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  1. Julian

    What's your mic setup?

    Sennheiser 518 headphones and a Blue Yeti on a mount. Blue Yeti is a bit overkill a $80 gaming headset sounds similar due to compression on VOIP services. For example in-game CSGO and GMOD they sound really similar.
  2. Julian

    Forza: Horizon 4

    You can do races against Driveatars (A.I) and level up each class of races. For example you could just do rally races and level them up. It may be confusing what I said about the Solo Adventure as I am referring to Solo Online Races, as they have been taken out because of increased focus on team races. The game is also by default always online but you can turn it of and go offline only.
  3. Julian

    Forza: Horizon 4

    Mitsubishis may come as they are adding 2 cars every week. But the lack of solo adventure is sad. They seem to be forcing all online races to be Team races.
  4. Julian

    Forza: Horizon 4

    Game Name: Forza: Horizon 4 Platform: Xbox One and Windows. Time Spent: 20 hours driving + bunch of hours modding and making liveries. Do you recommend? I recommend it to all racing game fans and casual gamers with some interest in cars. What you rate the game: 8/10 Initial Thoughts: The game had an amazing intro, it grabbed my attention coming from Horizon 3 I was blown away with seasons. Me and my friends were looking for a game that could get us our fix for racing and modding cars. Also some sweet car meetups. Gameplay and Story: Game is set in the England where this years Horizon Festival is being held. The Horizon Festival is an all car festival where cars of all kinds come to race and meet. The game has multiple types of race from Drag to Cross Country, the game also sports a huge amount of cars (450 at release) that you can tune and mod to your desire. This iteration of the game also adds season, they add variety to the game as seasons act different. The fastest super car might not handle well in the snow so you'd have to try different rides and some areas are accessible during different seasons. The game has a mix of Open world exploration content and by the book races, both are great. Pros: Season - Add variety in game-play and gives it a fresh look each time. Cars - Variety is great from super cars to cargo trucks. Many courses Live Events Online or Offline Modding Cars Creative Hub Cross-Platform Cons: Seasons are fixed - Season last for a week. Licensing Issues - No Mitsubishi cars. No Solo Adventure Windows Store Final Thoughts: This is my go to race game as it has much to offer, making your dream car and racing it Online is a blast. Creative Hub makes it easy to grab preset modifications and iconic skins for your car. The map is smaller then the 3rd one but has more content. It is by far one of the best racing games out now for the casual player. I've sunk countless hours into Horizon 3 and cant wait to spend more time in 4.
  5. Julian


    +1 easy to communicate with, responsable, has former experience and a must pick in 10 mans
  6. Julian

    Best mouse in a mid-low price range

    I'd recommend some steel-series. Similer to the one I have (Rival 300), had it since 2015. This one is cheaper but pros and cons are from mine not 100% same. Its cheap I will find it likely to be better than the $20 one. It also has RGB which is nice can be painful to adjust it though with steelengine, the software can provide macros and adjust DPI also has some APIs for games but from my experience with it its not the best, it just gets the job done. The buttons on the side are nice and give a nice click and have yet to fail even as I have used them for push-to-talk for over 3 years. Not sure if the Rival 100 has the issue but my side rubber wore to the bottom in less then a year maybe I'm just a hardcore gamer or it is made fairly cheaply but nice to keep it in mind. Pros: Cons: Fairly Cheap Rubber Wears Down Quickly RGB Software Can Be Tedius Has Software Side Buttons Amazon.com: SteelSeries Rival 100, Optical Gaming Mouse - Black: Computers & Accessories WWW.AMAZON.COM Amazon.com: SteelSeries Rival 100, Optical Gaming Mouse - Black: Computers & Accessories
  7. Julian


    +1 A - 8 M - 7 Active see him on early and late.
  8. Julian

    Do we have many Uni students here?

    I don't understand your school system but here in Iceland we have these. So I'm learning currently business due to issues on my steelsmith/welder education not being offered these last semesters.
  9. Julian

    New Last CT Music Suggestions

    BASSHUNTER - DOTA Late too the party. Also very similar BPM as other last CT songs Or the infamous Phoon song. La Caution - Thé à la Menthe - The Laser Dance Song
  10. Julian

    Rebel lr music?

    You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood
  11. Julian


    Just to state a few things about my activity. I live in Iceland time zone is GMT (UTC +0) while New York for example is EDT (UTC -4). So if you are on the East Coast I'm almost 4 hours ahead. I jump on when I can but most of the time no one is on due to it being early for you. I'm mostly on the evening for me while its the afternoon for you.
  12. Julian


    In-Game Name Julian Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:1:41856433 Age 18 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 12+ Reason for Joining Well this is my favorite custom game server and I have been really active on it. Plus I wanna flex the tag.