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  1. Hg2CI2

    Fair well xG...

    You can tell he’s joking... right?
  2. Hg2CI2

    Guess My Name!

  3. Hg2CI2

    Yoonicorn1107 - Counter-Strike

    +1 Yes A: 8 M: 8
  4. Hg2CI2

    Last comment wins

    If an admin closes this, they will win
  5. Hg2CI2

    Just Earlier Today, EU Experience

    Shouldn’t this be under Ban Requests?
  6. Hg2CI2

    Dukey - Counter-Strike

    Me too, but I like it
  7. Hg2CI2

    Dukey - Counter-Strike

    +1 Likes to take warden, kind of toxic but not really. I’ve definitely have fun with you in the past
  8. Hg2CI2

    chamber - Counter-Strike

    +1 Nice to talk to, fun to play with
  9. Hg2CI2

    Official CS:GO 1v1 Tournament!

    Probably going to lose but I’ll join
  10. Hg2CI2

    Last comment wins

  11. Hg2CI2

    DaddysLittleGirl - Counter-Strike

    +1 Fun to play with
  12. Hg2CI2

    AceOfSpadesMM - Counter-Strike

    +1 Is fun to play with, likes to warden
  13. Hg2CI2

    Looking for girlfriend

    I love Minecraft and anime. That’s why I love Dojo the jailbreak map
  14. Hg2CI2

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    +1 Yeah A: 7 M: 8