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  1. Tekage

    Chicken, Beef, Or Pork?

    Pork is the best boy; if it couldn't give me serious problems, I would eat it (specifically bacon) every day. I can't stand seafood as a whole. Please don't lynch me.
  2. Tekage

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    100% agree. I've always found the term "faggot" to be a massive grey area in the sense that it's not against the rules to say, but in typical context it usually comes under disrespect. I've always felt as though words such as this shouldn't be allowed on the server in the first place. If slurs relating to different cultures are banned, then this should be too. +1
  3. Tekage


    yes +1 A:9 M:8
  4. Tekage


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Tekage Identity STEAM_1:0:72438856 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 5 years Information So I've been playing the servers a lot more recently and have found a good way to space out my time. I miss being a staff member quite a lot and sometimes when I'm on a server and someone is rule breaking I feel like a retired detective wanting to get back onto to force. I'm responsible, a good role-model and the cooler twin out of me and @Kypari See, I would apply straight for Admin (having been one previously); I know all of the system rules and know the admin handbook like the back of my hand and feel as though I could be trusted enough to be one again. However, I have decided to apply for Moderator as I want to prove to everyone that as a result of being a young carer for my girlfriend (who suffers with myalgic encephalomyelitis) I've matured a lot since I was last here and that I'm very much capable of these kind of responsibilities. I'm loving being involved in the community again and I would love it even more to rejoin the staff team. I thought I'd see what everyone thinks about me being staff again. Thanks for reading @mrnutty12 @Kypari @Caleb956
  5. Tekage

    Populate Goldenrod City tonight

    Wish I could join, though I doubt I'll be awake at like, 2 - 3am (UK time).
  6. Tekage

    New plugins

    Hug DEV.BUKKIT.ORG Hug A plugin for hug and kiss, with a few extras
  7. Tekage

    Hub Ideas?

    So as you can see from the Plugins post in General: We are considering adding a math plugin, where you would answer math questions and receive credits, should you type the answer correctly. However, and I know I speak for quite a few of us (but not all of you people saving up for the furry title), hub has become something that we rarely look at as we already have everything we'd want that's available. I was wondering if anyone had an ideas for options or items that could be purchased through hub using credits. So... Any ideas?
  8. Tekage

    New plugins

    I mean I found it on this one TF2 server I went on when nobody was on xG. I could make a post on the forums asking if there are any download links to the plugin, maybe?
  9. Tekage

    New plugins

    See I think the math plugin would be an excellent idea if there were new items in the store. Right now, and I'm sure I don't speak for all of us, I have no use for credits: I have everything I need. If there were new titles or some kind of store bought perk I think the math plugin would be excellent. I have to agree with Shadower though I feel as though it could get spammed and knowing our regulars, it would probably be a bad idea. No offence to you all but you know how it is
  10. Tekage

    Smash Ultimate!

    I'm hoping to main my old boys Ike, Ganondorf and I might give Snake a go since when I was 8 and me and my brothers completed the Subspace Emissary after 3 hours of trying to defeat Tabuu, we finally did it with me playing Snake so that character holds a close place to me. Does anyone know who Chrom is going to be an echo of? I couldn't really tell from the stream.
  11. Tekage

    xG Match.com

    It would be pretty great but I feel as though everyone would swipe right to all the Medic mains out there. Gotta get yourself a Medic girlfriend
  12. Tekage


    -1 as made apparent by Kypari, you clearly aren't ready for xG. We don't condone this sort of behaviour on our servers and I don't think we would want someone who behaves like this representing us
  13. Tekage

    Promotions and Demotions #204

    Congratulations to all those promoted, TF2 and Discord! Sad to see Elcark step down though, wish you the best.
  14. Tekage


    Seems very passionate on joining xG; would be an excellent addition to the clan. Good luck! +1 A: 9 M: 8
  15. Tekage


    It appears you were banned by @VinylScratch I'd like to hear their side of the story as to why they think you're hacking, before coming to a conclusion. For now, I have to admit, I see little proof of hacking, if any. I feel as though most of the gameplay was just a result, as Miyukii says, of good game sense and a good player. (Thank you for the demo) I'm going to stay neutral for now and wait for a response from VinylScratch. Currently leaning towards a +1, though. According to bans.xenogamers, you have been banned multiple times for hacking. Bad luck? Here's a link to Jo's previous bans: https://bans.xenogamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:25773310&advType=steamid