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  1. Bonk

    Ultimate Cook Book!

    Buffalo Chicken Dip. One of the best things for the least amount of effort that you can make. 1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot / other cayenne pepper hot sauce (the real vinegary stuff) 1/2 cup ranch 8 oz cream cheese 2 cups shredded/diced chicken Combine everything into a casserole and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Life will be helluva lot easier if you soften your cream cheese in the microwave for ~1 minute. Serve with chips, crackers, or if you're me toasted french bread.
  2. Bonk

    CSGO 1v1 Tournament

    there was already a tournament that was supposed to happen and then nobody cared about it anymore ig. im still down to enter if it does end up happening, hopefully soon bc the last one was supposed to happen this month
  3. Bonk

    Promotions and Demotions #213

    member to dm in <2 weeks :thonk:
  4. Bonk

    What's your favorite drink?

    if you haven't gotten blackout drunk at least once before you're 21 you haven't really lived
  5. Bonk

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  6. Bonk


    We were playing simon says with 4 left and i said "all t's line up on this wall shoulder to shoulder" or something similar and one guy out of the 4 went, I killed him (as a previous order from simon was that "simon kills only, unless a T is actively rebelling by running away or shooting etc"). SuperMaki, who was apparently not paying much attention, sprayed down the other 3 and caused the map to change. You should be lucky it's not permanent. You've been CT banned before and I really thought about changing the week to permanent, especially because you shouldn't have been killing anyone anyways, even if they did do a wrong order. You can wait a week.
  7. Bonk


    0. One of the most active people on the server and very knowledgeable of the rules but I'm not confident that the level of maturity is there just yet. He reminds me of myself in 2014* (where I should have never gotten mod honestly). Generally kind to the server population but as soon as someone starts being annoying or someone he adamantly hates (supermaki, goldfish, sodium etc) is around it turns into insulting and a generally negative tone. Also tends to hold grudges and continue arguments where the easiest option would just be to leave (can't argue with stupid lol). best course of action imo is probationary mod for 2-4 weeks. *"Immature 12 year old" ~Charles/Hexx
  8. Bonk

    Yearly Check in

    forever known as xG:M MrAwesome104
  9. Bonk

    What's your favorite drink?

    alcohol: rum and coke or rum and cream soda non: water
  10. Bonk

    Icaybaby - Counter-Strike

    not here to +/-1, I just want to note that he's one of the least fun people to play with in a 10 man or when he gets hyped/angry in any way on jailbreak; icy screams into his mic. A lot.
  11. Bonk

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    sorry what. I'm 6'4" 250(ish) lbs but i do marching band instead of football. also I have sleep apnea and it blows dicks
  12. dude ur the guy with the ebin team fortress 2 name !!!!!!!!!

  13. Bonk


    gonna be MIA for at least a few days, possibly longer, tiny chance it's shorter. personal stuff (read: almost fucking ended myself) need to take a break and collect myself happy thanksgiving
  14. Bonk


    I'm not seeing a ct ban for you, the only one I have is for a day and that expired already, and a different one that was permanent but that's also unbanned.
  15. Bonk

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    yea that screenshot doesn't show anything.. maybe words are needed to describe it screenshots aren't really the best evidence either, there have been multiple times when I gave an order that everyone except for 1-2 people got wrong, and a screenshot would have shown me killing 8 people so you should probably have video evidence too. screenshots are extremely unlikely to cause a ban