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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3vQ3Oao4Nw346wxY2Dd1g

    xG has a new YouTube that some of my videos I make will be going onto!

  2.  new overwatch vid i made

  3. grap_grop

    Locking boss in taunt in FF2

    -1 because the issues with stunlocking can almost always be narrowed down to the faults of the map. Very narrow, unfun corridors (like on Barn as mentioned before) are prime spots for huntsman snipers, though even then, stunlocks happen way too infrequently to have a track record as an overpowered or broken “mechanic.”
  4. grap_grop

    FF2 and PlayPoints

    All of these sound ideal whilst still having apparent drawbacks, though playpoints should definitely be revamped or removed altogether. The number of viable abilities in playpoints are so scarce, as many of them hardly even work, making it look even more outdated and underdone. I’ve dealt with Custom Weapons before in the past, and implementing them into the server would add an interesting and unique twist, though TF2Items seems like it has a lot of issues with it. If we’re gonna vote on any of these, my +1 is for Custom Weapons.
  5. grap_grop

    Remove Machine Slapping from FF2

    +1 machine slapping makes bosses that are otherwise decent nearly unplayable.
  6. grap_grop


    -1 because time =/= qualification. If that were the case, people who have been here forever would maintain staff position. Sorry, I have nothing against you personally, but between now and last summer I've not seen an improvement in maturity. I'm gonna leave the times you've said rude things to certain people, which upset them more than you know, out of this app. GL.
  7. grap_grop

    Sera and Blaster wedding video

    this is the worst wedding ive ever seen, mine and @Healix's was better
  8. grap_grop

    Is Virr real?

    i dont think virr is real
  9. grap_grop


    It’ll be good to have the best sniper on poketrade back, as well as someone who’s brought a lot of fun to the table. to quote @BonfireCentiped on this one, OH DAB
  10. grap_grop

    Objective Server Game mode(s)

    no ctf, server is unplayable
  11. +1 to this because although it takes forever for the natural rtv to kick in, you can at least anticipate it with a timer.
  12. aesthetic hamburger
  13. grap_grop

    Add an objective based stock rotation server

    +1 yes please because stock maps are a fantastic alternative to 24/7 masscc
  14. grap_grop


    nether when