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  1. Who are you people did @Warriorsfury commit sudoku yet
  2. +Great musics +Great graphics +Great grameplay 10/10 like skyrim with no game -IGN
  3. How many of you niggas play Hearthstone? I've been thinking of setting up a Hearthstone tournament, but seeing as how well xG: The Musical turned out, I thought I'd see how many of you like the game or are interested in such a thing before organizing one?
  4. This thread stinks. I think everyone should be banned and forced to do the Mona Pizza challenge to be unbanned.
  5. -1 Not even as good as @Haxx
  6. Quick and nimble only kicks, yo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6jCJZEFIto
  7. As someone who used to play a lot of Jailbreak on CSS back in its hayday, I think you might as well put a bullet in it. It's like my old-ass grandpa, like he used to be fun and people liked him but then he got old and now we pretend to like him but he should really just die, man. Nobody's ever on the server anyway. Clean that shit out.
  8. who will speak French at a 9th grade level with me now? :'(
  9. Okay, I left XenoGamers a while ago since CS:S got mostly depopulated and the focus switched to TF2 which is a dirty jew game for scrubs, but I noticed a huge influx in member applications since then so I guess it worked. However these forums are still relatively middling in population since only a small percentage of members actuall use them. Why not make it so you have to have a certain amount of forum posts before you can apply for xG? Not only to get more people on the forum because that would be cool but mostly because I STILL WANT MORE PEOPLE TO DO THE FKING XG MUSICAL GOD DAMMIT LISTEN TO HAXX'S MELODIC VOICE AND REPLICATE IT DAMMIT Xg: The Musical | Xeno Gamers Xg: The Musical | Xeno Gamers Xg: The Musical | Xeno Gamers Xg: The Musical | Xeno Gamers