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  1. Tekage

    Selfie Sunday

    Sorry to flex on you all https://imgur.com/a/oV0NgAI
  2. Tekage

    The Uprising Of The Panda Overlord

    Check the date bro your boy has already gone Close please @mrnutty12 @Elcark
  3. Tekage

    Sucy the Mushroom

    Whilst I agree Sucy is indefinitely someone who purposely says controversial things to get a reaction from others, gameplay wise, he's an active player and does make the number difference between 11 players (when you think: "Eh there's not enough people) and 12 players (when you think "Sure I'll join", then the server becomes more populated). Personally, I think that we should try and avoid bans as much as we can in order to maintain a server population. I think that if we're going to perm him, it should be a permanent silence rather than a ban. +1 for perm silence Neutral on banning him
  4. Tekage

    The Uprising Of The Panda Overlord

    1) This is an old post; don't gravedig 2) Don't compare me a to lolicon, thanks. I know I'm not perfect but I'm not the scum of the earth.
  5. Tekage

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    [xG:DM] Elcark: Hey, just poking you again since it seems you've taken your leave (not meaning to be rude or anything) and if you're ok with that being the case at this point, then you did mention wanting it to probably say something other then you being inactive. If you had something in mind it could easily be worked out, even if it's a meme funny xd or whatever reasoning you'd like. Could just let me or virr know. [xG:DM] Elcark is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. [xG:A] Tekage: Not gonna lie if I put something I'd probably upset some people so unless I can think of something that doesn't offend anyone then "got a life" is great thanks [xG:A] Tekage: please make it say "Tekage (Stepped Down: Too Many Furries)" [xG:DM] Elcark is now Online. [xG:DM] Elcark: You got it, ill send it to virr [xG:DM] Elcark is now Online. [xG:DM] Elcark: Whelp rip this is what I get for sleeping [xG:DM] Elcark is now Online. [xG:A] Tekage: aaaaa [xG:A] Tekage: i didn't get my haha reasoning [xG:A] Tekage: oh well no worries [xG:A] Tekage has changed their name to Tekage.
  6. Tekage


    A true inspiration and I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for Donakonda. Slay honey, slay. +1
  7. Tekage

    Metal, Rock, Punk, And Hardcore

    Surprised @Kypari hasn't posted this here. If you're into the heavier side of metal, IE Deathcore, then you will probably like this within the first 5 seconds. Wait for 1:02. Holy shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OObnE2KtBZU
  8. Tekage

    What's your type of music?

    I've always been a metalhead, really. I've had my emo phase, but I'm past that shit. Never been a fan of Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance or shit like that. Here are some of my favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhiIZKaRixs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmCA7EwE3rY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F46r-_jPPHY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OObnE2KtBZU (Kypari has already posted this one but holy shit it's good)
  9. Tekage


    Seen them regularly on servers; would definitely make a great member. Wish you had applied long ago :) +1 A: 10 M:9
  10. Tekage


    Based on the evidence provided by @DiaperHyperWolf , I don't think you're mature enough to be a member here. -1 A: 7 M:3
  11. Tekage

    Septik - Team Fortress 2

    Basically acts like a staff member anyway +1 Nah but he's a great guy; clearly cares about the servers and obviously has a lot of dedication towards it.
  12. Tekage

    Remove Japan from Surf

    -1 not gonna lie this map is pretty fun if you surf as well as a 3 month year old can walk. Aka: helo tekage
  13. Tekage


    Yo shit this is finally happening. Me and this dude go way back, 100% +1 from me A: 7 M: 9
  14. Tekage

    megamanzero.jh - Team Fortress 2

    Was pan spamming and targeting a specific person after being consistently asked to stop by the victim. You were warned, slain, kicked and then banned after you continued to do it when asked not too. It's a 60 minute ban and well deserved one if you ask me, wait it out. Banned with the reason "trolling".
  15. Tekage

    Promotions And Demotions #189

    Congrats on all promotions! Sad to see Bello go :( wonder if @mrnutty12 will get Division Leader this time :))))))))))