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  1. Hg2CI2

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I was there when it happened I think he gave up trying to be a CT and just massed
  2. Hg2CI2

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I was there when he massed, but you uploaded the wrong image I think
  3. Hg2CI2

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    Why would you settle on one when you could get both?
  4. Hg2CI2

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    +1 I used to have more tolerance for Goldfish until he joined Tango World Wide and just started being a dick on jailbreak
  5. Hg2CI2

    Rabidtoken - Counter-Strike

    Is it me or does he not sound like he’s fourteen?
  6. Hg2CI2

    Rabidtoken - Counter-Strike

    +1 I don't see why not, he does like to scream and occasionally breaks rules A: 9 M: 6
  7. Hg2CI2

    Suggestions Thread

    So a collision day where you can phase through teammates but still jump on their heads
  8. Hg2CI2

    Suggestions Thread

    Collision day is a thing
  9. Hg2CI2

    Suggestions Thread

    I’m not going to lie, but I like to get boosted in Clouds. Other than that I don’t really like collision. ScottNi made some really valid points too
  10. Hg2CI2


    Mega +1 Best warden around, friendly, knows rules...
  11. Hg2CI2


    But remember how bad the rest of stolenmix is?
  12. Hg2CI2


    Lithium should also turn off collision
  13. Hg2CI2

    Favorite thing about xG

    Csgo jailbreak...
  14. Hg2CI2

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    I’ve seen people purposely do extreme to just delay the round
  15. Hg2CI2

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    I think slaying shouldn’t be allowed by default but the T can allow slaying just like how a T can allow cheating