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  1. Arthman


    the CSGO div has a lot of CSS oldfags!
  2. Arthman

    xG Gamer Revival

    if only he was still alive, i'd want Purple_Drank back
  3. I"m willing for a minecraft one. As for golf it, @yadingo and I have worked on a few maps
  4. I want to be part of the tier list :c
  5. Arthman

    Golf It Division

    change to +1 and ill give 5 shoes.
  6. Arthman

    Golf It Division

    Ladies and gentlemens! I've had the best idea for a new division! the GOLF IT division. I reckon we have plenty players and we need to put law and order! Starting such a division would require a DL. I agree to that position and will make johngalt DM! I may or may not be drunk, but yall needa make this a thing @virr @Aegean @LeToucan
  7. this is going to stay for a while huh
  8. Arthman


    +1 , knows the rules, is active and generally willing to help.
  9. Arthman


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Arthman Identity manarth Position Moderator Time Active on Servers usually late Information I'm knowledgable of the rules, am on on odd hours and I always have to call for mods when stuff happens. I have previous mod/admin experience from the CSS division I'm usually chill and willing to get on if theres issues I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  10. Also, with all due respect to the community, I will stand by my decision.
  11. @yadingo was reinstated as a moderator (under probation) due to the amount of help he was while we were setting up the server. He also is very active and knows how people should behave on minecraft. I understand how odd it is , but I had a talk with Dingo about what happened. I do not approve of cheating but the issue has been resolved. If you have any arguments you would like to add regarding this, feel free to contact me via discord, and I will take them into consideration.
  12. Arthman


    @Brady1780 Minecraft staff reporting to duty yes the server went down but I checked with arthman and it’s back up
  13. Server won't be reset. Server still needs a bit of work. /closethread
  14. Played with the guy, really fun to play with. Follows community's standard Solid +1