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  1. The poster below my comment has Ligma

    1. realBelloWaldi


      lol trold epic style XD

  2. You ever been so self conscious of your breathing that you forget how to breathe properly

    1. Shadower


      no, but I do just forget to bloody breathe

    2. SegFault


      welcome to every day in the elevator at work


  3. RussianDoggo

    Should the forms get a reply button

    I dont understand how you overlooked the reply system these forums already have called "quoting" someone
  4. RussianDoggo

    Idea for xG's Youtube Channel

    If by referee did you by any chance mean referred to
  5. RussianDoggo

    Idea for xG's Youtube Channel

    I was thinking of either doing nightmare mode or inviting anyone who wants to get or already has a ticket And true they arent that much
  6. RussianDoggo

    Idea for xG's Youtube Channel

    Ok so hear me out, We get a high mjp, Aidyzap, and sleep deprived members with a video recorder in a discord call. Have them play MvM with the stupidest teams ever while they tell terrible jokes and laugh because mjp is high, people are sleep deprived, and Aidy would probably laugh in a funeral home.
  7. You, me, Mario Kart Wii, I'll beat your butt by a landslide change my mind

  8. RussianDoggo

    Could we add T-pose to rtd?

    Like Supreme says you can t-pose yourself, adding it to rtd would be pointless especially when the meme eventually dies
  9. RussianDoggo

    How to make communist spaghetti

    Add a side dish of capitalist scum and we're perfect
  10. RussianDoggo

    Bust a fat yeet on smelly bois

  11. renaming my hot hand to either the thot slayer or the pimp's glove

    1. Nyxll


      Okay, your jokes are enough to make me want to follow you.

      Also I would give the honor to Thot slayer.

  12. RussianDoggo

    Vacation Time for Doggo

    Just so no-one thinks I was murdered I have to leave for Johnston to visit family and then I'll have Band camp coming up so I'll still be active on the forums, Discord, Steam, etc but I wont be able to fill my time on the servers for a week or two.
  13. RussianDoggo


    +1 seems like a good addition to the community and they know the basics of the rules A: 7 M: 8 gets Doggo's stamp of approval
  14. RussianDoggo

    Bust a fat yeet on smelly bois

    The phattest yeets in the west
  15. RussianDoggo

    Bust a fat yeet on smelly bois

    fellas, there's too many smelly bois on TF2 should I bust a fat yeet on them and say "take a shower smelly lol gottem."