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    I'm high off of hydrocodone, I can only breathe out of my mouth, and my nose is still bleeding (therefore the gauze and such) but I'm alive. the bleeding is supposed to start slowing up after today and completely stop by the end of the week so I'll be up and at em whenever that is
  2. Bonk


    currently posting on my phone from my bed so bare with me I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction done today (fixing my deviated septum and opening my nasal airway a bit to try and fix my sleeping issues) and as such I'm pretty confined to my bed so that my nose doesn't start pouring blood. I'll probably be stuck here for the next day or 2 at the VERY least, but likely I'll be MIA for a week-ish. don't have too much fun without me
  3. i didn't know he had more than one discord account, closed the thread because I thought he deleted his account, and then the other monkeys told me he had a 2nd account and I reopened it (this all happened within the span of like 20-30 minutes last night) anyways, it's a +1 from me, dude seems to be able to find a fight in any discussion he's in and is generally an ass to others
  4. considering his discord account is completely deleted, I'm going to close the thread. if he shows up again (under another alias or otherwise) I'll reopen the thread. this is 100% true. @Tatost please do your best refrain from arguing back/calling people names when enforcing rules ~closed i have been informed by other higher-ups that he has 2 discord accounts (why??) and deleted one of them so ~unclosed whose idea was it to give me power to close threads
  5. evidence! not saying it doesn't exist, it just needs to be included in the thread
  6. as far as I know, three of the four of us that would be "hosts" (myself, Jadow, Bumpy, and occasionally Lithium) work* and are not available at the same times that everyone else is at work/school/etc. any time we consider pop events it's always for a weekend and in the evening, when 90% of people will be off of work *this is currently, for the summer - once school starts up again who fucking knows what's gonna be happening
  7. CS:GO has faced population problems before and the last time it was resolved I wasn't around to see what or how that happened so just do that again? real talk p good idea
  8. updating the picture I posted here like 4 years ago lol
  9. congrats on the kid and the house!
  10. you didn't even eat pizza while you were singing what kind of buffoonery is this