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  1. Lets Get a Community Night going with this @Aegean @Lithium @HongKong we can use a squad code to get everyone together
  2. Sojodak


    So a streamer named aimbotcalvin used the minigames server as of tonight, had like 30 people on. scottni and i tried to moderate it to keep it afloat but i couldnt think of ways to talk to the people. So keep your eyes open for anything like that again, had some toxic people ruining it for the others along with a few people being flagged for scripts
  3. Sojodak

    Mordeau Server

    yes I am down for a server and would 100% love to help moderate, organize and run it. Ive been playing these games since the fucking concept of chivalry medieval warfare was a mod off of source Called Age of Chivalry - 2007, the mod died off slowly cause of chivalry but still garnished a few communities of people that would get on just to play or practice for clan vs clan. After Chivalry officially came out people began to migrate to that game which of course had to more to offer, The game was a blast but unfortunately i didnt like chivalry all too much due to the fact the progression was slow, weapon meta required certain weapons for certain characters and blocking was just icky to me, the defense was so bad that you could only kill if you caught someone off guard or fights would be become stamina battles that just determines who has the most at the end, it was literally block block and block till eventually people started getting fishy kills so i left. These Fishy Kills ended up being what killed the game because players had found ways to exploit the battle system to bypass the stamina drain fight by manipulating their characters to get weird hits on enemies. Unfortunately this drove the damn skill ceiling super high, the community had shut out those who could not master these exploits making it difficult for anyone to enjoy and stick around. The only few hundred people still on are most likely Clans preparing for a clan v clan or people who just really love the game. Cheeky Game Breaking Attacks Examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y50tVaWg618 Before these Exploits both the game and the mod were fun arcadey run and slash games that ive grown to love over the years. And i am more than excited to tell you that Mordhau delivers beautifully to the Sword fighting Community. For those who have played the game you already KNOW about the maps, the BRUTALIZATION of those before you (potato with the ballista on sigs horses ), the game modes and THE FUCKING CUSTOMIZATION, and of course you know its a blast with friends. But some of you may not know about how well fucking tuned the combat is compared to previous titles, like holy shit, im excited just typing this. They Fixed the exploits i presented in the link, you can still do them but you can protect yourself from them and EVERY OTHER ATTACK. Not only can you block weapons but you can block arrows/projectiles mhm i hear you say but not only can you block these attacks you can fucking strike them with your weapons! Hit arrows out of the arrow, shoot catapault shots out of the air, Clash with 4 other people's weapons, chamber them, counter them, the multiple ways you can defend yourself is outright GOD LIKE cause you feel like fucking ATHEN GOD OF WAR ON THE BATTLE FIELD, No one can cheese you, fights are fair (based on the games definition of fair not yours (1 v 5 is legit (git gud))). This game gives you so much control of your outcomes i feel like 30 isnt enough for the game, it should be priced higher cause not only do you have the base game for fun but you have a whole new system to master and weapons to fool around with! The game is at a high point with nothing but good shit to say to say across the board, it would be best to take advantage of this boom of popularity and grow the xg community by inviting this once before neglected genre and breathe new life around here. Yes the game will die down but if you actually know what you are talking about you would know that games like these develop loyal fan bases that stretch for years, hldm2 still have active servers that i used to go to as a kid, nuclear dawn still got that 1 server, Natural selection 2 a game that launched in 2012 that no body knows about with literally 500 people on a day still posts updates to this day and are CURRENTLY HOLDING TOURNAMENTS next 1 being june of 2019. Communities grow around games, flourish and foster each member (while excluding new comers). to say the game might die is such a huge disrespect to the developers that poured 5 years with limited resources into this game. MordHau will definitely establish its communities in a couple months of dedicated players and have already announced a new map, mod support and judging from the devs desire to make the game competitive, ofc ranked matches (dont quote me on any of this)/ If i was to stake everything on it, mordhau is here to stay, there are no other competitors other than Mount and Blade 2 coming out and still the only other shit is War of the Fucking Roses or whatever Chivalery with wizards bullshit the Chiv Devs Made. There are a few servers that would possibly work, ideally frontline causes those servers are always full while people itching to kill, and 1 v 1, if well managed you could manage start a small gathering people just sparring in the server which have alot of demand.I strongly feel you should take this opportunity as a community to start a campaign to branch out. build the community back up and start fresh, bringing more people in and diversify the pool of genres/games you guys dip into .... by mainly clout chasing but still. And if you were to start going anywhere fresh shit like Mordhau would be best the best way to go. also side note, i would 120% throw a community night tournament day 1
  4. Ive got some shit to work on and goals i need to focus on, Ive deleted the xg Discord so i wont be compelled to hop in. For now im unvailible for any XenoGamers activities but ill be right back in a couple months to do what i do best which is annoy many and entertain a few. Be right back
  5. Your last post in that game thread where we make a story is considered grave digging, which is bannable in this forum. You seem new so i thought id mention that.
    1. Rogue_Skittle


      @[106411:@Sojodak] i didn't know sry. back when i played before i only really got on forums if i had something to say about my activity so i didnt know the thread rules
  6. Cashier all day today FOR FUCKS SAKE IS IT BORING
    1. Bone


      Eyy, at least you're not doing my old job. Which would be cashier and stocking at the same time. Then getting in trouble for "Being at the register too much" as a cashier :^)
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    +1I cant hate him
  9. +1 i like him, be better choice then the last few dozen bad choices
  10. Hey um i have noticed not alot of people mentioned mario, good for them but its uh quite shameful no one tried dragon quest starry night sky. What is it? Only an absolute master piece Dragon quest starry night sky
  11. Sojodak

    Making A Game

    yea well if you need unity tutorials i have shit tons of content you might find what you are looking for or whatever, just ask, there are plenty of programmers here better than me more familiar with scripting, im going to bed for awhile
  12. Wow patrick star had the right idea, crawling under a rock is awesome!
  13. Sojodak

    Making A Game

    Well then i feel silly. Good luck with that im going to new grounds or under a rock, whichever comes first.
  14. Sojodak

    Making A Game

    So you just need help with learning code and unity if i read that correctly? You dont need a programmer?
  15. Sojodak

    Making A Game

    AAAAAIIIIEEE AN ARTIST IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR AN ARTIST. I LOVE YOU @Lithium. DUDE I CAN HELP IF YOU WANT, I WAS LITERALLY ABOUT TO POST A THREAD ABOUT THUS YESTERDAY BUT SAID NO. I REALLY NEED THE EXPERIENCE JUST FUCKING HIT ME UP AND I COULD HELP YOU LAY DOWN A DEMO AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE ART WORK AND GAME DESIGN since you know its your game.:loldidntread::migraineinducing::loldidntread::migraineinducing::loldidntread::migraineinducing: I mainly just do mechanics but I've been in such a rut i was gonna go to new grounds and see if i can get experience through freelance work but so much better. Shouting glee is so unprofessional but i dont care HIT ME UP AND LETS WORK SOMETHING OUT