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  1. Best solution. Jadow adds extream climb to stolen mix and we never play clouds again
  2. Hi im jadow i have close to 50+ day on a csgo server im better than all of you
  3. +1 one of my favorite people to play with. Knows the rules well and he helps people. We need more people like him on the server easy +1
  4. Kn1ght


    Is up there with his member app and mouse for easiest -1 of my life. He never should’ve even gotten member for no reason should he have mod. Toxic spams immature. -1
  5. Kn1ght

    Ban the toxic

    We need to start a petition to ban all the young toxic squeakers. I am to fed up with getting on to try to chill and have some fun just to be constantly be told that im gay and i should kill myself. They will also constantly freekill me then tell me im wrong. This needs to stop and we need to team up against them.
  6. Kn1ght


    When someone gets a chance can you close this i dont have 50 fourm posts
  7. Kn1ght


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Kn1ght Identity STEAM_1:0:176999455 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 5 days 15 hours Information I want to become a mod because when I am online and no other staff is online people are freekilling alot as well as alot of people don’t know the rules and when I try to explain it to them they don’t listen.
  8. Kn1ght


    -1 I find him being 13 vary debatable just by the way he sounds and the things he says. He mic spams he holds his mic and will spam for warden. He dosen’t know the rules that well and isn’t mature enough. A-5 M-3
  9. -1 dumb toxic and freekills a6 m4
  10. +1 I havent played with him much but when i do he seems pretty cool and fun to play with. a7 m7
  11. Kn1ght


    +1 I haven't played with him a lot bbut when i have played with him he was fun to play with and I like him. A 6 M 9
  12. Happy birthday X G gadow
  13. Kn1ght


    If anyone cared what I say, I would stay neutral because he has a little to learn about the rules and grow in maturity a little but he is vary active. Even just scrolling through the chat log on his member app you can see he has to mature a little but he is vary active. So i'm going to stay neutral. A8 M3
  14. Kn1ght


    In-Game Name Kn1ght Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity STEAM_1:0:176999455 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 3D 00:36H Reason for Joining I would like to become a member to keep me more active on the server and to work toward becoming an admin.