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  1. We're looking to inspire activity in our CS:GO servers and the best way to do that is to see when the majority of people can actually play. We'll start the pop events soon™, although depending on the day I won't be able to participate myself.
  2. Bonk


    gotta say im surprised this post didnt come earlier, it all needed to be said and is absolutely true personally ive been feeling bad about the state of our csgo servers and ive been wanting to think of a way to try to revive the population but 100% honestly i didnt know where to start. the part about getting player feedback is something that seems like something so obvious that should have occurred to me but never did (i know bad DL lol).I think for the most part our playerbase for csgo still hangs around discord from time to time but never actually play on the servers because nobody else does. ill talk with @Jadow (fat) and see what we can come up with.
  3. i should clarify (because adam called me a fucking idiot): I will be posting a bracket, you won't have to randomly find someone to 1v1. also, if we don't get more signups before the end of today, we'll delay it until a time when I can actually properly spend all day corralling people into the scrim server
  4. he's protesting a ban that already happened. he's already guilty. I seriously doubt he didn't see, in the entire year that he's been banned, that it was for doxxing or that he doxxed someone on "accident". whether or not it was a fake number we're not going to take the chance that it's a real one. advocating someone to get unbanned because they might not have realized what it was for might be understandable if it was something like micspamming or racism, but doxxing is way too serious to not realize what you're doing. benefit of the doubt is not something that should even be considered here. considering my own feelings and the considerable amount of negative votes here, I'm going to close this thread. if another higher-up thinks it should stay open for whatever reason they can re-open it, but I don't see this being approved. you may reapply in 30 days. ~sealed away in the great vaults of time
  5. denying the very thing that you already got banned for isn't going to help your case big guy not my div so im not gonna vote but js it doesn't look like you've matured much if at all just from what ive seen
  6. Bonk

    share your tattoos!

    hey I forgot to update this lol flowers are for my momma and the planets are because I fuck w space
  7. alright u little shits im only doing this because i get pinged about it every day It's time for the annual™ CS:GO 1v1 Tournament, now with one less host and a whole lot more shitposting! This time, instead of having a variety of weapons, we're gonna go AWP only - no pistols, rifles, or otherwise. Because last tournament took literally all of one day and I don't feel like spending 6 hours watching @Klure win, this time the participants will find their opponents on their own, 1v1 on a map that the two of you (not me!) decide on a server that you guys find (empty arena server or Faceit client works well). It will be the first to 16 rounds won, since not many arena servers have a round limit, and one of you will send a screenshot to me over discord (bonksnp#8431) of the scoreboard so that I know none of you cheated. We'll also be doing a loser's bracket because why wouldn't we. To prevent photoshopping of scoreboards the bracket won't be announced until the day of the tournament. I'm leaving back to Austin on Friday so the tournament is going to be this Thursday, 1/16. If you would like to participate, just leave a post in this thread (if you just want to post and don't want to participate note it in the post and I won't add you to the bracket). Prizes will include credits, in-game chat tags, and a Discord tag for first place and the winner of the loser's bracket! Good luck, and have fun!
  8. Bonk


    certainly a better 14 year old than i was. learn to keep your cool and you'll be all aces +1
  9. +1 I trust thrillhouse the most out of the non higher-ups staff. he's like 46 and not a retard
  10. Bonk


    this lad already has more powers than a discord mod ~sealed away in the great vaults of time (yes im bringing that one back)
  11. this is why admins got perms taken away
  12. bruh ur a dl just unban him lol
  13. just for reference, the ban was Sept. 3 2014 for threatening to ddos. not my div but I think a little over 5 years is plenty of time to be given another chance. @hongkongatron
  14. whats the deal with all the oldfags coming back
  15. Bonk


    I'm gonna go ahead and go through and hide all the joke responses here. please keep this thread on topic and if you are here to make a joke take it somewhere else (or, better idea, keep it to yourself)