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  1. NitNat

    so how about them 'mons

    it came out shinies arent shown until you catch them
  2. NitNat

    so how about them 'mons

    Update and bumping this thread Pokecord will be updating tomorrow and hopefully this secret word isn't a bluff!
  3. passive aggressiveness in passive aggressiveness amirite

  4. NitNat

    so how about them 'mons

    Yeah and you’re even able to mute that with a specific command
  5. NitNat

    so how about them 'mons

    some examples of what it looks like Random pokemon spawn just by talking in discord, many discord servers already have this bot added being one of the many favorited bots. No pokeballs required it's just buy whoever type p!catch (name) first. you're able to level up pokemon just by talking too and even have the chance to catch your favorites and battle with friends If you're worried about pokemon spawning everywhere it even comes with the ability of being set to just one channel so everything pokemon related can be done there
  6. NitNat

    Horrible xG Member

    You're making it sound like it was our intention to come here and cause chaos, pretty sure this whole thing blew up after tuna and I were hanging out on surf again. It was the fact that so many different staff were pretty much doing what they felt like was right regardless of what the rules even said. So many things were unjustified and no one seemed to be on the same page. This whole situation blew up even more once Tuna decided to become a staff member to possibly help out some of the loose ends. Yes things can always be handled better but some of the things you guys are saying against him were after the fact of questioning his past events. It's ridiculous honestly and that's what frustrated me the most and made me step in as well. Some of you didn't even try to actually get to know him beforehand and labeled him immature, toxic, whatever the name is now. Anyways that's not the main point. There's more to just "The Tuna Group" if you things it's just our small friend circle starting fire. A lot of people were and are still upset on how things were handled before this all started. Yes things should be more basic and carefree, we are a gaming community just like you said, but obviously as we all know there will be complications Caribou I don't know what you meant by our personal friend group defending Jackie and coming in to rescue her with +1's. You're making assumptions there because if you actually looked, none of us said anything at all for that thread. One person reacted to some post, and that's it. You're absolutely no better either. Listen I'm all for giving people a chance to change and character develop but you can criticize and point fingers all you want but you're still just as bad. Don't claim that you've matured or changed when you still go out of your way to try and bait people into anger and stir drama. I'm not pointing my finger or trying to blame xG's problems on your friend group either which was crudely labeled "furry" None of us knew someone *cough cough* @LemonVolt was going to do that >:\ To anyone who reads this I'm willing to start over on a better foot with some of you guys. No one wants drama in a place where you're supposed to unwind after all, but when things feel sorta..unfair, it's hard to prevent regrettable statements or action
  7. NitNat


    1+ I love this boy to death and has just the amount of sarcasm I appreciate. He'll do great being part of the staff roster
  8. NitNat


    What do you mean by arguing exactly, because there’s a difference between criticism and actual arguments that some people may not understand. You say it happens everytime he’s on with you so you must have several examples @Nozomi
  9. NitNat


    servers are kinda like this majority of the time, so I wouldn't see why asking to play on different servers is even mentioned
  10. NitNat


    I mean, there's 2.5 active servers. Not much to really go around if you think about it.
  11. big brains and head girth 

  12. NitNat

    What are some of the worst nerfs?

    half zatoichi
  13. NitNat

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    There a actual examples on exploitation on surf, like abusing the low grav in certain maps like crazyfrog, that's actual exploiting because it's able to give you an advantage over the map or players. The charging has no benefit besides just being silly for 20 seconds. It's not harmful, it's not useful, it's just simple fun. Also trying to claim that people will leave after that's done is a far reach. Surf is one of the most populated tf2 servers next to tgh. Plus what I mean for crying about is someone saying "that's loud" when they are standing basically in the corner where the demos are. No one ever actually leaves or cries about it once the round actually starts.
  14. NitNat

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    What people still don't seem to grasp is that you are able to walk away. If it annoys someone to the point where they feel the need to cry they arent bound to that platform, they can move. It's not killing anyone, it's not disrupting balance, it's NOT an exploit, it's just noise. That's it.
  15. NitNat

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    There isn’t a way for the charge to be harmful considering it’s mostly done in the farthest corner of spawns, and that anyone is physically able to walk away or simply move slightly to hear. There is literally no way for it to stem something worse since it’s pretty cut and dry. There is also no way for it to be game ruining since majority of players do not even load in for the full 20 seconds and the map resets everyone back to spawn and wasd frozen. The chance of something happening in that time span is slim to none, you can’t even finish any of the surf maps in that time.