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  1. where is the 6s scrim from 2018?

  2. Update: As per Bags's request, xG 6's scrims have been postponed until sometime in January.

  4. so xG MGE tournament when guys

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      ill mge you, the only rule being anything allowed

      (totally not gonna toggle god mode and go pyro or anything)

  5. The war between cartels on xG has now begun. 

  6. There are lots of jump maps that I've enjoyed completing, but the ones that stand out to me are jump_4starters_rebuilt (the newer version of jump_4starters), jump_mariobeta, jump_cube, and jump_littleman. There's nothing more satisfying than being able to finally complete all of the easy, medium, and hard sections of a map in one sitting (in the case of jump_littleman, completing the BLU and RED team sections). You get that euphoric sense of "Yes, I finally did it!" Jump_sync is also another favorite of mine. Incredibly difficult to beat even the first half of the map; the last half is just downright impossible for me at the moment. But, it's still super satisfying to complete that one jump you've been stuck on for a while.
  7. Hey all. Just wondering if anyone here (still) plays Runescape nowadays. If so, then perhaps we could connect and play together, as I am just getting back into the game and am looking for some peeps to play with. In fact, if there is enough people around here that still play the game, then we could even create some sort of xG clan on there. Not that I'm saying that it will, or could ever, happen, but it's just an idea that I'd like to throw out there.
  8. A few suggestions I have (in terms of personal preference and probable highest-to-lowest player population & enjoyment): 1. MGE or 6's/Highlander server (this is mostly for us to play scheduled xG 6's or highlander games on our own). 2. Soldier/Demoman jump maps. 3. Slender Fortress. 4. Ultiduo or BBall. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the first two options would assume that said gamemodes would be removed from the GameMode Rotation server, since they would be added to a completely new server anyway.
  9. In-Game Name What's The Wave Today? Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:0:52718415 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 4-6 hours Reason for Joining I remember when I first came to the xG Pokemon Trade Server back in early 2013. I came there originally to just do some trading and leave, but then I stayed around longer, as the xG staff and people at the time made my experience there quite fun - holding server events, craft hat giveaways, allowing others to do video game character impersonations, etc. Because of this, I decided to add the xG TF2 servers to my favorites. And ever since then, I have been coming to the xG TF2 servers. I really like the xG (TF2) staff - both some of the previous and current staff - and just about everyone who I have interacted with on the servers. They all make my TF2 gaming (and trading) experience worth it; the xG TF2 servers are now my new servers to frequent. I know that this member application is way overdue, but, it is never too late to apply.