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    Don't sweat it Etika, not your fault. Also, I don't think there's much need for you to start off with a clean JoyconBoyz, I believe you've improved a lot in the past few weeks. I've seen it myself! I'm glad you still want to play Minecraft though, and I'll be looking forward to it!
  2. grap_grop

    Horrible xG Member

    wait what
  3. grap_grop

    Everything, everything.

  4. grap_grop

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    The map is a long, grueling-to-explore hallway that can be exploited by walking out of the world and onto the map floor, which doesn't kill you. It has many non-gameplay related flaws, and it's usually nominated only when people want to kill the server, or someone's not played on it before. It takes an extraordinarily long amount of time to find anyone to fight, and often feels like bunker but amplified 100 times over.
  5. grap_grop

    What are some of the worst nerfs?

    Tide Turner
  6. grap_grop

    Promotions and Demotions #202

    finally bagel gets admin
  7. grap_grop

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    -1 I don't think this even needed to be a thread. A brief 30 second period designed to be a short goof-off grace period before everyone loads in isn't the most catastrophic time to have a demoman make a proximity-based noise. I highly doubt that that many people can't stand something so small, when hardly anyone complains about it at all. It's not that deep.
  8. grap_grop

    Remov trade_plaza_square_station_v1

    @Elcark @mrnutty12
  9. grap_grop

    So we have a free server...

  10. grap_grop

    Something's wrong with my mac...

    @Tatost gave a good guide on how to fix this, but there's an alternate method of locating your download folder and then going to the maps inside that. The default full path should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps Find the map in the folder and then delete it. The next time you join it should download it properly. (expanding on what @virr said)
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    Exactly. Tat "cant believe you fudgeing idiots actually watch porn" Toast is woke as hell right now.
  12. the deets: -The map is based off of a sonic game but takes the basic, plain structure of a typical trade map (hence the name trade_plaza). -Like a typical trade map, the map also features nothing to do besides travelling to an island with nothing on it, or swimming in a regular pool. -The two spawns are open to each other immediately in a wide, open area, basically encouraging sniper play which although isn't a bad thing in and of itself, can get annoying when overdone. -The spawn area includes an area in which standing in it kills you. At the start of a round, your health is set to 1 for some reason or another, so when everyone spawns in they're immediately killed once by the map. -Again, the map has absolutely no unique or interesting features, and is just a regular trade map with sonic slapped onto it.
  13. grap_grop


    I'd +1 if you were qualified for staff in terms of hours, like kypari said, since you're an alright dude, but for now I'm gonna remain neutral.
  14. grap_grop


    -1 Good as a member, but people had lots of issues with you as staff.
  15. grap_grop

    Geektopuss (the amazing team

    +1 good kid, always nice to everyone, have seen them around since a few months ago on FF2. A:8.5 M:8