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  1. finally, the promotion I've always been waiting for
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    it's treason, then
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    -1 made fun of my pfp
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    private topic

    This wasn't made to get him to leave the community entirely. It was made to question why he was in a leadership position in the first place and to maybe help him start to see the flaws in his ways. Be a little more mature about it.
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    private topic

    Icy shouldn't be a DM. The attitude that he has towards others is not indicative of how a member should be acting, much less a higher up of the community. Screaming, insulting, very easily becoming angry. Ask anyone and they'll take a worse player on their team over Icy because he's such a negative person. There isn't much else to say.
  6. That actually was the problem - that was the whole reason we 'reformed' the fat-manning system, so to speak. People were either getting kicked out of scrims they organized or just not being allowed to play because someone better joined to take their spot. Also, try to keep the thread on topic. If you want to have a personal discussion please do it in DMs.
  7. When we still did it, the captains chose who was fat-manned. It wasn't always automatically Goldfish; when it was, it was because the captains preferred a different player over him. I don't think that's harassment. Every interaction I've had with him in the last week or so, nobody was bullying him in any way (I'm not saying it's not happening, I'm saying I haven't personally seen it) and he was still lashing out, yelling, etc. and being generally annoying on his own, without anyone provoking him. We've done most everything we can to help him change, and he refuses to learn. Warnings, mutes, gags, even bans have no effect on his behavior. He also thinks that us warning him/punishing him when he ignores warnings is us 'bullying' him - I don't know if he's completely serious but he says it often ("Goldfish, stop yelling dude" " x stop bullying me I'm not yelling!"). Sorry if this derails the thread, but Goldfish is a unique case.
  8. add :LuigidabR: :LuigidabL: as reactions on forums and all of these problems will go away
  9. now you can dedicate more time to becoming a shotgun master
  10. People just don't care about the effect their words are going to have on someone else. Even myself, little things that people say that really shouldn't mean much get to me and can really sour my mood. Whether it's Goldfish or just a random on the server, anytime someone is taking it too far I shut it down as fast as I can because I know how damaging it can be for people to just constantly harass you. This is especially true for people that do it because they think being mean to someone is cool or will make other people like them. Now, this isn't to say that you should be taking a little bit of trash talk or banter as harassment. That will always be a part of the game. It's harassment when they're personally targeting and insulting you - that is the problem. Think about what you say before you say it. There's a reason that the saying "treat others the way you want to be treated" is thrown around so much.
  11. My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Don't ever smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 17, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because this thread gave me cancer anyway. +1
  12. Jaydow banned him but didn't close this. closed
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!  Your membership application has been accepted and you are now a member of Xeno Gamers! You can now add the [xG] tag to your in-game name! To begin your membership, familiarize yourself with our rules listed below. This is highly important and knowing these rules will keep you safe from bans! Want to get more involved in the community and qualify for Staff? Here's how! 1. Be active on our Discord server! You can download Discord here, and join us using this link ! 2. Be active on the forums! This is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed on things happening within the community and for your voice to be heard! 3. Be active on our servers! This shows that you're committed to the clan! For a server list, click here. Come check out our staff list to see who is who on the servers, click here. For a list of our server rules and guides, click on the appropriate division: [TF2] [CS:GO] [GMOD] [Minecraft] [Nuclear Dawn] WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!