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  1. Comes back the millisecond I step down, I see how it is.
  2. Cyberpunk 2077, excited for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Doom Eternal
  3. Tomorrow, be there
  4. Unfortunately I can't accept your application right now due to the following reason(s): In order to become a member of xG, the applicant must meet the following requirements: Have minimum 12 hours on our servers I may have missed playtime on other servers, but if you could provide info showing your playtime it would be much appreciated, as this was the only one I was able to find: Showing that you only have an hour on the servers. I noticed @Meaty said he saw you on Jump so if that is the server you play on most of the time just let me know in a comment down below. I'll keep your application open for a few days to give me the information needed for playtime wise @Doge42013.
  5. Caleb956


    -1 on banning him for shitposting, +1 on removal of membership. Attention all 9 year old gamers, Shadower is in trouble and needs your help to not get banned from xG, but to do this, he's gonna need a couple of -1s, a skullcutter, and your credit card number, the 3 digits on the back, and the expiration day month and year. But you're gonna have to be quick so Shadower can win the jailbreak round and make sand great again!
  6. Caleb956


    I really don't see why there should be any debate here, the ban was declared as a week ban, it's been a week. If people want him banned longer then a ban request can be made after the fact, but that should be a separate thread. +1 to unban him, ban times are ban times, there is no in between.
  7. Caleb956


    Yo fuck dis dood
  8. Caleb956


    -1 is @ScottNi's friend. Fuck that dude.
  9. Pop event on the greatest map of all time


  10. That's right folks, we are hosting a mcflippin pop event on the one and only ba_jail_sand_b2 on our very own Jailbreak #2 server. You might be wondering, what's the importance of sand in the first place? Or maybe, why sand of all maps? Well I'll tell you. This, this is why. Memes aside, we'll actually be hosting a pop event on Jailbreak next Friday (June 7th), the premier map will of course be sand (unless of course we rtv off of it), we'll be doing credit and title raffles throughout the event and whatever else people can think of. Event will begin at about 6 pm est ( @Egossi ), and will run for a few hours after that or however long people are on the server. Spread the word and get ready to praise mcflippin sand
  11. I just wanna say, this is one of the most well organized and informational hello posts I've ever seen Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay!
  12. Done with highschool, started playing on xG when I started middle school 💪✌️

    1. -Diphikult


      ha old lol you're old haha oldies lol old

    2. realBelloWaldi


      damn caleb time passes so fast, i remember knowing you when you were like pretty young and not even using voice chat on jb and now ur all grown up

    3. hongkongatron


      true  oldfags rolling up to talk about their xG history be like


  13. Caleb956

    Mordeau Server

    If population wise was stable enough I think itd be awesome to have a mordhau server, love the game!
  14. Congratulations @Meaty @Donakonda & @-Diphikult Oh and @Lithium
  15. I require more memes
  16. Well you actually have to, wait for it, be able to surf enough to get those specific buffs. Its not like you join the server than suddenly gain a bunch of buffs just by being there, no you have to have the skill to actually get those buffs, and if other people want it, they have to learn how to surf properly to actually get those buffs. There is still skill involved within getting said buffs, along with that I doubt you actually read my points that I have made so I would urge you to go back and read them, because if you did you would of understood that I am talking about skill being a requirement to be able to beat other people, but by taking skill out of the equation, you get a random shit show of getting lucky and making other players have a bad time just because you clicked and for some dumb reason your shot gained triple damage. You would of also seen the negativity bias which is also another great point as to why random crits are dumb but if you don't care to read my point and more so just post something completely irrelevant then there is no point in continue this argument and explaining my views to you. I'm almost certain @YeEternalTuna was being sarcastic with his reply. On another note, I agree with basically everything @mrnutty12 said. +1 to remove crits
  17. Caleb956

    Old Names

    Caleb401 on club penguin Makdady8 on runescape Caleb956 Das about it.
  18. Sad!

    1. Meaty



  19. I'm all for self improvement, 100%, but this is the first I've seen of you since this thread: If I am to +1 someone after what I've seen of them previously, I want to see them giving an active effort to try and improve their self image, not jumping ship, hoping it blows over and coming back a few months later. I could be wrong, you might have been talking with other people on discord, on the servers etc, all I'm saying is that I personally haven't seen it. I'd have liked to see some sort of effort especially on the forums building up to you applying for member, if this application doesn't go well working on your forum reputation, not just the number beneath your name, but how people view you is a good place to start, since I do believe that's where a lot of this began. This is clearly satirical & ironical and you knew you'd get a reaction out of it, posting this when your last post on these forums was saying you are never going to come back, blocking everyone, etc isn't a very bright idea. If you decide to leave and then come back, that's awesome, but do know that posting things like previously stated and then coming back and the first thing you do is saying that WILL have negative reactions. This also doesn't help your case. Applying and then saying it's "a bit of a meme", if you ask me that just tells me you don't really care. As @ABlueSkittle123 said, as a member of xG you are representing the clan as a whole. More importantly, xG or not, you are representing yourself at all times. If you want to be seen as nothing more than a meme, then go right ahead, if you want to be respected by your peers then you have to prove it. You can't just dig yourself a hole and then get upset when someone pushes you into the hole, you got yourself into the situation, now you have to work to get yourself out. -1 Good luck on the rest of your application.
  20. +1 played some surf and comp with him hes a pretty nice kid. A: 7 M: 8