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  1. Hell

    1. Bone


      Uhh, wow. Watch your language. We use "heck" around here, thank you very much

  2. NitNat

    Metal, Rock, Punk, And Hardcore

    here are some newer and older songs I've enjoyed at some point in my life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVuB1ZASrGw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5vA9CwZKNY and my current favorite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQSFyq6mac
  3. NitNat


    johnny test whip hot hand when
  4. GIVE ME THE PIZZA *squidward voice*
  5. NitNat

    Memory Lane

    when rtd was broken for a while on vhs so the only two effects we had were dispenser pop up or mystery sauce
  6. NitNat

    Promotions And Demotions #181

    Congrats to all who were promoted :waving: @Salad and @TheSupremePatriot you'll do great guys
  7. NitNat

    Gamemode Rotation Thread

    Damn @Bone coming in clutch with ideas and new material
  8. NitNat

    Hello Anyone Who played JB 2014 - 2016 READ THIS

    Ayy lmao what up
  9. NitNat

    See ya homeslice

    Yeah don't worry I'll hang out with you guys time to time for sure also @Bone carry on the legacy for me
  10. NitNat

    See ya homeslice

    I don't know how to word this any better, but I'm gonna take off once again. Sadly I can't give a better reason but I'm just disinterested and tired of most of the crap going around. I'm just going to deal with it now instead of later in the year. I've made my choice and I'm just stepping down to member for the final time. I had a lot of fun supporting xG though, thank you all for that.
  11. NitNat

    Memory Lane

    @Caleb956 Obata rebellion
  12. NitNat

    Doggo Tuesday

    My dog isn't the brightest one around but she still has fun
  13. NitNat

    Selfie Sunday

    Oh shit you're right here's the actual pic of me
  14. NitNat

    Selfie Sunday

    it's not sunday but aw well @Blizzard shut up now