver actually fire where you aim it so there is no rng in it. Make fully charged sniper bodyshots scale to 100 but keep the headshot scaling the same. Remove vaccinator’s passive resistance when healing and make it only have 2 charges instead of 4. Make minisentries cost 110 ammo and not movable. Make natascha a minigun reskin. Change the sticky bomb launcher so that it sticks to its original purpose; you can detonate stickies after 4 seconds of shooting them out. Make scorch shot into a flare gun reskin. Direct hit meatshots should deal 110 damage so it can’t one shot. Mad milk heals for 75% less of what it heals for right now.
  3. This map is better than 50% of the maps in TGH's map list so got to -1 it
  4. Solution is to remove spawn protection
  5. -1 This map is fun, especially the krusty krab part of the map.
  6. Bags


    +1 He has a great attitude, is a nice guy and is active on xg. There is no reason for him not to be a mod.
  7. ^^^ This! What Red said pretty much sums up vaping.
  8. Bags

    6s Tournament

    So every team will be able to play since I feel it will go on for a few hours and it won't be too late at night so Europeans can play in the tourney. But we can make it be at 1 or 2 pm est actually.
  9. jump_destination jump_destination | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM Dev-styled intermediate soldier map.... A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Jump category, by sitood jump_destination_v2 - New Maps - jump.tf Forums JUMP.TF T3-4 Soldier map Complete remake of destination i've been working on for too long. Jumps 2, 3, 8, 10, 12, 13 have been literally the best map ever made and not because I am in the top 10 for time on the bonus ? Both links are different versions of destination but are basically completely different maps. I recommend both of them.
  10. Bags

    6s Tournament

    That would be awesome. Here is to hoping it work out lol.
  11. So on December 29th at 11 am EST there will be a 6s tournament on xG's stock server. The rules for it are simple, have a team of 6-10 people; 6 starters and 0-4 subs. If you don't have enough players to play when it is your turn to fight, you will just To make it simple, each team will consist of 2 soldiers, 2 scouts, 1 medic and 1 demoman. One person from each team should post their team name and team players before December 22nd so brackets can be made. You can take your time to come up with teams since the event will start in a month and a half. Winners will get bragging rights of being the best players on xG.
  12. Bags


    +1 I've seen so many worst shit being said when admins are on and nothing happens. But when Red says something which doesn't even warrant any sort of punishment and he gets muted, then banned for changing his name? doesn't make much sense.
  13. I don't know, we kind of need random crits in tf2, its a mechanic in the game
  14. +1 There are dedicated Jump_Academy servers. There is no need for such a terrible map to be on xG's jump server.