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  1. Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Kurt Cuckbain Identity STEAM_1:0:24875748 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 5 years Information Hey my name was Roflmao61 before and I held the position of moderator 3 years ago or so. I was moderator for 6 months. I've been getting back into csgo jailbreak and I still retain knowledge of the responsibilities. I was demoted because of a lack of playtime because of other things popping up in my life. Currently I play in Korea because I am stationed over seas in the army but in a month or so I will be back stateside. I just wanna play jailbreak and have some fun and enforce rules at the same time.
  2. can i just get 1 nude from someone?
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    LIES ALL LIES jk I'm pretty sure I remember him
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    Forest it's been awhile eh?
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    +1 bonk is a good one i promise
  6. you'd think this part of korea would have good internet...

  7. ending your life and joining the military
  8. Welp this website looks mighty fine. I've basically grown up with xenogamers since I was 14. I'm really glad to see this clan get a little more populated. Also, post here if you are in the military and what branch because I'm curious -nazi ct
  9. Oh gee, well i tried to say c-u-c-k as a tag but it changed to old >.>
  10. More tags in front of the name never hurt anyone. Cuck, Silver . Just some more ideas for more items