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  1. +1. I think he should be member. there's not really a reason for him not to be. I haven't seen him break any rules, even when no staff are on.
  2. Now buddy, both kind of people who like those things are 75 percent of this groups population, so thode were some risky groups to mention
  3. I don't want your charity! I'll dance for my welcome backs!1
  4. Counterpoint: they might start being rude about that(like calling you a "cat" or something like that). But yeah I don't really think banning all toxic squeakers would help. Instead just grill him over the sun (in other words, beat him/her at his/her own game and roast them). In other news, the weather
  5. Because key mouse. You might also like Oh and sorry about your arm. I've had my gaming prohibited by a similar thing before and it truly sucks. So hopefully it gets better soon
  6. Oh, never heard that term, but makes more sence than a milk cap or Player On Ground
  7. So, it's been a couple months now, hasn't it. I've been gone if you haven't noticed. I've been moving, so I haven't hade acces to my computer. But I've finally moved in, and I'm working on fusing the cords and such. Still might not be back online for a week or so, but it'll be soon.btw sorry for not being active here either
  8. Yeah that's what I ment. But I tried to backspace it to rewrite the sentence
  9. Yes this is true. When I wrote this I didn't consider how quoting does the same thing. Thank you for the feed back
  10. That might be a typo because my wifi is kinda crappy