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  1. So many of you have wanted a jb repopulation going and im happy to say it seems to have started off nicely with a steady fruition because of Jb staff @Jadow (and anyone else i didnt mention. And its exxciting to see alot of the older members excited to play again. I am actually happy to see it flourishing, it feels fresh and new thanks to new additions of !cs and the chaos each member brings to the server. Just Tips for the future, the Server needs to be able to attract new people and get them to stay so that the older people dont have to always be on to attract people. Best ways to get them to stay is Server needs actual wardens who are excited in taking the role and are interested in having a good day, so try not to be samey ie frlr (scum game) Be sure to explain rules to both Ts and Cts, i seen a few people last night playing ct not knowing what to do and ruining the round, as well as Ts getting Gatted right away for the slightest movements, Try not to be so blood thirsty and explain how someone broke the rules. Often a few cts blasted Ts who jumped when a restriction was never in place, be sure to call this out, Blood thirst is kind of a mood killer Mods Please Police who gets on Ct, anyone obviously new or a troll should be swapped before they end up ruining anything, As well as mods please be a little quicker in taking action, Clear violators of the rules were not punished right away or at all despite constant outcry of the server to do so with eyewitness accounts. Thats about all i can think of right now. Thanks All for boosting the server and having a good time on the server, Lets keep this up. @Jadow @Lithium @Bumpy @coolduck @PolarCoded @Dannypicacho @Bonk and everyone else i didnt tag cause ive got to go to work.
  2. Sojodak

    Jb nights

    I can put another poll up for time of day @loftydrum but most likely around 6 or 8 central. Idk
  3. Thought it would be good to get a jb night going. If you agree lets tally up what would.be the best day for it What days work best for a jb night WWW.STRAWPOLL.ME Vote Now! [MondaY] [ Tuesday] [Wendsday] [Thursday ] [Friday]...
  4. For anyone looking to make a quick buck. Activision stocks are at 45$ a share. Once Q3 ends on sept 30th we will see how well they sold. Most likely not so well. But! Call of duty modern warfare is coming out October 25th and i predict the price of the shares will rocket past 60$. It happened when overwatch launched and i made a bit of money off that and i expect the same if not more with call of duty. Especially since its going back to its roots and improving on past instances of the franchise. Just a quick heads up for anyone interested
  5. For anyone interested in money or doesnt know anything about money, i felt like i should share this video in hopes that someone may benefit from this. the video offers a free curriculum on money management and how shit works. Keep in mind alot of people dont arent financially literate, with a large portion of americans in debt, i even know of some people that pay loan bills with more loans. Im taking the time to learn and if anyone is interested this guy offers a curriculum like i said to educate yourself
  6. jaydow says your steam link doesnt work, i can confirm, we have deducted you dont know how to copy paste
  7. We got enough people. Ill start finding a suitable day
  8. Lithium setup a better server just now, so we can hop on that one instead of mine. Thanks @Lithium Also @Aegean @virr @Bumpy @ScottNi @Chrono @LeToucan @Pepper @Nomulous Just @ing everyone on my friends that is confirmed to have it. (Also to get more buzz on this post)
  9. SOOOOOOO. Who would want to try out a very buggy piece of shit mod known as SKYRIM TOGETHER. its a multiplayer mod if you dont know about it, its alsoo very buggy like enemy dupes, desync issues, players not being visible to other people AND MORE. its highly unplayable but.... AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC .... yay! I set up a server if anyone wants to try later this week, if i get enough people like 4+ i can set up a schedule. but again its highly unplayable so dont expect fun.... expect frustration and rage, and maybe like 20 mins community night till we say fuck it and move to mini-games. Who Knows but it might be interesting link right here v SkyrimTogether/issues-launcher GITHUB.COM For all bugs, crashes and exceptions for the Harbor launcher. - SkyrimTogether/issues-launcher if you need help
  10. Actually i did notice your absence. Im glad i saw this post just now cause i was starting to get really worried. I thought you were gone gone. Glad to see you doing well. Congratz on the kid
  11. Sojodak

    First Video

    Started Learning to Make videos, Had fun with this one even though the end result is pretty bad, but still, why not share right.
  12. Lets Get a Community Night going with this @Aegean @Lithium @HongKong we can use a squad code to get everyone together
  13. Sojodak


    So a streamer named aimbotcalvin used the minigames server as of tonight, had like 30 people on. scottni and i tried to moderate it to keep it afloat but i couldnt think of ways to talk to the people. So keep your eyes open for anything like that again, had some toxic people ruining it for the others along with a few people being flagged for scripts
  14. Sojodak

