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  • Division
    Team Fortress 2
  • In-Game Name
    xgdm hong
  • Identity
  • Position
  • Time Active on Servers
    ~74 days
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    so i heard anyone can get staff these days

    GMod mini-DL, been playing on the servers for years, staff on multiple divisions (technically all of them if its an event), talked to higher-higherups about applying for staff on servers beforehand, and so on.

    Applying for admin not for actual admin, so much as it is a blanket for applying for general staff, since it's all the same to me. TF2 could really use some proper events to help boost population, and summer's coming up, so I'd be open to spark interest for new stuff with events.

    @Aegean @virr @Tekk@idk who else to tag

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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Okay okay grape I been waiting for you to do this.

Grape is active and knows the rules and community very well and he was a huge help to me when I first gotten staff I can definitely see him helping and improving the tf2 division. ✍🏾


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+1 Hong is a great dude. He's already the Division Manager of Garry's Mod, a prevalent Discord Moderator, and the host behind the XenoGamers community nights. I have no doubt in my mind that he'll be a great addition to the TeamFortress2 staff roster. Only thing I worry about is him juggling those positions but knowing Hong, he should be capable enough an reasonable enough to be just fine.


(Just ignore the fact that I haven't played on a xG TF2 server for almost four years or something.)

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