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  1. Hey guys, Some of y'all might've realized by now that I am barely online nowadays (aka never). It's not because I don't like the community or anything. I've been dealing with my new born and my house and getting clean obv I'll try and pop on whenever I have the time to play with y'all again!a
  2. Kind of a shame I got demoted. Servers were always empty when I checked. To be fair, at this point and time, I do not have the time to play any video games (taking care of my fiancé and my child. Hopefully by the time I get more time to myself, I'll be able to get back on and game (given that the servers are somewhat populated)
  3. I'll go ahead and +1 this. My reasoning behind this is that his toxicity comes from the negative comments people give him. He gets frequently insulted by players, which in turn make him do toxic warden things. I've seen him when theres not a lot of people on (thus not a lot of people harrassing him) and he's perfectly fine. Plus he's really active. A:9 M:6
  4. Y'all serious w/ the gravedigging? Cmon y'all
  5. +1 for Polar. I've played often with him and he is knowledgable of rules and whatnot. I've also not had single bad incident with him. And @Topaz, please don't use me as an example.
  6. I work as a network engineer/Senior sys-admin in quebec city, canada
  7. +1 I find that pear has improved .
  8. Marc was my pen name ? I also believe I lied on my age by a good year or two back in the days
  9. I think I'll be in the oldest fags
  10. Arthman


    the CSGO div has a lot of CSS oldfags!
  11. Arthman

    xG Gamer Revival

    if only he was still alive, i'd want Purple_Drank back
  12. I"m willing for a minecraft one. As for golf it, @yadingo and I have worked on a few maps
  13. I want to be part of the tier list :c
  14. Arthman

    Golf It Division

    change to +1 and ill give 5 shoes.