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  1. I find lives that fail to challenge their own limits utterly boring. It is the difference between beasts and men.
  2. Nu_13

    Memory Lane

    i remember when i post memes outa i remember the bumping of threads...do you? :dank:
  3. Nu_13

    Memory Lane

    i remember that i used to be always on here...:coffee:
  4. I'm back, in black. and i sure do hope that it's going to be a good time, if no, i shall sink into my dank memes once again...
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    2. virr


      this? https://i.imgur.com/3d5Ux2t.png
    3. Nu_13


      yep, I don't see that. its ok though. i'll see if I can see it on my phone then.
    4. Nu_13


      ok, wtf. I can see the chat when I'm not logged in, buy as soon as I log in, poof...story of my life there my people...haha
  5. Idk if you're still there, but i finally played BlazBlue, lotsa fun
  6. America is a place where chill birds can shoot the shit freely.
  7. Nu_13

    We Are America

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcgwVgTiu2c HAPPY FIREWORKS DAY
  8. Nu_13


  9. dank memes...
    1. Mogs


      ...semem knad
  10. i want donuts...but i am too lazy to get them
    1. Duke


      should pick me up some donuts as well :D
  11. PLAYING BLAZBLUE RR, if you cannot tell, I am having a blast
  12. listening to triple-q while working makes people look at you funny.
    1. Bone


      Listening to Triple-Q in general makes people look at you funny op
    2. ArminArmout


      siivagunner>triple q
    3. Nu_13