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  1. Bonk


    -1 ive seen you on once, and that one time you broke at least like 5 rules in one round somehow. brush up on the rules a bit more
  2. Bonk

    Official Skribbl.io Division

    i want skribbl admin
  3. Bonk

    Casual Boost

    how is this toxic in any way, shape, or form if you're joking ignore me pls
  4. Bonk

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    could be because what you think is delaying is probably not delaying but you're too impatient to know the difference
  5. Bonk

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    @Jaydow grats on dm chief
  6. Bonk

    Jadow is the worst player.

    oh man I wasn't the only one that thought this was #shitposting
  7. Bonk


    +1 old people deserve auto-admission tbh
  8. Bonk

    Best mouse in a mid-low price range

    +1 to everyone saying g502, i bought mine 2-3 years ago and it's still the best mouse i've ever used. might be a little above what you're looking for but it will last for a super long time
  9. Bonk


    -1 in addition to the fact that i haven't seen you on for at least a few weeks (could just be bad timing between our schedules), every time that I have seen you on the server and you're on guard you've broken at least 2 rules, and from what I can remember being told by other staff members you've been ct banned more than once. unless that's changed since the last time I saw you, you still have a lot to work on. plus, im not sure I'm buying the whole 13 years old thing. nobody will care how old you are if you dont cause problems/aren't annoying. A:? M:2
  10. Bonk


    @Forest will you come back if we bring the back to its original glory
  11. Bonk

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    i used to play tf2 count me in
  12. Bonk

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    i dont understand why every answer in this thread isn't scratch jokes aside, i'm learning Lua for WoW addon coding rn and its pretty similar to python, the only thing is Blizzard's version of Lua has a sorta incomplete API so im lost with like half of the functions i need to use
  13. Bonk


  14. Bonk


    @Genocide do u want to join my roblox server
  15. Bonk


    +1 pretty entertaining guy tbh, never seen a problem and is probably more active than I am fuck you @Dannypicacho