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  1. FOREST. Hi.
    1. Forest


      Hello, how are you friendo
    2. Hidingmaster


      I'm doing well. Life treating you well?
    3. Forest


      Ye. It's goin'
  2. It's about time that I finally let go of something that meant a lot to me for many years, nearly 5 to be exact. I joined xG way back when life had begun changing, I had just entered college in a new city as a freshman. xG somehow became a home to me where I had the chance to meet an unbelievable number of great people, many of which I became good friends with. The first few months was tough in xG to be honest. I knew I wanted to move up to mod, eventually admin, and who knew... maybe even a division manager or division leader. I got stuck on moderator for a good amount of time, seeing people who joined after me rank up faster. That was fine though, I had made good friendships with most of them. Eventually had people who believed enough in me to get me promoted (Gkoo, darkwolf, poncher, etc). Taking that step from mod to admin was a huge accomplishment, it felt good to be making an impact on xG. Life went on, classes continued, but I never once felt the urge to leave xG. I thought it was impossible to ever think that, I would spend 10 hours some days on jailbreak. I just want to say to those that were here a few years ago, thank you. Although I know some didn't get along too well with me, it still made it a great experience. A super quick shoutout to those who stood out among the rest for one reason or another: Gkoo, Darkwolf, Dr. Pepper, Cristo, Doug, Rabid, McNeal, etc. There literally are too many to name, and a good amount of time has passed so everyone isn't coming to mind. But if you were there between 2011-2014, I appreciate the company. This doesn't go to say that the current xG is any less exciting. Probably quite the opposite actually. Unfortunately you eventually lose interest in things, especially after pouring 1,000+ hours into a game in just a few years. I was honored to get CL, shocked, but honored. It was an interesting idea, not sure I like how it ever turned out either but it gave more of a chance for opinions to be heard. It was no longer just a Co-Leader making the final decision. With that in mind, I also want to say thank you to those that I worked alongside with; I know I tended to argue a lot, but it truly was in the interest of the community. So, one of you may be asking what happened to me... I simply moved on in life. I moved across the country for a job after I graduated and have spent about 55 hours a week at work. I still checked the forums nearly every day, I felt that I was obligated to do that at least. But getting online was tough, I work nights through the weekend, so anytime I got on the servers were dead. I kind of got thrown into inactivity, whether I wanted to be or not. It makes me sad to think I will no longer be able to lead and shape the community, but sometimes you have to let go of things that you love. In the end though I'm very happy where I am in life, and have a lot of things still to accomplish. I still urge any of you to reach of to me with questions, needed advice, or just if you want to say hi. I doubt I can ever just let go of xG, it held such an important part in my life. I do wish you all the best of luck, and I hope to see xG grow. This isn't a forever goodbye, not at all. I still wish to remain a member, and hell, if you all ever open up a special original xG member type of position I would be honored to get that too haha. @Rhododendron - Thank you for all you do here. I really appreciate you making xG a place where people could come together and have a fucking blast for years. Finally, I am not going to apologize to anyone here (I actually don't think anyone expects it as most people understood my bottom line), but wanted everyone I had arguments with understand that I was only being fair and consistent with you all. I actually learned a hell of a lot from doing that, and its made me successful in my professional life. If you take one thing away from this goodbye post, its that people all deserve a chance, but dont let yourself be persuaded to go easy on them because they butter you up. Rabid, thanks for all the frustrating nights I dealt with... seriously.. it helped me grow as a person. I will miss you. I will miss all of you. Hidingmaster out. :cry:
  3. Unfortunately I don't recall a lot of the facts from the incident, but I've felt really shitty about the situation ever since it happened. What a lot of people didn't realize is there was some less than honest stuff going on in the background. There were several higher ups that "poked the fire". We really handled things in a way that were not only unfair for darkwolf, but also the community. Again, I really can't recall the specifics, but I do remember the remorse after the fact. Just saying, darkwolf is actually not a bad guy at all. Yes, he did things that were absolutely not cool, but I almost can't blame him when we treated the situation like shit. As some of y'all have said, he isn't even applying for membership, so why should we be concerned about what he did before. Just my two thoughts.
  4. Y'all can keep arguing about other bullshit, but Matsi I kindly request you either 1) Don't have a name that mimics All commands or 2) Change color. Not a huge deal, but is impersonating admins.
  5. ^Granted, but you must wait 50 years for each one to come true. I wish I didn't have to work.
  6. Unless someone has an issue with this being closed, it is slightly sketch.
  7. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. Show respect to others, they are people too. @Charles @TheTrueUnlocated
  8. But no really let's get rid of CSGO. 5 min and I'll remove servers.
  9. Hidingmaster

    Forum Game

    I check my bank account, this must be a joke! But even without money I can still have fun.
  10. What were they demoted for? They were demoted because they went from Moderator to member.
  11. Uh yeah. Saying "are you fucking retarded" is not a legitimate question, especially on a ban. 100% uncalled for, in addition to the comment to gryfons. No matter what someone does, you need to maintain a rhetoric of respect and professionalism.
  12. +1, active, mature, previous mod, knows his shit. A:7-8 M:8 I didn't attach no file.
  13. Also, feel free to post any staff issues, just make sure to get a good chuck of evidence to help us out
  14. Again, why do y'all think it's okay to be rude when you have a complaint. Don't come on here with your shit and having apparently the worst panic attack of your life over this. TALK WITH RESPECT. Now, to answer your issue. Staff are not paid to moderate the server. There is no reason they have to be cautiously watching every action that goes on to catch rule breakers. They are allowed to go afk, do other things. Nobody is required to answer every single complaint. I can't see the picture for some reason, so whatever evidence you have I can't accurately include in my response; but based off the other responses it shows nothing of great interest. Tldr: Whether or not a staff member did something wrong, approach it with respect. I can't see anything grossly wrong with what he did, thus no action should be taken. Edit: Staff SHOULD answer a great majority of the complaints, but the can't and won't get to all.