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  1. thanks thats what i was going for
  2. pingin' the unturned squad ;D and egossi cause he told me to post here a bit ago
  3. @Egossi @Shadower @Insane @Barmithian @Blizzard hello my friends
  4. 40oz and lawnchair

  5. Skitters

    Get Rid Of Her

    she's so beautiful
  6. i just failed my drivers test

    1. Shadower


      fucking rardo

  7. yell at it and make it scared, then it'll go faster
  8. especially in my dodge charger at east LA
  9. F!$k Off! >:(
  10. Skitters

    Game Division

    Yeahhhhhh boooiiiii +1
  11. http://www.techworm.net/2016/12/steam-down-phantom-squad-ddos-steam-servers-bring-christmas.html
    1. KSPlayer1337


      oh boy cant wait for another ddos on steam /s
  12. https://thehornnews.com/vote-trump-put-hillary-jail/?xco=X6HNSB11&gclid=CMWn6uuw69ACFQ6BswodXtcO8Q