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New greetings to some

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Hello there, everyone!

I'm SoulCircle, or Ben Sharpie depending on where you look. I've been in and out of the xG servers for the better part of 3 years now and I've decided to finally make an account so I can officially become a member of the community. Now, I know that for a lot of people who roam on the CS servers that I, in fact, am not new around here, just on the forums. I have already made great friends such as @RazorScooter, @virr , Tope, SCP, @Dannypicacho, (I couldn't figure out the usernames of these three.) and many others who I just couldn't list off in this space if I wanted to. I've made so many friends along the way and hope to make many more! So for the time I am here, I cannot wait to meet more friendly faces. So to start of, how is everyone doing, lately?

EDIT: Oh, and how could I ever forget @yadingo?


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I forgot a few things. I also messed up the title. (see edit history)

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9 hours ago, Lottamos said:

There are so many Ben Shapiro’s that come through the server nowadays I can’t tell if you changed your name, I read your name wrong, or just don’t know you.

Well, that's why I go by Ben Sharpie and never change my simple pfp. I have never seen a Ben Sharpie on the servers and I have also never seen no one use this pfp either. It's an absolute win. It's (thankfully) small things that make me stand out.

2 hours ago, yadingo said:

First person I met on xg :-))

Yep, with you being one of the most chill players I have met, Dingo.

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6 hours ago, Bonk said:

hello friend



6 hours ago, Meaty said:

Bitch I like surf more than tgh stfu



5 hours ago, yadingo said:

once a tgh always a tgh >:::) welcome to the club



4 hours ago, Meaty said:



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