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  1. Nozomi


    +1 I both gagged and muted him today for trolling and loopholeing. He did us a favor by at least reading !rules over his mic, Since I guess he cant read to himself. He was kicked since he was shooting on the ramps by @Nebby. He eventually joined back on what he said to be his brothers account since he was under the assumption he was banned. (His brothers account at the time of him joining was named "Kaboom") He constantly bothers people when, even in the demo Deko provided, is asked to stop. He's had so many comm mutes in just the span of 2 weeks. His chat logs are just barely petty insults (I dont understand calling people beta lol) and asking to be silenced/banned. ( https://xenogamers.com/rank/player_histories/chat/1057059 ) His chat logs. I'm thinking maybe we should bump this up to like, a 3 day ban or something.
  2. Who wants to give me $30 :^) pls

    1. OneGlove


      >no begging

      cmon hachi :angery:

  3. Nozomi


    +1 active and fun! A: 8/10 M: 8/10
  4. Gay Bonfire Gaming

  5. Nozomi


    Didn't we use to perm people who said that kind of stuff? Weather it's a joke or not, being staff means you need to be an influence. You also need to become more communitive with the people on the server so they can get to know you better. Spamming your 2 binds every 2 minutes dosent really help. I really hope to see you change your attitude because we could always use the extra hand!
  6. Nozomi


    S E P P Y +1 Active and knows the rules like the back of his hand! Super friendly and would be a great addition.
  7. Nozomi


    He verbally said these things. I know probably having a demo would help, but not everyone is gonna be recording every time them step into a server. Disregard my vouch if you must.
  8. Nozomi


    -1 "Suicide jokes are alright sometimes" "Shooting from spawn is like being gay, you dont wanna do that!" I've been around for less than a month and i've seen you, maybe twice?
  9. Nozomi

    Promotions and Demotions #200

    STEAM_0:0:69033629 Thank you, friends! Im already in the Admin list as "HachikoTachibana" if that makes anything easier!
  10. Remember when I hated Bonfire?

    1. virr


      I thought we all already did, awkward..

    2. LAN_Megalodon


      I still do


  11. Nozomi


    Pencil likes to kill me +1 pretty funny guy and super active A: 8/10 M: 8/10
  12. Nozomi


    +1 he smells like poop A: 10 M: 8