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  1. LemonVolt


    Also, why would I have done it if I had seen anything that had happened in movies? Because I "definitely" didn't see anything that had happened.
  2. LemonVolt


    I'm so confused by this, just because I told red and other people not to involve his case with mine because multiple staff said not to, how does that give me an attitude?
  3. LemonVolt


    What? I'm not asking for mercy lol, its been nearly 3 weeks for a ban. I'm just saying that it's plenty of time for a saying a spoiler.
  4. LemonVolt


    Basic Info: Spoiled end game the night it came out, got instantly banned, talked to @virr about it, waited on it, now we're here almost three weeks later. It originally was about abuse, then I talked to some other people about it especially @hongkongatron and he said that it was probably for a place holder to figure out what an appropriate time would be, but nothing was figured out so that's why I'm here right now to protest it.
  5. LemonVolt


    using emojis doesnt change the fact that you spoiled it again, agean literally said not to have your case effect mine because they're two different cases
  6. LemonVolt


    at the time I thought it would be funny, but genuinely it really isn't, and it was pretty stupid ngl
  7. LemonVolt


    i mean i dont "still" think its funny, its pretty lame rn
  8. LemonVolt


    i mean the movie came out like 2 weeks ago, its at the point where everyone should have seen it and no reason for me to be still banned so
  9. LemonVolt


    Division Discord In-Game Name LemonVolt Identity matthew Ban Type Server Ban Information Got banned for spoiling end game, but that's old news now, I think I should be unbanned.
  10. ok good still, just having the airstrip as the map sucks
  11. this map sucks remove it people who still want the nostalgia of mario sunshine can make a thread of adding the delfino plaza one which is MUCH better neato
  12. @LAN_Megalodon Let me explain when I said "leave the game the way it was supposed to be" I dont mean keep the entire server base, what I'm talking about is I want the basic stuff like crits and stuff like that to stay in the game. I'm sorry about the confusion. Also you saying the only way to avoid it is to "bait the enemy to miss" is just dodging. @Kypari Kind of the same thing that I was talking to Megalodon about, sorry about the confusion.
  13. -1 how about dont get hit, or just leave the base game the way it's supposed to be
  14. Gonna keep this short and sweet and I don't care what happens to me. This is actually starting to bother me. Right now xG is split into two groups, the Furry friends, then the Tuna group. The furry group despises the entirety of the Tuna group because of one person, who imo never did anything to deserve it. They're taking it to the extreme and banishing friends to the shadow realm because they have friends in that group. Then what friends they have left after that try to convince them that Tuna's group is the devils house and never talk to anyone there. Then the Tuna group, obviously is poop on the most, it isn't perfect, (I do think that some things could have been handled a little better, but they did what they needed to get the message across) but I think they're much better than the other. It's just fudgeing nonsense and shouldn't be a thing. As a part of the tuna group, the furry group can chill tfo. Do something about it, thanks.