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    GodEmperor - Forum

  2. Darrth

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    I wear glasses
  3. Darrth

    Kanye 2018 Wyoming

    Why can't I pick more than 1 option? I loved all of Kanye's works. From College Dropout to Ye. I have songs from a lot of his albums in my daily songlist. Pusha's Daytona delivered to the hype and sounded amazing. Kid's see Ghost was and still will be my favorite duo project with Kanye. "Feel the Love" is a good listen, anytime. I haven't listened to in depth to Nas, I can't get into his album but once I pass my mental block on his music, I'm sure it'll be aight.
  4. Darrth


    See ya later! Come back soon!
  5. Darrth

    ¿Danny is LEAVING xG? (gone wrong!)

    see ya mate!
  6. Darrth

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    accept me
  7. Darrth

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    TTT or die :LuigidabR: :LuigidabL:
  8. Darrth

    Promotions and Demotions #211

    I called it bonk!
  9. Darrth

    lolisme - Discord

    +1, is obvious troll
  10. Darrth

    1v1 Tournament

  11. Darrth

    Hey guys its ya boi Melancholy here

    See ya mate! Hope you get better, always a fun time playing with you!
  12. Darrth

    Favorite thing about xG

    Listening to danny talk shit, also like playing csgo and shitting on lithium
  13. Darrth

    minecraft server mod suggestions

    yea... no. If we do modded, can we get something like attack of the b-team?
  14. Darrth

    Hey. Im back.

  15. Darrth

    Maplestory 2

    this is true.