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  1. Ever thought of being part of the Teen Titans??

  2. +1 Pretty chill dude, I'm mostly a surf and tgh dude, and most of the time when I'm on tgh, he is there. Good Luck
  3. Add a map like or dislike system, that way if people don’t like the map it will say  Did you like this map? Yes, keep it. Im neutral. No,remove it.  With this the higher ups can see from feedback on the forums and the server itself if people like it because we have maps that people hate so much that they just leave and I’ve seen the player count drop from 12 to 5.
  4. I heard that if you smack  Dwayne Johnson’s ass you’ll hit rock bottom 

    1. Dannypicacho


      I like just saw this on Reddit in the "comedy cemetery" subreddit 

    2. Caleb956


      Ahh it all makes sense now @Dannypicacho

    3. Tatost


      I am sorry to inform anyone that has read this post that they are now one degree more retarded than they were before coming along.

  5. I actually asked this 2 years ago, but since we never put the credit system into xG can you change my name to TAoW Hunter?

    1. Caleb956


      (Sorry for replying to messages you're sending virr BUT) We do actually have a hub shop! https://xenogamers.com/hub/

      Right at the top it shows a change username you can purchase, I sent you the credits to cover the cost of the name change, enjoy!

    2. TAoWHunter


      ohh thanks, I saw an old link, that's why I thought it wasn't implemented

  6. Do mods get SB accounts?

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    2. TAoWHunter
    3. virr


      Theres no reason to log into SB unless you're a dm+, just like caleb said 🙂

    4. TAoWHunter


      Alright I just like it because it easier because you can edit ban unban comm ban etc etc 


    1. ABlueSkittle123


      This is true, now go be an epic moderator. 😄

  8. I'm actually ALERGIC TO SAND!



    1. Caleb956


      It's ok, sand forgives you.

    2. TAoWHunter


      Thank you leader 

  9. Losing It.

    1. Roy


      Sorry, I lost it, what are you losing it again?

    2. TAoWHunter
  10. On the poll, I was going to put a little story, but stopped at the start and forgot to delete it.

  11. So right now I’m in sch
  12. You will be missed!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you for replying to my Staff Application ❤️

  14. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name TAoW Hunter Identity STEAM_0:1:208578952 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 18d+ Information Ok. I didn't except myself to be here, but after my big change I wanted to finally be able to fill in a spot on the xG Staff Roaster. It might seem very weird that me, a guy who got permed would even think about joining the staff team, but my main goal is to keep xG alive all the time. Usually at night most of the staff are asleep and this has been a problem on many occasions. Once there was a hacker and so many people did a calladmin, and no one came, soon everyone left the server because it was so unfair. I usually always stay up even on weekends, so the 14 hour biweekly will not be a problem for me. I am a ex-staff on European Studs, 1+ years, so I know the 5 basic commands that mods get, which is slay, kick ,gag ,mute, and ban. I know all the different ways to use the commands, via Admin Menu or Console. But my main reason for joining xG staff is because, I just wanna be involved, I want to help people, I don't wanna be a backseat mod anymore. I wanna help in EVERY way I can, I will be the first to answer to any calladmin (if I'm on, and not at school). This has been something that has been flying around in my mind for a long time, but due to past actions, it got away, but ive recently caught up to it and now I'm finally doing it. I know all about Staff Rules, I'm only an enforcer, but I have to respect people the right way, and I know abusing my powers will go against my oath I made back awhile ago when I made my Unban Appeal, because this is disrespect to the team. I know when to be serious and when I can just mess around, though on xG I've never seen a serious moment occur, only when I got punished. xG will be my hotspot forever, and I hope the team will accept me as their newest mod, if not. Thank you all for reading my mod application! I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  15. Adding to Cons: DLC's, you need to pay $20 each, they should come free with Skyrim.
  16. Hi, im Hunter. I +1 this.
  17. What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by?
  18. Im sorry but I change my flavor to Ice tEA
  19. I don't get this, is this suppose to show power? or fear?
  20. TAoWHunter

    SCP:SL Review

    Game Name: SCP: Secret Labatory Platform: PC Time Spent: 15 Hours Recommended? Y Game Rating: 10/10 My initial thoughts: SCP:SL to me is a very good game, you pick any sever, that is not dead, and you wait. Usually when you join you will be a Spectator and after awhile of waiting you will be put in as Chaos or NTF. And this game has a lot of characters you can play as, all of them are; The SCP's: SCP-173/Peanut-Very fast when you don't look at him, can snap your neck. SCP-106/Larry-Can walk through walls, when he hits you, sends you to the pocket world. SCP-939/The Dog-Is blind, can see you through walls, and can only see you when you talk, move, or shoot. SCP:049/The Doctor-When he kills you, he can turn you into SCP-049-2/Zombie SCP:079/The Computer-You control doors, almost everything in the facility. Class D : Well, they are the lowest, if they escape without being disarmed they turn into Chaos IF they escape disarmed they become NTF Scientist: If they escape they become an NTF-Scientist which is the 2nd best rank in NTF. Chaos Insurgery: They have the strongest guns but cant edit them. NTF: NTF-Commander-Highest Rank in NTF, only one that can open check point doors. NTF Lieutenant/Scientist-2nd Highest can get the big gun NTF Cadet-Shit Class The game also has something called, Keycards, and these little guys are used and if you don't use one you will die! Ranks of the cards are shown below. Janitor Scientist Research Supervisor Containment Engineer Facility Guard MTF Cadet MTF Lieutenant MTF Commander Zone Manager Facility Manager Chaos Insurgery Device 05 Only 05 can open the nuke room. Gameplay and Story: The Story is just an inspiration from SCP:CB. Gameplay is just survival. Backstory: The Class D, are known as Rats, the people who tried to expose secrets about the SCP's to Chaos. They are known as old Scientist's All the SCP's have a backstory that I wont go over, because there are a lot of them, and a bunch of different versions. Pros: Unique Survival Game -Made SCP a thing again Cons: Crashes all the time - A lot of Toxic People Final Thoughts: This is a very good F2P game, sure it crashes a lot but it can definitely get you addicted to it!