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  1. Congrats @ABlueSkittle123! You absolutely deserve it, but you know what this means, right? #skittlefordm Rip @Krampus At least now you can join chance in the afterlife @QueenOfHearts I'll name our temporary pet turtle in your honor Congrats on member @Ms.Spooks
  2. Attention bigbrains Always read the fine print, otherwise you might end up accidentally donating a kidney or selling your favorite pair of slippers.
  3. I've said this already, but I used to go at a slightly more relaxed 12000 in source/fps games and 200 otherwise
  4. True intellectuals utilise physics to grab a piece out of your hand using your tongue. The motion is similar to that of an anteater Try it out sometime, it's surprisingly entertaining
  5. G502 Master race I used a neat little button to switch to 200 when I was navigating menus
  6. -Diphikult


    What's this I hear about traps?? In all seriousness though, welcome to the community! There's a snack bar in the corner, Csgo has a p neat jb server Tf2 has a super cool surf server Gmod is making a comeback! TF is nuclear Dawn tho
  7. Hardly on topic, but I played both csgo and tf2 at 0.03 (maybe 0.06) sensitivity 12000 dpi As for configs and stuff, I never got the chance to mess with csgo stuff too much before my hard drive committed sodoku, but I had quite the unit of a tf2 setup
  8. Favorite: TF2/Horizon: Zero Dawn Best: God of War 4
  9. -Diphikult

    xG Gamer Revival

    I'm small so I don't know many old people, but it'd be nice to see Chance/Spirit again
  10. Brexit div please thanks agen and roado oh also vir you neat
  11. I was gonna type a big paragraph, but I no longer care enough Cya lol
  12. As far as I'm aware, certain plugins for the gamemode have preset pairs. Which is to say that the chosen classes for each team are preset and not actually random. This prevents unbalanced matches like medic vs soldier But it'd end up being one more server to dilute the playerbase, and unless it replaced a server we already have *cough cough test server's broken anyways* I've played it a few times, it can be kinda fun in a similar way to casual in that its complete chaos and anything can happen. If the server isn't well populated, however, it can quickly become an incredibly unfun spawncamp nightmare tl:dr It's kinda fun if you have enough people, but it can be really unfair sometimes, and it'd have to replace an existing server, which I don't see happening any time soon So idunno ask cleb and seg and noodle and ketagay
  13. It doesn't really count because I'm still a kid (and I named 5 instead of 1), but... Super Mario 64 Going back and playing this game on an emulator was like a fever dream. I seriously doubt I got to 70 stars without my brother helping me Needless to say, I never had my hat The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Despite a lot of people disliking motion controls, when I played this game on my Wii, I absolutely loved being able to swing the controller around. Even if I did look like an idiot, I had fun The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords Me and my cousin used to stay up late playing this game when I lived in Montana. At the time, late meant around 10pm, but that's besides the point. This game was countless hours of fun, and to this day, I have not gone back and finished It The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess I played this game when the higher resolution version came out on the Wii U. I absolutely loved the puzzles. This doesn't really count though, since it was only a few years ago Lego Star Wars I played this too much.
  14. +1 I think I can probably run this
  15. You fool I know every man on the face of this planet
  16. You wouldn't DARE bring him into this. Don't forget what he's done, don't you realize that he's part of the issue‽ Honestly I expected better from the sand Lord himself If you wish to take care of this issue, I suggest you do it yourself instead of bringing in an old "friend" into this
  17. Well it looks like I'll be running it alone I know a man who may be able to help me get to my location without Caleb's help. However, it may require the ancient art of cpsave and cptele. I hope it works, for if it fails I will be forced to use a secret method I've been meaning to keep secret.
  18. Thank you both so much for this information @ABlueSkittle123 I have a proposition for you... I say we work together to gather the souls we need in order to purchase this beautiful historical document We will each be getting a 50% share. Of course we need @Caleb956 to give us access to the land of Sanderia Brother Caleb, please, in the name of all that is Sandy, give us access to this sacred land so that we may retrieve this document for the sands
  19. Ah yes of course Caleb I'd like permission to enter this sacred land, if you'd be so kind.
  20. I'm not familiar with this holy creature. Where may I find these?
  21. I'm now willing to use tungsten as payment This has gone too far Skittle you can't win
  22. I am willing to triple skittle's price
  23. This is in very good shape for such an old historical document. I guess that makes sense though considering it's importance. I'd like to purchase this, how much for it?