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  1. Nozomi

    Had to do it to em

    Nothing but shitpost too SMH
  2. Pumpkin 

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      wheres his eyes 😞

    4. QueenOfHearts


      Her name is pumpkin, because just like a pumpkin she is orange, round, and has no eyes (she was born without them)

  3. Nozomi


    Out of all the heckin times Ive done w.help Ive never seen that. This is blasphemy
  4. Nozomi


    The problem is that you cant redirect the bot post for WaifuBot like you can PokeCord. It'll show up wherever people are typing ;;
  5. Nozomi


    Just add it to your own server. There's already a shit ton of channels that flood peoples notifs. And I see you @BonfireCentipede .
  6. +1 My son. A: 8/10 M: 8/10 Seg its a jokey joke
  7. pussy

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      L E S B I A N

  8. Queenie is such a good friend, She's bringing me stuff down for me. I'll get to meet my close friend AND get my computer back
  9. Nozomi


    -1 argues with staff and causes issues. A: 5/10 M: 4/10
  10. +1 p cool A: 9/10 M: 9/10
  12. We're not saying "ban every word that's considered a slur". We should ban the words that are commonly used to demean people so everyone feels welcomed. There's a nice hand full of people on our servers who don't like this word being used wether it's "jokingly" or not. Everytime someone's like to say "oh you fucking faggot" or "what are you a faggot?" makes someone feel that their in the wrong because of their sexuality. Our clan/servers are suppose to make people feel welcomed, their suppose to have fun. They shouldn't have to worry that they'll be ridiculed or not. Maybe we should go through that list and ban a good amount of slurs. No one should be making fun of people for the way they choose to live their life. Like Queen said, there's been many of times we've muted/gaged people for saying the N word, then someone asks why another person wasn't gagged for "faggot". We have to come around full circle or we just look silly. Also, we have alot of actual children who play on our servers. Wether the games we play are rated M or not, we have to keep that in mind. You get a 12 year old running around calling people faggots and not know any better? That's just not right lol
  13. Nozomi


    Who do you think you are? Runnin' 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts And tearing love apart You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul So don't come back for me Who do you think you are? a: 8/10 m: 8/10 +Uno