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  1. Sodium

    csgo 2!!

    omg guys!!1!! csgo 2 is coming out!!1!!!11! xg jailbreak revival???!?!?!
  2. which one of you is this.
  3. i guess i have to +1 because he played a 10 man
  4. +1 Your better than them M: 7 A: 7
  5. -1 We already made the mistake of making him an admin on CS:GO, are we really going to make it again on GMod?
  6. From what I've seen when I've been online, Tilt is a nice guy +1 A:6 M:6
  7. I do, but it works more as a movie watching machine than a gaming console.
  8. +1 From all the other responses, it seems like he has definitely gotten his act together and deserves a second chance.
  9. Next person to reply has the large homo (Ha now I win!)
  10. +1 Goldfish has definitely improved since he has been banned. When we have both been on, he hasn't caused any problems or argued with staff like he used to, (as far as I know) so I believe that he deserves this +1 as long as he keeps up these improvements. A:7 M:6
  11. Sodium


    +1 Bumpy is the best
  12. Don’t post on forums much, but you’ve always been a nice guy to me, so best of luck to you!
  13. Sodium

    On a Scale 1-10

    You uncultured swine, WHAT ABOUT WOOPX
  14. Thank you for your services.
  15. Why does almost everyone have a modified version of Danny’s profile picture? I am very confused please explain.
  16. Sodium

    Curse me out

    I win by default. Where are my hats James?
  17. Sodium

    Curse me out

    I’m glad your dad beat you and your mom instead of cancer.
  18. +1 Pretty cool guy, even if he impersonated me. (I’ll never forgive you!)