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  1. -1 I think you need to become a bit more friendly, you break quite a few rules but you do slay for most like Arthman said but if you could just lighten up a bit i will change my mind A: 7 M: 3
  2. I use a blackweb headset with a 7.1 surround sound, pretty good and quite cheap for the quality
  3. cant wait to see you again dude
  4. +1 cool person they seem to be pretty laid back and follow the rules A 7 M 8
  5. CatTrix


    +1 is a good guy even though toxic towards danny he overall is a good person, and no disrespect i dont think the tf2 community should be dealing with csgo, im sorry but thats not apart of your community A 9 M 7
  6. +1 he is a cool guy A 8 M not sure dosent really talk or use his mic
  7. CatTrix


    +1 sometimes active but pretty friendly and fun to be around A 5 M 7
  8. CatTrix


    +1 kind, very funny, great to lay back and have a really interesting conversation with A 8 M 7
  9. CatTrix


    ive missed a few rules but im learning as i go along and have learned from those experiances
  10. In-Game Name CatTrix Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:0:195130229 Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 17h 20m Reason for Joining i really enjoy the jailbreak server and i would love to be apart of the xg community, everyone ive met has been nice and friendly towards me and i would love to get to know more and maybe just maybe, become a higher rank and help clean up any toxic players that come this way.