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  1. Bonk


    -1 solely because of the activity definitely not because you live in Dallas bring activity up and probably +1
  2. happy birthday my dude

    1. Bonk


      thanks! hope you're well

  3. agreed pretty much with every point here, just don't abuse someone when you're drunk
  4. !slay @!me @Legend
  5. don't worry it was the soft a and not the hard r
  6. Bonk


    neutral, come back for more than 1 day and it's a +1 from me!
  7. I had an interview at Chick-fil-a on Monday and they said they would call back within a week which means I pretty much aced the interview I actually don't know but I don't see why they wouldn't hire me I'm also considering volunteering at the animal shelter near my high school on the days I took off bc of my super weird schedule for an hour or two every day because they're SUPER understaffed
  8. just make him co leader while you're at it
  9. Bonk


    neutral. haven't had any sort of contact since you got banned and even then I still don't 100% know the whole dealio with all that so I can't say that I know enough to vouch.
  10. Bonk

    Oldfags throwback

    I'm looking through this (my actual acceptance) and I hate how cringey I was when I was 14 first member app I ever made, note the 2011. (just a hint: I'm 18 now, 2011 was 8 years ago. you do the math.)
  11. that's it you're actually getting demoted
  12. -1 while you have improved somewhat your behavior is still pretty bad most of the time and you very easily lose your cool when things don't go your way. still tends to have a victim complex as well shown with the whole debacle with duke (which was relatively recently). oftentimes I see you doing/saying thinks specifically to annoy others, myself included. A: 7 M: 2
  13. Galaxy Note 8 with a broken LCD. been loyal to the note series since the Note 3 and if I have the money I'd love to get a Note X
  14. for those of you that somehow don't already know, I'm in band and I play percussion (the drums). I figured I'd share some of my stuff here for whoever wants to see it. this is a duet that I did with a friend of mine last year, please excuse the wrong notes and bad haircut (I'm the one facing the camera directly) this is my progress on the solo that I'm currently working on. it might not look like it but it's very difficult for me; it's the hardest piece I've tried to play in my 7+ years of playing. I'll probably upload more to that channel, and if I'm feeling spicy I might even upload a whole 1-2 hour practice session just so you guys know what goes on.