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    Hey Guys I had terraria in my inventory for years, never found somebody to give it to.
  2. Arthman

    Lemons - Minecraft

    CONGRATULATIONS!  Your membership application has been accepted and you are now a member of Xeno Gamers! You can now add the [xG] tag to your in-game name! To begin your membership, familiarize yourself with our rules listed below. This is highly important and knowing these rules will keep you safe from bans! Want to get more involved in the community and qualify for Staff? Here's how! 1. Be active on our Discord server! You can download Discord here, and join us using this link ! 2. Be active on the forums! This is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed on things happening within the community and for your voice to be heard! 3. Be active on our servers! This shows that you're committed to the clan! For a server list, click here. Come check out our staff list to see who is who on the servers, click here. For a list of our server rules and guides, click on the appropriate division: [TF2] [CS:GO] [GMOD] [Minecraft] [Nuclear Dawn] WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!
  3. Arthman


    Alright so Goldfish, You knew well that using the N word is against the community's rules. No matter what happened, you have no rights to use that kind of language.Despite my division not having a clear set of rules, we still abide by the community's. Second thing: Ban is temporary (A week) but since I haven't worked on implementing temp bans (or if they are there by default, I dunno), the ban was made permanant but will be removed by me in a week. Third point is: You messed up your protest, your IGN isn't even goldfish. I will be unbanning you on sunday, despite the fact that I do have a feeling it'll end up biting me in the ass. You have a lot of history with xG, which is bad considering that you are new to the community (at least by my standard). Do bear in mind that if you come on the server to troll, for whatever reason, or that you use this kind of language again, I will ban you again but I won't be as lenient as I am now. If you have any questions, please private message me here, on discord or on steam. As for the unban, message me sunday after the ban has expired for an unban I will be leaving this thread up a bit for community's opinion. Remember to read those as those could contain insightful pointers as to how to be a better member of the community and maybe change everybody's opinion.
  4. Arthman

    Lemons - Minecraft

    Easiest +1 of my life: Awesome player, fun to chat with!
  5. Arthman

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    It's Xenogamer's rules. He's getting a temp ban on MC for that.
  6. Arthman

    Minecraft is looking for staff!

    Just DM me
  7. Arthman

    Minecraft is looking for staff!

    grats but cant find you. send me a DM im in the DL sub group (top of the list)
  8. Arthman

    Minecraft is looking for staff!

    back in the days, I was allowed to be Div Leader for MC and mod for CSS. I dunno if that would still work today tho
  9. Arthman

    Minecraft is looking for staff!

    @Queelsh I would need you to be a member before being able to get moderator. I'm pretty sure that if i talk to you and see that you are fit for moderator, @Aegean would not prohibit me from promoting you as my division is in need of staff. Should Aegean allow me, and should you get member (which I hope you will!), I'd like to have a chat with you on discord to look into possibilities!
  10. Arthman

    Queelsh - Team Fortress 2

    +1 Can't say for his game behavior, as I have not encountered him, but he's nice and active on forums! A:? M:8
  11. Arthman

    List of things to do

    I'd much rather build something than buy a spawn.
  12. Hey guys! The division will need a staff team that is interested in building a better division for everybody to enjoy. We currently have openings and I'd like for those who are interested to apply here. Here is the way I want everything formatted. MC NAME: POSITION WANTED: WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE DIVISION TO HELP: COMMENTS:
  13. Arthman


    just going to point out @Semper that PurpleDrank died from an OD a few years ago. I don't want to be a nazi or anything, but I doubt it'd be wise to use his name like that.
  14. Arthman

    Server Issues/Glitches

    Please report any and all issues here. I will be marking which issue has been fixed with a time stamp.
  15. Arthman

    minecraft server mod suggestions

    Those are all good Ideas. For now, Modded is not planned in the near future (I want a finished main server that IS populated before asking silence for another instance to mod) If we manage to get something good running, I will do everything possible to get a rotation mod server!