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    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name red Identity STEAM_0:1:52947739 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers server time 20+d Information I'll keep it short... it's too balance the tf2 staff roster. @SegFault recommend me for staff
  2. Red


    Like kpyari said, it was a mistake/accident I didn't realize the custom nametag until you pointed it out. Which i accepted but you do you.
  3. Red


    After I removed it and i thought it was over after you told me about it and just left it on that, I didn't know i needed to tell you i removed it.
  4. Red


    What are you talking about.. You realize It was the original custom nametag for it when i purchased it and i forgot to remove the name for until you reminded me of it. I don't think weapon name is problem honestly and i don't know what you mean by friendly? My attitude on the server since its pretty much good since im now reformed.
  5. Red

    KingFoxclaw - Team Fortress 2

    -1 for just that
  6. Red

    TF2 Loadout Sharing!

    5 key unusual
  7. @DewyTheDew

    How does it feel to be a free slave.

  8. Red

    Promotions and Demotions #213

    @shwash rest well brother.
  9. the guy below this post is a faggot 🙂

  10. Red

    Should I become a furry

    i want to fight you
  11. Red

    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

  12. My 2018 "Spotify Wrapped" top artist was 6ix9ine. Bless 😎 

  13. Red

    The future of xG

  14. Red

    What is the cs div like?

    That is false. I'm just telling my personal opinion on it, I don't bash TF2 xG constantly though. TF2 player-base is just too sensitive about everything. While CSGO may have it fair share of toxicity its overall a chiller community.
  15. Red

    Stepping down

  16. Red

    What is the cs div like?

    the community is far better than tf2 side of xg.
  17. Red


    Usually probationary mod is given to previous staff members/players who abused or did something sketchy. Which isn't the case for @ScottNi. Take probationary mod out of the question.
  18. Red

    Best juul pod = mint, chnge my mind

    vaping is for fags.
  19. Red

    Do u wipe sitting down, or standing

    i don't wipe my ass that is some pussy ass shit
  20. ....

    1. Tatost


      Breaking News: Red is actually Matsi in disguise

    2. Red


      hell nah i don't stroke dogs 🤠

    3. Precious


      6ix9ine deserved it 

  21. Red


    GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!!!!!!!
  22. Red

    TF2 12mans???

    ok xg pugs?
  23. Red

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    I don't celebrate christmas or any holiday