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  1. Spirit

    Any other Software Developers?

    Oh my god your poor soul. Had to briefly use Haskell for university coursework. It wasn't a fun time I can sort of see the beauty of functional languages at times, but goddamn, writing and debugging Haskell was one of the worst programming experiences I've ever had.
  2. Spirit

    Any other Software Developers?

    I have written a grand total of 1 thing Also OP: Yo whattup. I'm a CS student up in Scotland, UK. At the moment dying from learning about different data encoding techniques ... is not ideal.
  3. Spirit

    Zobesi - Team Fortress 2

    Hey, unfortunately you need at least 12 hours to apply. You're close though - less than 2 hours to go. You can check your current play time here: https://xenogamers.com/rank/playerinfo/1058999
  4. Spirit

    Hola from Seattle!

    Welcome! Is your IGN also Podo? I spend 95% of my time on xG surfing, so I approve of your choice
  5. Spirit

    Beautiful Picture

    @-Diphikult excuse me what is this monstrosity and what part did you play in its creation?
  6. Spirit

    Expopread - Team Fortress 2

  7. Spirit

    Beautiful Picture

  8. Spirit

    Dynamic Ip Problems

    Apparently too much time has passed to edit my previous comment but I was going to rephrase the middle section to - > The only thing people outside your network will see is the external IP address of your router. They won't even see the MAC of the router since that's overridden by every gateway between the two ends of the connection.
  9. Spirit

    Dynamic Ip Problems

    By local I mean that it stays within your network, same as your internal IP that you connect to your router with. Someone outside of your network either knowing your MAC or your internal IP does pretty much ... nothing. All people outside of your network see are the MAC address and external IP of your router, thanks to NAT. Focusing on concealing MAC address and internal IP will do absolutely nothing for the OP since the attacker is outside of the network.
  10. Spirit

    Dynamic Ip Problems

    No, there's just 0 reason that you have to be concerned about what your MAC address is. Like literally 0 for this scenario.
  11. Spirit

    A taunt command

    Like @Tekage said, would kind of defeat the purpose of having donator perks at all if the commands are available to everyone.
  12. Spirit

    Plz tell me im not the only one..?

    I have something like 4 days on surf and that's probably 95+% of the time I've spent playing on xG servers, so yeah, surf is addicting
  13. Spirit


    Welcome welcome welcome
  14. Spirit

    Dynamic Ip Problems

    Lol wtf are you expecting to do with your MAC address "if shit hits the fan"?