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  1. @Tekk is a wasteyute 🥰😍

    1. Tekk


      We using local slang? A'ight wetboy 😤

  2. Red


    What.. I technically spoiled it once cause I spoiled it in emojis then right after I just was naming random superhero’s from the movie which resulted in the ban but how come +1ing his app even though he did the exact same shit as me or probably worst (not sure)?? thats ridiculously if I have to wait my ban out then he does too. it’s almost been 3 weeks that I been serving -1
  3. Red


    Fuck no whoever +1 is a straight up goof -1
  4. Red


    What are you even talking about.. I only did it twice I don’t know what you mean about multiple times example 1: emojis to spoil the movie with a gun emoji example 2: me naming heros names but the discord ban is unrelated to how I act or do on the xg servers you can say discord is basically community hub where everyone can communicate + I don’t mind on waiting months even though I had a couple weeks to evaluate what I did, so yeah good luck
  5. Red


    Division Discord In-Game Name Red Identity N/A Ban Type Server Ban Information I spoiled endgame in emojis because I’m a fucking asshole and was warned and did it again and I’m ashamed at myself, I truly didn’t think it was that serious until I woke up and I realize I couldn’t argue with my fellow clan mates but I’ll like to say sorry for ruining anyone’s experience before watch endgame. ________________________________Red
  6. @SegFault I’m inactive and all my niggas dying left and right bruh. Did kamaal snitch on u??!?? in a serious note tho, you’re the dude who actually would stick up for me in the past and I hope that u comeback in the future cause you were a good ass dl. Wtf how come all the crazy shit happens when I’m dead.
  7. Red


    +1 All you need to do is get ownership of nuclear dawn and we’re set. a: 10 out of 9 m: 10 out of 9
  8. Red

    xG Meetup Chicago???

    Pull up pussy, I’m waiting 1025 Starr Road, Winnetka, IL 60093.
  9. I work at TD banks ?????
  10. okay okay jafari 1+ m: 7 a:8
  11. No label

  12. Red


    -1 chloe cannot handle responsibilities
  13. Red


    -1 stop uwu and I’ll change my mind hoe
  14. Red


    -1 i can’t deal with this fake ass n-
  15. I would like to celebrate with all my brothers and sisters!!!

    1. Roy


      Would you like to celebrate with your cousin.

      tom hanks hello GIF

    2. Tatost


      my brothers and sister suck

  16. Red

    Racial slur

    you can say whatever u like my nigga. only if ur black tho
  17. Red


    +1 free the slave
  18. creative 1v1 

    $1k wagers

  19. retired