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  1. keep jolly roger bay and hazy maze cave
  2. "Look guys I'm not gay but 5$ is 5$"
  3. My plans for the map is to give it a middle of nowhere feel. So far since I'm busy, I've added Gas Stations as the spawn rooms and I'm thinking of a plan for the map that looks like the picture I've added. Though it might not look like that since I'm usually busy.
  4. If you will allow me to, I'm making a map to submit for this server. It's a simple trade map with nothing too crazy or anything. I haven't thought of a name for it yet but I'll be sure to link it here when it's at least a little done.
  5. +1 A:9 M:9 Pretty chill guy. I've never had any reason to dislike him or anything. He's alright.
  6. Name: [xG] Bill's Gibus Steam ID64: 76561198135972581 Class Roles: Engineer, Demoman, Medic
  7. [MEDIA=imgur]a/hh0On[/MEDIA] One for my friend. [MEDIA=imgur]bMQ8fgc[/MEDIA] One for my other friend. [MEDIA=imgur]a/INX4Q[/MEDIA] My steam picture :J
  8. 7 +1s on my application! Weew!
    1. virr


      Welcome! <3
    2. Thorax_


      Welcome to the fam <3
  9. Aw man. I remembered that I need 6 more vouches if I were to join.
  10. New profile music up. Louis Armstrong-A kiss to build a dream on
  11. Btw thanks for the guide on how to set up music on your profile.
  12. Finally got some profile music up!
  13. I'm mostly on the Pokemon one as of recently.