    Mordeau Server

    yes I am down for a server and would 100% love to help moderate, organize and run it. Ive been playing these games since the fucking concept of chivalry medieval warfare was a mod off of source Called Age of Chivalry - 2007, the mod died off slowly cause of chivalry but still garnished a few communities of people that would get on just to play or practice for clan vs clan. After Chivalry officially came out people began to migrate to that game which of course had to more to offer, The game was a blast but unfortunately i didnt like chivalry all too much due to the fact the progression was slow, weapon meta required certain weapons for certain characters and blocking was just icky to me, the defense was so bad that you could only kill if you caught someone off guard or fights would be become stamina battles that just determines who has the most at the end, it was literally block block and block till eventually people started getting fishy kills so i left. These Fishy Kills ended up being what killed the game because players had found ways to exploit the battle system to bypass the stamina drain fight by manipulating their characters to get weird hits on enemies. Unfortunately this drove the damn skill ceiling super high, the community had shut out those who could not master these exploits making it difficult for anyone to enjoy and stick around. The only few hundred people still on are most likely Clans preparing for a clan v clan or people who just really love the game. Cheeky Game Breaking Attacks Examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y50tVaWg618 Before these Exploits both the game and the mod were fun arcadey run and slash games that ive grown to love over the years. And i am more than excited to tell you that Mordhau delivers beautifully to the Sword fighting Community. For those who have played the game you already KNOW about the maps, the BRUTALIZATION of those before you (potato with the ballista on sigs horses ), the game modes and THE FUCKING CUSTOMIZATION, and of course you know its a blast with friends. But some of you may not know about how well fucking tuned the combat is compared to previous titles, like holy shit, im excited just typing this. They Fixed the exploits i presented in the link, you can still do them but you can protect yourself from them and EVERY OTHER ATTACK. Not only can you block weapons but you can block arrows/projectiles mhm i hear you say but not only can you block these attacks you can fucking strike them with your weapons! Hit arrows out of the arrow, shoot catapault shots out of the air, Clash with 4 other people's weapons, chamber them, counter them, the multiple ways you can defend yourself is outright GOD LIKE cause you feel like fucking ATHEN GOD OF WAR ON THE BATTLE FIELD, No one can cheese you, fights are fair (based on the games definition of fair not yours (1 v 5 is legit (git gud))). This game gives you so much control of your outcomes i feel like 30 isnt enough for the game, it should be priced higher cause not only do you have the base game for fun but you have a whole new system to master and weapons to fool around with! The game is at a high point with nothing but good shit to say to say across the board, it would be best to take advantage of this boom of popularity and grow the xg community by inviting this once before neglected genre and breathe new life around here. Yes the game will die down but if you actually know what you are talking about you would know that games like these develop loyal fan bases that stretch for years, hldm2 still have active servers that i used to go to as a kid, nuclear dawn still got that 1 server, Natural selection 2 a game that launched in 2012 that no body knows about with literally 500 people on a day still posts updates to this day and are CURRENTLY HOLDING TOURNAMENTS next 1 being june of 2019. Communities grow around games, flourish and foster each member (while excluding new comers). to say the game might die is such a huge disrespect to the developers that poured 5 years with limited resources into this game. MordHau will definitely establish its communities in a couple months of dedicated players and have already announced a new map, mod support and judging from the devs desire to make the game competitive, ofc ranked matches (dont quote me on any of this)/ If i was to stake everything on it, mordhau is here to stay, there are no other competitors other than Mount and Blade 2 coming out and still the only other shit is War of the Fucking Roses or whatever Chivalery with wizards bullshit the Chiv Devs Made. There are a few servers that would possibly work, ideally frontline causes those servers are always full while people itching to kill, and 1 v 1, if well managed you could manage start a small gathering people just sparring in the server which have alot of demand.I strongly feel you should take this opportunity as a community to start a campaign to branch out. build the community back up and start fresh, bringing more people in and diversify the pool of genres/games you guys dip into .... by mainly clout chasing but still. And if you were to start going anywhere fresh shit like Mordhau would be best the best way to go. also side note, i would 120% throw a community night tournament day 1
  15. Ive got some shit to work on and goals i need to focus on, Ive deleted the xg Discord so i wont be compelled to hop in. For now im unvailible for any XenoGamers activities but ill be right back in a couple months to do what i do best which is annoy many and entertain a few. Be right back