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  1. Well, although it would remove the main point of TGH, it may be a good idea. Keeping things fresh would help population likely. If we found some really good maps and added them, that would likely be a good course of action in my opinion. There are people that won't be happy about non-gaming maps being added, but as long as we keep the old maps, it shouldn't be too much if a problem I think.
  2. Green, drop me AWP is this comment witty enough
  3. Oh shit. Big grats to @Bumpy! Grats to @hongkongatron and @Topaz as well! bumpy bumpy
  4. o:




  5. :sataniagun: :depression: :smugpeach: :SCREE: :momijinap: @virr
  6. What are some dumb things you believed as a young small I genuinely believed that mothers had eyes in the backs of their heads for a good while because my mom told me that so I wouldn't try breaking rules while I was behind her (that's my guess for why she said that, anyway) What about you? o:
  7. I think it looks great! What don't you like about it?
  8. Hello.
    You are gay.

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    2. Meaty


      @mrnutty12 I have very big psychic big boy otter brain yes >:3

    3. Shadower


      i dont get it 

    4. Precious


      okay jk rowling

  9. Meaty


    I thought about it a bit, and I'm gonna +1. It was hard at first, since I don't really know him that well, but he's pretty mature I think. Good luck, you hecking otter friend.
  10. Neutral. Saw him on jump once, but he didn't really say anything. Seems fine, but it's kinda hard to tell what he's like since he didn't talk the one time I've seen him. A: idk M: wasnt a troll or anything, so probably at least like 5 or something
  11. Wow. Honestly, I forgot about promo demo lol. Well, congrats to all of you, especially @yadingo and my boy @PotatoDoc. I trust you heckin' nerds will be great as new Minecraft higherups. Good luck, guys!
  12. Meaty


    +1. Even on the post where someone is saying that he shouldn't be a member of xG, he still shows no signs that he cares about this community in any way. I'd have more to say, but really, everything @Egossi is perfect.
  13. Meaty


    You have a point with this, and that's definitely valid, but the point me and @Tekk are making is that he very clearly doesn't give two shits about being unbanned. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he got unbanned and just started shitposting and trolling again. He's an immature, irritating troll that clearly doesn't care about this community.
  14. Meaty


    -1. You were being an annoying, shitposting troll, and nothing in this ban protest suggests any growth has occurred or that you really care about getting unbanned.
  15. Hey there. I've never met you, but I've heard good things about you. Idk if you plan on goin' on xG servers much again, but if you do, I look forward to seein' ya
  16. o: is a sand o: wowie o:
  17. Well, shit. I didn't know you very well, but you were always cool to be around. Know that you're always welcome back if you change your mind. If you ever wanna play CS:GO or something, don't be afraid to message me. I hope you have a good time outside of xG. Cya.
  18. Meaty


    For now, I gotta go neutral. Don't get me wrong, you seem like a decent guy, but me not seeing you on the servers that much (if my brain is telling me correct things), coupled with me not knowing you very well, makes it hard to +1. Anyway, good luck on your app. If I see ya on the servers more, I might end up going to a +1 (or a -1 if I end up finding you not suitable for being staff).
  19. @Caleb956 hi dad

  20. A rule rework, eh? Well, personally i think the building in spawn rule on surf should be a bit more lenient. Like, it should only be against rules if it's in enemy spawn or a teleporter is on a spot where people spawn, getting them stuck when they spawn in, or if it's in a doorway making it impossible or hard to get through. That's all I got at the moment in terms of rules. As for plugins and all that, I got nothing. I trust you guys will be able to get shit done and do it well. I believe in you two nerds. You got this.