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  1. Fern is such a cool gamer
  2. Just post a pic of a dick and say it’s a mushroom
  3. Lean

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    Thx bb. I let it cool off for a while just not enough cheese I think
  4. it was good but ngl it took me like 40 minutes to roll out dough and get it in the pan i retard. yall got any tips to roll dough out and so it doesnt go back to its original shape?
  5. Are you tryna tell me that there won’t be any faze winning. Look at me, I’ve watched enough Fox News to know faze is best smoke weed everyday die c9 libtard fuckup Danny go burn in hell libtard
  6. Lean

    Cancer Manual

    You forgot to do story day not toxic enough -1
  7. Lean

    where am I?

    The current date is February 4th, 2019
  8. Lean


    Unban my boy he was cool he said the n word like how cool is that
  9. Lean


    X is dead dead minecraft division is dead minecraft division arthman minecraft division arthman gay arthman is mod on jb cus lithium felt bad for him lithium felt bad but lithium doesn’t have emotion?!? guys I think I’m on to something
  10. That’s too many words I’m not reading that
  11. +I’ve known him for 2 years from another server, honestly great guy
  12. @AceOfSpadesMM hi ace luv u bb Aight can we ban the retarded story days I’m sure you all are familiar with them and they typically are favoritism, cause confusion, freekills, and waste time.
  13. Lean


    I don’t consider it a mass but just a lot of repeated freekills (across rounds) that I probably should have looked into what I did wrong or why I was being swapped. I however didn’t and this happened. To be fair, one of the people I freekilled called me a libtard so I mean I’m not entirely in the wrong.