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  1. Rawr12

    i got accepted

  2. Rawr12

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

    any thing really it dosent matter just tell me your favorite place to eat
  3. Rawr12

    Help Me Improve!

    very nice way better than what i can do.
  4. Rawr12

    What Is Your 2017 New Years Resolution?

    mine is -Get good grades -Get a life -be best one one my wrestiling team.
  5. Rawr12

    Black Ops 4.

    i think cod 4 is going to be one of the best ones. the battle royal is going to have one of the biggest maps ever so i wanna see it.
  6. Rawr12

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

    all of those resturaunts are really good!
  7. Rawr12

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

    My favorite resturaunt is Bojangles. I will love to see what favorite resturaunts u like so please tell me!
  8. List a couple things you like to do I will love to read them. Btw my favorite thing to do is listen to music, swim in my pool, play video games, and eat Bojangles.
  9. Rawr12

    I'm quitting Xeno Gamers...

    im confused did u leave or stay lel
  10. Rawr12

    Im just bored

    wassssupppp im bored to lel
  11. Rawr12

    My Soundcloud And The Amazing Music It Holds

  12. Rawr12

    What's your type of music?

    i love country this is my favorite country song. skip to 1:18 for the song.
  13. Rawr12

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    i love music my favorite song is country roads its pretty good. skip to 1:18 for the song
  14. Rawr12

    Populate jailbreak?

    i think this is a good idea i started xG on jailbreak so
  15. Rawr12

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    scratch is a good coding website