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Status Updates posted by Semper

  1. now if only corona could bring back source this year would be the best

  2. corona made tf2 popular again

    1. Aegean


      It's a miracle

  3. very real hot take: danny bad

  4. happy ne wyear

  5. paypaling danny boy some ramen noodles for christmas 

  6. back in my day we wore stupid hats on jailbreak on maps like avalanche and lego, we also were cooler because source was better 

    1. TBOHB


      back in my day

    2. TBOHB


      back in my day

  7. watched The Crow, definitely a good movie.

  8. time to shut it down boys, it was a good ride while it lasted. xG TF2 Division 2012-2019.


    i'll see you all in halo mcc

    1. Red


      I’ll see you on NGS wit the gang gang 😎

  9. @Dannypicachodanny ape ooga booga

    1. Dannypicacho


      shut up monkey brain oo oo

  10. i bought a bunch of unusuals and resold them poggers

  11. hugh neutron is the cutest man in anime

  12. 8 years on xG 

    1. Precious
    2. DepressedNeonNepp


      Those poor 8 years, they're in so much pain. 

    3. Semper


      what i've accomplished in 8 years while being a part of this community no one else will ever understand.

  13. Happy Pride Month, cant wait to tell my dads im gay.

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    2. Tatost


      @yadingo dude same, wanna be friends?

    3. yadingo


      @Tatostare we long lost brothers?

    4. Tatost


      @yadingo yeah, I'm your little bro.

  14. they shook me down for my jahcoins help

  15. almost 8 year gang

  16. Jane says, "I've never been in love"
    No, she don't know what it is
    She only knows if someone wants her
    "I want 'em if they want me
    I only know they want me"
    Jane says. . .Jane says. . . I'll see you all 5 years from now.

    1. Precious


      im going to eat your entire tail

  17. i just ate 3 chicken sandwiches from wendy's 

    1. Caleb956


      can you get me some chicken nuggets

    2. virr


      im jealous