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  1. Aight so idk why this is still open but helo It looks like you recieved more negative responses to your application unfortunately. Work on learning the rules better if you arent very familiar with them and following them more often (based off of what @Red said). You may reapply in 30 days if you wish. ~Denied, closed.
  2. Where did all my 1534 boys go? smh

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    2. Caleb956


      Actually I do know quite a few people from the 16th century including Nobunaga @Tatost 😤

    3. virr


      I do! Hes in the dynasty warriors games as a general person. Thanks video games for teaching me history!

    4. Caleb956


      Hes also in civ 5 @virr 😉

  3. I regretfully haven't been able to attend your community nights, but you're doing great things, keep it up my man.
  4. I'll keep it open for a few days and see where the hours are at. Staying neutral on the app itself, have not met you yet since I've been busy with musical stuff irl but I hope to see you on the servers some time!
  5. Caleb956


    We also have a fuck load of sand Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay here, you're trapped here forever just like the rest of us now.
  6. I just experienced so many levels of sadness and sentimentality I didnt know existed after reading her old name.. Anyways, hope everything is ok with you @QueenOfHearts , you're always welcome back to the staff team if you ever decide to come back, ya did a hell of a job. See you around.
  7. Hello Juicy G, when is your new single dropping?????

  8. Caleb956

    xG Gamer Revival

    scootaloo or ohstopyou
  9. All Servers The /marry command has been fixed, propose to whoever you wish! (Courtesy of @Lithium ) Added The Saxxy to the Hub shop as a donator item for 10,000 credits. Added /trailgun as an upgraded donator command Type /trailgun to open up the prop menu You must be pyro with the flaregun equipped in order to use the trailgun TGH Increased time it takes to go back to a map Permanently enabled cap on Megaman, every other map is still disabled as should be. Visual Indicator added for spawn protection (Also added to pokemon trade) Now has an uber effect as a visual indicator. Default Dance: Fixed. (The cloak spy, charging demo sound fixed) Added trade_portal2_v4 to server rotation Added trade_rogueport_xg_maufix_v4 to rotation (thank you @you get a gold star !) FF2 Removed Neutral Team plugin Replaced with Ghost Mode plugin Jump Completely reworked. (New jump plugin added, chat spam de_stroyed, should actually work properly now.) Conc plugin added, type +conc in console to throw a conc grenade and propel yourself forward. It is highly recommended you bind a key to +conc so you are able to hold it and detonate manually. Conc jumps are used mainly for scout jumping. The command is usable by medics, scouts, pyros. Pokemon Trade Added ecruteakcity_v1 back to map rotation. Jailbreak Added a ground marker command Used so wardens can specify where they want people to walk, etc.
  10. A few personal notes about this mode: It just doesn't look fun at all bottom line, would probably be horribly unbalanced as well. It looks like absolute hell to set up and actually get to work right, and even at that would probably send so many errors it wouldn't even be funny. Now as for if we will actually be making a server for this mode, we are actually looking at downscaling the amount of servers we have instead of adding more servers, so for now we will not be making a class war server. Thank you for the idea however. Closed~
  11. GBA: Pokemon Emerald (Around 400 hours on my last playthrough, internal clock died way way before that..) Pokemon Leaf Green (~250 hours or so) Wii: Donkey Kong Country Returns DS: Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Soul Silver
  12. I will never forget you dad please come back soon Have a good trip bb
  13. Caleb956


    +1 straight to CL
  14. Sorry for missing last promo demo, everybody! Won't happen again! Promotions TF2 @Meaty from Moderator to Honorary Assistant to the DL @SegFault from Jew to Jew @ABlueSkittle123 from Moderator to Terraria @Caleb956 Transcended to Sand General @virr from Paid non-member to Robot @Kypari from Lad to Brit @Tekk from Division Manager to Brit @Chrono from *insert position here* to Crusader @YeEternalTuna from Discord Moderator to Discord God @Segal from Member to XenoGamers Clan Content Creator in the year of 2019 Demotions @mrnutty12 from Division Leader to Troll @Aegean from Paid non member to Paid non member Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Paid non member to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. Teamspeak 3 is also now a requirement to staff, make sure you're in it! We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xenoGamers clan! #MakexGGreatAgain
  15. Caleb956

    I'm famous bois

    Jesus H christ I haven't seen you in a minute edit: apparently you posted earlier this month. MY STATEMENT STILL STANDS
  16. CONGRATULATIONS!  Your membership application has been accepted and you are now a member of Xeno Gamers! You can now add the [xG] tag to your in-game name! To begin your membership, familiarize yourself with our rules listed below. This is highly important and knowing these rules will keep you safe from bans! Want to get more involved in the community and qualify for Staff? Here's how! 1. Be active on our Discord server! You can download Discord here, and join us using this link ! 2. Be active on the forums! This is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed on things happening within the community and for your voice to be heard! 3. Be active on our servers! This shows that you're committed to the clan! For a server list, click here. Come check out our staff list to see who is who on the servers, click here. For a list of our server rules and guides, click on the appropriate division: [TF2] [CS:GO] [GMOD] [Minecraft] [Nuclear Dawn] WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY! Note: n/a Closed~
  17. How's it goin Camilla. +1, been around since the good JB days, never really had an issue with you. A: 7 M:8
  18. You say that, even though you don't even know who the man is. I expected as much from a fool.
  19. Someday.

    1. TAoWHunter


      Someday I will have the power to kick you from an xG server 

  20. You know cpsave and cptele was outlawed years ago for several reasons.. one of which being that the users went mad after some time.. I have placed an arcane lock around the city, if you dare to enter I will have no choice but to raise the army of old and use force to remove you from the city.. I'm sure a specific man from that army wouldn't be very happy to hear about this..
  21. Denied. You are a greedy, foolish man to believe I would give you access to the holy city so you can ravage the souls of the creatures who dwell there.
  22. Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood cleb here with a question for YOU. We ( @Tekk @Kypari @SegFault ) have decided as a higher up team that it'd be in our best interest to come to you for ideas and recommendations for changes to make to the server, sooo.. What would YOU like to see done to the servers in the future? What would YOU like to see added, changed, or removed? Leave any and all recommendations or ideas down below, we will be using the feedback from this thread to make a sort of "roadmap" for what we will be doing for some time based off of your responses! Note: If you see an idea that you like that someone posted, rate it "Agree" or "Disagree" for ideas you don't like! Thank you I like saying "YOU", I'm a flippin salesman