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  1. Bonk

    share your tattoos!

    those of you that are all tatted up, share your ink! I'll start: "smile when you can" is a lyric from Stand Tall by Childish Gambino, and the font is the same as the "Because the Internet" screenplay. I listen to Stand Tall when I'm down or depressed and it makes me feel better a lot, and it's a good message so I got it tatted
  2. Bonk

    Games to be released

    cyberpunk looks v good, and MCC/BL3 are obvious candidates the new halo infinite trailer looks really good, hope it comes to pc too
  3. those first 2 are from when someone joined as me a bunch of times the last one.. it's just true
  4. I never said he wasn't ever against it, I just wanted to point out to everyone that that was the main argument against unbanning them in the first place from the first thread
  5. this was literally the argument against unbanning them in the first thread js
  6. we need to actually know who you are in order to vouch on your member application. please make a new application with your name and a link to your profile. ~closed
  7. just act like a confused 90 year old man usually works pretty well for scam telemarketers
  8. Bonk


    just for some clarification, spoiling movies is pretty much considered trolling, which is definitely in the general rules for the clan. at the same time, if you get muted/kicked/banned for something that isn't in the rules, that doesn't mean it's abuse or wrongful - most of our rules are up to staff discretion and if they think you were doing something wrong you'll probably be punished, whether it's explicitly in the rules or not. obviously this doesn't apply to real cases of abuse but there are always exceptions to these sorts of things. I know it's off topic but there was confusion about it between staff so I'd say it's safe to assume others would be questioning it as well not vouching because I don't know anything besides that you got banned for posting spoilers
  9. this isn't an excuse to be toxic back in the way that he often is, though. even if he's being harassed he shouldn't be dropping to their level and doing it back, record it and tell a staff member instead of just throwing insults. it's real people on the other side of the screen
  10. i think the point of this thread is for someone to gravedig it in 10 years
  11. Bonk


    stop posting on out of date threads you goose ~closed
  12. Bonk

    Old Names

    bonk2 or bonksnp always bonk always