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  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/353735147323129857/570425342683119617/Counter-strike_Global_Offensive_2019.04.23_-_21.44.59.03.DVR_Trim.mp4
  2. +1 https://gyazo.com/1497e554df2763346adcddc90c2b2e63
  3. seventh, congrats to everyone that got promoted!
  4. Darrth


    +1, is cool and knows what he is doing. Is an old man so can offer that old man advice
  5. +1, is an alright admin and is fun to make fun of. Does know rules, but can get a bit loud. Would like you to not scream
  6. Darrth


    Division Garrys Mod (Segal) In-Game Name xga darrth Identity STEAM_0:1:166045152 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 6-8 hours? Information Time looks bad, I know but do keep in mind that servers have just gone up and I mostly play when there is population. Majority of people know me, except the Cozy Boys and the TF2 people. I am CS:GO admin and MC admin so if I don't get this position, no loss to me. As I am in a staff position on cs, I do know how to moderate servers. I know not to pick sides and to take action. I know the basic rules of TTT and am still learning xg's version of the rules from HONG when I decide to ask him. I know how to handle different things and am capable of watching a server of 15+ by myself (I hate doing it by the way). I've recently gotten back into gmod to play TTT specifically, just not xg as it wasn't up at the time. Getting this position will be cool and will also help us when we need staff on when @Dannypicacho does his TTT games. Thanks I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  7. please add A&Ms to your vouches now +1 on my part, seems like a cool dude and is getting to know how the server works and such A:7 M:7
  8. +1, seems like he genuinely wants to be here. He has improved and is a much better person to be around now. In my recent interactions with him, not once have I heard him throw around the n word.
  9. I work at a shoe place called Journeys, I know they have a bunch of other stores around the states
  10. +1, like others have said, he has gotten way better than he used to be. Still bits of old lotofmos shows but he's better than before. A:8 M:6
  11. The name is Darrth because Darth is always taken so I put an extra character in there so I can use it. BTW, the double rs are still taken so now I've made it a thing to add two more letters to the word, one r and one t if the first one doesnt work