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  1. @TrashPandathis is my turf, you best stay on your side

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    2. TrashPanda


      But I haven't skill 

    3. Semper


      who needs skill when you can charge shots on bunker

    4. TrashPanda


      Sounds like skill to me 🤔

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- Some guy

  3. you ever just feel like uttering some kind of incoherent shit that no one else understands? that basically is me 24/7

  4. DannyPistachio: When are you returning to 10 mans Semper?

    Semper: When my internet gets better. 

    *instantly times out after that being said* 

    basically my experience with at&t

    1. Dannypicacho


      that was actually pretty funny

  5. im too lazy to write long detailed responses to most threads, what you get is what you get from me, anyone else feel that way? it how it be somedays. 

  6. Chicken Tenders and Chill anyone?

    1. Precious


      meeee lol

    2. Semper
  7. I bribe gay men for sex with chicken tenders

     dont @ me

    1. Kypari


      Worked on me

    2. Dannypicacho


      you bribe gay men for you to have sex with chicken tenders

  8. you guys better be posting spooky memes for spooktober 

  9. Can you feel their haunting presence? 👻

    1. Kypari



    2. Semper


      Liar, Killer, Demon!

  10. i think the next time we do a tf2 division 10man for csgo, im gonna be coach instead, it was fun to be out there shooting people in the head and stuff, but i think i would have more fun yelling at my team to buy armor every round instead

    1. mrnutty12


      Gotta get enough people on so you can coach though.

  11. @serbiansnaga i miss you dad -Destroyer of Noobs

  12. am i cool yet?

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    2. MJP


      Nah fam you coo enough

    3. Semper


      thanks for the confirmation

    4. YeEternalTuna
  13. Thank you @virr for the name change, i've been wanting this for years now.

    1. virr


      no problem friend!

  14. 7 years on xG, been through it all!

  15. i like the trophies and medals for being here for so long, makes me glad i keep coming back to check stuff out.

  16. can like someone change my display name to Semper, unless thats a donor thing only.

    1. Thorax_


      You would need to purchase a name change with forum credits, however this feature is not available at this time as we just switched over to a new forum software and the hub isn't set up yet.

    2. virr



  17. yo, im lazy can someone just change my Forums account name to "Semper" plz


    1. YeEternalTuna


      That requires the usage of credits aka you have to do it yourself.

    2. Thorax_


      Name changing is unavailable at this time.  Once the Hub is rereleased in the future you will be able to use credits to buy a name change.

  18. Another year added to the list. Started playing ln xG JB CSS server in Feb of 2011. Happy new years.
  19. Can someone explain to me why I have a tag that says Friend of xG, i could probably guess why, but i still want to know.
    1. Bone


      It's the basic tag of having an account. It's essentially a step lower than Member, so kind of a "Non-member" thing
    2. virr


      Used to be called "Registed" back in the day.
    3. james8470


      You are friend! :)
  20. Rip 2011 xG, they were good memories. anyone under the 1000 member club still come here?
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    2. Aegean


      Yeah no kidding, it's a brand new atmosphere, we have some oldies from 2011 but for the most part everyone's from 2013+
    3. Semper


      i remember back when everyone lied about their age just to get in, jeez time flys. i remember the old days when i was #1 on the surf server and jb at the same time, god i had no life. also silence, ero sennin, serbian, and both duckii's just to name a few of the more well knowns from then. who else was there? billy mays? and Mad Scientist and Herpes Derpes.
    4. james8470


      He hee, I'm in the 7000's. xG has such a rich history, you should add me on Steam and tell me about some more of what it was like back in the day. :)
  21. bring back source and ill join xG again LOLOL
  22. That moment when you want to join xG again, but you dont know how
  23. Rip MW Atomic Alloy
    1. Tsuchikure


      dont worry, buy all the m4a1 skins and you'll probably make a profit later on
  24. I still dont know how to xG
    1. Waimalu


      The thing is...you don't :^)
    2. Tsuchikure


      cause drama everywhere you go and you're in
    3. Tsuchikure