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  1. RB3805

    Ban the toxic

    Counterpoint 2: Trolls feed off of reactions, so just don't react.
  2. RB3805

    Ban the toxic

    Somewhere in the Bible it says essentially that if you are kind to your enemies, it will be as if you are heaping coals of fire upon their head, meaning if you treat these "toxic squeakers" with kindness, it will only be worse for them, complexed as to why you aren't angry at them. Simply be kind, treat others with respect, and taunt after kill.
  3. RB3805


    Wooo 2
  4. RB3805

    Texting and Driving

    Hopefully y'all feel better soon! Rip car insurance premiums, however.
  5. RB3805

    Buying CSGO skins with TF2 Pure!

    Were you fucked over by Valve putting a trade hold on CSGO items? Well, have no fear, for I am here. I'll buy your items with the instantly tradeable TF2 currencies! just lemme know and we can get trading!
  6. RB3805

    Any intresting games lately?

    Eh, MGSV is pretty good too. The whole series is pretty enjoyable imo.
  7. RB3805

    Any intresting games lately?

    Metal Gear Solid all the way. Stealth, action, storytelling, and some good jokes.
  8. RB3805

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

    For fast food, KFC. For more formal dining, Red Robin.
  9. RB3805

    that one fat albert episode

    Hmm. I missed out on that one fat Albert episode where the kid gets shot and dies
  10. RB3805

    xG Match.com

    Yeah, but some people that don't have many friends in the server would be benefited by meeting new people to befriend.
  11. RB3805

    xG Match.com

    I thought a good way to further the use of the marry plugin would be to make a match.com forum of sorts. Basically, one would post in this subforum what classes they play, what servers they play on, etc. How's that sound to y'all?
  12. RB3805

    In regards to banning hackers

    I feel that evidence must be gathered before Hackusations are carried out on. Good idea for the playlist tho!
  13. RB3805

    Suggestion: Toxic

    I feel toxic should be left alone, simply because it breaks stalemates on maps like Clocktown, Doom, and especially Bunker, where it gets very spawn-campy. Simply, it allows for the resume of gameplay as intended.
  14. RB3805

    xG Comp Team?

    I wanted to see if there was any interest in forming an xG competitive team for TF2. I think we have a lot of skill that we could put to good use, so I'm just testing the waters with this post.
  15. RB3805

    Rip mouse

    Rip mouse. Try taking off the bottom panel and fixing it from there. Also, you could just bind right click to left click, then use a button like f as soon for sniper. But, of course, that's a bit extreme.