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  1. -rep For a countless times, you're not my god damn son. 🖕

  2. Sorry bout that 😞

    1. virr


      all good friend, no harm done in the end

  3. Xander

    Dont Starve Together

    SO how do I start this review off, first off, thank you forest for giving me the game, lov u lots! NOW TO THE REVIEW! Review:(Cause I needed to rewrite review):This game to ME is mostly all strategy and it harbors A lot of toxic players, my first game and I get a guy calling another guy a dumbass for picking a class when he was new. My second game a guy, literally just went ham.. I took 30 minutes for him to pick a class, and he left the game right when we started, so there's that. Now onto the main core of this review, strategy. OOWEE Mama, this game is hard to get used to, I only play Wilson, cause if I play any other class am bad at it. This game is very hard to get used to, (and I know some characters have more difficulty than others...) But in all honesty this is a very good game, and i'm glad that I won the raffle. I might stop playing tf2 just to play this. Jk. Well if this game made a member application I would give it a BIG +1! Thank you for your time...
  4. Xander

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    My favorite animal is a chiwawa (yes I know)
  5. Still haven't gotten the Don't Starve Together game...

    1. Precious


      i used to play that game all the time yo

    2. Forest


      @Xander I've been busy. I just sent it now though, congrats again on the lucky draw 🙂

  6. Xander

    donate me all ur credit lol

    I only have about like 0 so...
  7. Xander

    What is a cupcake...

    Not drugs....xD But I had 2 friends one girl who tried hitting on me cause she’s though I was 17 and a 42 year Oldboy pedo
  8. Xander

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    Ok, I talked to Tav, he should see it and remove me. I'm already out of cgl, only in Public Group, which means I didn't sign up or anything. So right now im only signing up for xG. Sorry for the hassle
  9. Xander

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    I left the admin group in e-studs for steam, and iv already been out of cgl full member group
  10. Xander

    What is a cupcake...

    I stayed up very late last night and did very weird stuff, sorry my friends :(.
  11. Xander

    What is a cupcake...

    I'm sorry but I just need information on this unknown species, it might not even species. MABYE A GENDER, PLEASE TELL ME!!!
  12. In-Game Name TAoW Hunter Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member Yes Identity 76561198377423633 Age 13 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers over 16d Reason for Joining As a old person who’s gotten permed before I say this I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a second chance at being on your servers. Now right after I’ve gone on I’ve gone from 13 days on activity to 16 days in the span of me getting unbanned, and I’ve gotten up to the all mighty 100,000 score. But in all honesty I really don’t play anything else other than xG I wanna be apart of of this community so badly, and I know my past mostly back lashes what I’m saying right now but I’ve been doing my best to improve my reputation and behavior on xG. I act when someone breaks the rules and I quickly set them on the right path and I’ve helped with an outbreak along with skittles, because people wouldn’t stop with racial slurs and I stopped the situation but all the credit goes to Skittles for muting the 3-6 players who said racial slurs last night depending on when you read this. But I really can’t play tf2 without going on xG. So I hope you guys will accept this Membership Application and i hope I can once again be apart of xG! Also I’m sorry for this being so early due from my ban but I just couldn’t wait, so I’m sorry if it’s too early...
  13. Xander


    Im sorry...
  14. Alright dude, it’s up and I’m embarrassed 

    1. Forest


      Now that truly is owning it, I applaud you for your devotion to getting unbanned, I really do, 100% genuine.

  15. Xander


    Ok, so I did the dance challenge if it’s way too cringe because it is. I will redo it. B614E535-2658-4C38-BE32-D575DF3553EA.MOV