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  1. Tekage


    I'm not too familiar with Goldfish, so I will refrain from vouching. Though I must say this. At the end of the day, words are just words. With no screenshots, demos or any kind of evidence, this whole thing is going to be "You did this" "No I didn't, you did it". Whilst I'm aware that Goldfish is a member that many people would consider toxic, solid evidence is needed for something as big as a member protest. If you see one another on a server, record a demo. Take screenshots. Whilst I don't play on CS as much as I would kinda like to, it is obvious to everyone that there have been problems with Goldfish. Gotta get that solid proof.
  2. Tekage

    Minecraft Server

    Factions get boring imo and when I've tried to play in the past, everyone is so far ahead of me that it get put off from the start. I think something that anyone can start anytime, like hunger games or something with that is replayable and you can drop in anytime without feeling too far back compared to others. I think that would boost the player income and if we advertise our server well, it could bring in new people to the clan. It really depends on whether you want the server to be popular to people currently in the clan for a few weeks, then get bored and do play other games; or introduce new players to xG and work hard to advertise it well. Those are my thoughts from past Minecraft xG experiences
  3. Tekage

    Want To Get Unbanned?

    New challenge:They must reenact this entire scene on video, including all dances and lines @Kypari @bagggel @BonfireCentipede
  4. Tekage

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    Honestly if people wanna shitpost then they should use 4chan or some place where furries, bronies and that all gather. I personally dislike the shitposting channel and only look in case people are breaking TOS. However I feel as though removing it could people off and I really don't wanna see MLP in the discord general. Sometimes the posts can be pretty funny. Leaning towards remove but gonna stay neutral because I think people need to learn what is shitposting, what is just not shitposting and is just annoying and finally that there are posts that go against the Terms of Service. If things do not improve from here, I will be voting to remove it.
  5. Tekage

    Worked on myself alot

    I admire your determination to be here. A fresh start is always nice, but here's a few helpful tips, just so old mistakes aren't repeated: 1) Don't Spam Forum Posts This was instantly a red flag to us all and became very irritating very quickly. Think about what you post before you post it, think: - Is it necessary? - Is it a post that people would enjoy or could discuss about? - Am I better off just making a discord post about this? Always think about those three questions before posting a thread. Which leads onto my next suggestion... 2) Think Before You Say Something Sometimes, what people say can really cause a negative impact. If someone says something negative towards you, contact a higherup and tell them that you don't like what they're doing. THEY WILL ACT ON IT. If someone is being rude, it's always a better option to alert a higher member of staff. If you insist on saying something, make sure you think about whether it will further cause a negative reaction or not. The main thing trolls want from you is a reaction. Always remember that. 3) Doing Controversial Actions Doing controversial actions may lead to huge backlash. One of which is when you left with a storm to become admin on a different server, then come back a week later and expect us all to open with welcome arms. Stuff like this is what will give you a bad name in the community and sometimes they can be extremely difficult to escape. But lest we forget that there have been people who have made it very far here despite being previously permenantly banned. TL;DR: Welcome back, nice to see a fresh start, helpful advice is to think before you act because actions can result in serious backlash.
  6. Tekage

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    I am told there have been many reports on you in the past and evidence has been shown to you doing things such as, but not limited to farming hours. Whilst I'm sure that the Seg situation played a large part in your demotion, there were various other reasons as well. If you have a complaint bring it up to a higher higher-up, though I am sure the decision has been made by all.
  7. Tekage


    Pretty alright dude. Seen a few times where there could possibly be better ways to handle the situation, but aside from that, sure man. +1 A: 10 M: 7
  8. Tekage

    What's your mic setup?

    Problem is fixed as I got a new headset. I now use a Nubwo N7 and with the £22 I spent for fantasy mic and sound quality, I'm very happy
  9. Tekage


    -1 clientside muted me and was trying to convince everyone else to do so. Was having to communicate through other people to warn him and it just resulted in a ban. In no way shape or form is the user mature enough to be a member. HARD -1
  10. Tekage

    Favorite TGH Map Types?

    Personally, I find that having a mix of competitiveness, exploration and casual gameplay really helps bring more people to our servers and enables people to have the best time as they can. With a mix all of all 3 main playstyles, where can you go wrong? Call me mainstream, but, Aquatic, Rogueport and Clocktown are my favourite alongside maps such as Megaman and Lava Giant. I usually stop spawncamping when it gets taken a bit too far, so I try not to include it in the competitive chokepoint area. I think the majority of people can agree that sometimes it's a load of fun to focus on one of the three named playstyles. Sometimes going to maps like Bunker can be great with the entire team working together to make that big push and dominate the other team. But as a default "I like to do this when I'm in an average mood", a mixtures is best.
  11. Tekage

    Taking a break

    helo tekage -helo tekage
  12. Tekage

    What's your mic setup?

    Laptop mic and a pair of supermarket headphones. Let's go lads. Seriously bad issue where if I use my mic on tf2, discord chat can be heard through it. Anyone know a fix? Not sure if it's to do with me using my laptop mic, but I'm pretty brain dead when it comes to this kind of thing
  13. Tekage

    Slime Rancher

    Duddeeeeeeeee this game was free on Xbox One at one point and it's honestly the cutest game ever. I never got round to making it far into the game, but if you like adorable and relaxing games, Slime Rancher is the best.
  14. Tekage

    Selfie Sunday

    Photo was taken about a year ago but honestly it's one of my favourite photos of me. Performing with my old acoustic band at a festival and a photographer took a photo of me off-guard. Nose looks giant but heyho natural smiles are the best smiles
  15. Tekage

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    I'm down if there's any room or if anyone can't make it