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  1. any thing really it dosent matter just tell me your favorite place to eat
  2. very nice way better than what i can do.
  3. mine is -Get good grades -Get a life -be best one one my wrestiling team.
  4. i think cod 4 is going to be one of the best ones. the battle royal is going to have one of the biggest maps ever so i wanna see it.
  5. all of those resturaunts are really good!
  6. My favorite resturaunt is Bojangles. I will love to see what favorite resturaunts u like so please tell me!
  7. List a couple things you like to do I will love to read them. Btw my favorite thing to do is listen to music, swim in my pool, play video games, and eat Bojangles.
  8. im confused did u leave or stay lel
  9. Rawr12

    Im just bored

    wassssupppp im bored to lel
  10. i love country this is my favorite country song. skip to 1:18 for the song.
  11. i love music my favorite song is country roads its pretty good. skip to 1:18 for the song
  12. Rawr12

    Populate jailbreak?

    i think this is a good idea i started xG on jailbreak so