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Found 8 results

  1. Tatost


    Game Name: Celeste Platform: PC Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it) 35 hours and counting Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: (1 to 10) 9 Initial Thoughts: I've been messing around with this game since sometime around December/January. I initially became interested in the game when my older brother was playing and I happened to be walking through the room. I have been, since time immemorial, a huge fan of platform games, beautiful soundtracks and art. This game really hits each of those check boxes three times over, I really cannot express how much fun this game is for me. Gameplay and Story: Note: Controllers with joysticks are recommended, as there are sections in the game that are just easier using the joysticks over a keyboard due to the keyboard's inability to move in certain directions. Celeste was built with speed running in mind. That being said, there are definitely shortcuts, and you know that there are going to be movement mechanics. Dashing - Your character is capable of what is known as "dashing." Which, as you might be able to guess, is just increasing your velocity in whichever direction you choose (up, down, left, right, and every diagonal). There are plenty of ways to change up your dash, and to some degree you can control the height and speed of each one. I won't go in depth on how each type of dash works, just the main idea. Every way possible to change your dash is explained in the video following the final thoughts. Climbing - There are times when your only choice it to go up, and sometimes your dash just won't make the cut. Off the top of my head, there are three ways you can go about climbing in this game; jumping between two walls (does not deplete stamina), holding your grab button and jumping repeatedly, or just holding grab and up. You can only climb on vertical surfaces, so no, you can't climb on the ceiling. Stamina - Your character has a finite amount of stamina, that being said you can't just cheese your way through every single screen just by climbing straight up the walls. Crystal Hearts - One of each can be obtained in every chapter, along with two additional crystal hearts for completing every B and C-side of the main chapter. These are the only collectibles that are required to get to certain sections of the game (chapter 7 crystal heart, entirety of chapter 8, and the sub-sections of chapter 9). B-side Cassette Tapes and C-Sides - Each A-side, which is the main section of the chapter has a corresponding cassette tape that unlocks the B-side. B-sides and C-Sides follow the same theme as the A-side but are significantly more challenging. C-sides are unlocked by completing the B-side for that chapter. Berries - There are varying amounts of these placed throughout the chapter, but some are rather difficult to obtain. Winged strawberries force you to abandon your dash until you're close enough to grab the strawberry, if you do dash it will fly off of the screen and you will have to reset the screen (not the entire chapter). Golden strawberries are obtained by going through a chapter without dying once, but you have to complete the chapter eight B-side before this is available. Winged Golden Strawberry is obtained by completing chapter one without dashing once unless you die before leaving the screen you dashed on, forcing you to do what is known as "spike-jumping," which is a wall jump, just very, very precise. There is one other type of berry, the moon berry, which is available in a sub-section of chapter nine, but is extremely difficult to obtain. Backstory: "Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this super-tight platformer... Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges, uncover devious secrets, and piece together the mystery of the mountain." - straight from the steam description The game is no longer going to be getting new chapters, as the game was concluded with the very recent addition of chapter nine titled "Farewell." Although I assume there will be bug fixes and such being rolled through every once in a while. Pros: (At least 2 reasons) Amazing soundtrack by Lena Raine, even if you don't want to play the game you should listen to it. Caters both to those who would like to relax and those who would rather have a bit of a challenge. Includes an in-game completion timer, so you can keep track of that sort of thing and work towards a PB for a chapter. Cons: (At least 2 reasons) Serious difficulty spikes The game doesn't teach you any of the special dash movements until what seems like the very end Final Thoughts: This game, in my mind, is a masterpiece. Through the collaboration of the developers, artists, and sound team I think you'll be hooked almost immediately. It's a great game to throw down $20.00 (USD) on, definitely worth the price and is on sale fairly often. If you ever see it on sale, don't hesitate to buy it.
  2. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  3. Game Name: Loading Screen Simulator Platform:PC Time Spent: about 20 hours Recommendation: Y Rating: 8.Loading/10 Initial Thoughts: When I saw this game on the store page of steam for free, I thought, hey this looks like a decent meme. Let's download it. It surpassed decent, I'd say. Gameplay: It operates like a standard clicker game, where you click a button for money while a program loads on your Shindows™ computer. With that money, you can buy things such as upgrades and fun little distractions as you wait for your program to load. You can also upgrade your Internet speed and OS to make it slightly faster. Backstory: You decided to install a program. Great. Now you're here, waiting. Achievements: If you enjoy achievements, you'll have a field day with this one. There is an achievement for every upgrade's purchase, every download milestone, and some for the other fun things you can find. Pros: Fun and a good timewaster, with lots of pop culture references. You can also cheat easily and use an autoclicker. Cons: A clicker game, which can sometimes get boring. It also counts as a steam game, meaning you can't just run it in the background with tf2 or csgo up. Final Thoughts: It's goofy and fun, while being chock full of jokes and references. If you want to waste some time downloading something just like you would for steam, go ahead and play Loading Screen Simulator.
  4. FailedGameplay


    Game Name: Undertale Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch (I think). Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it) 20 hours Do you recommend? Y I recommend this game for every gamer. What you rate the game: (1 to 10) a solid 10 Initial Thoughts: When I first saw this game it was by accidentally stumbling on its fanbase (the fanbase is absolute cancer, just trust me on this one) so my first impression was not a very good one. But I wanted to see what this game was actually about, so I watched someone play it on youtube, and thats when I fell in love with the game (not literally). Gameplay and Story: The furthest I can get in the story without spoiling things that are better left discovered by playing it. A thousand years ago, humans and monsters fought for land and survival but eventually the monsters were forced into The Underground and were sealed away. FF about 1000 years and you are a small child named frisk who trips and falls into the The Underground. Im going to stop here, but im just gonna say that within the first 5-8 minutes of the game there is already a major plot twist, MAKE SURE YOU GO INTO THE GAME BLIND. Admittedly reading this over it doesn't sound very interesting but i'm not a storyteller, go play the game for yourself its much more interesting there. The gameplay is amazing because it has a unique fighting system, many endings, many characters, and in some cases your actions from a previous save can affect the next one. Backstory: read the story ^ Pros: (At least 2 reasons) -The super well-told and intricate story has a best-seller book worthy plot without being too complicated. -There are more easter eggs in this game than there are in a chicken's va****, and many plot secrets. -The characters, all the characters in the game (even the really small ones) have clear personalities and goals in their lives, -THE MUSIC, holy jesus on a biscuit the MUSIC is the best thing about this, all the music in the game is perfect, it establishes a good mood depending on the situation of the game with so many different instruments and there is more music here than in some triple A games. Cons: (At least 2 reasons) -The absolute dogshit fan base, never search it up, just take my word for it, PLEASE. -One of the bosses is extremely difficult, and i've never been able to beat it, i'm not gonna say who it is for spoiler reasons. Final Thoughts: The game is the culmination of what Kickstarter success stories should aspire to be, and I cannot stress these things enough: GO INTO THE GAME BLIND GET THE GAME (or at least listen to the soundtrack because its amazing) HAVE FUN!
  5. Game Name: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Platform: PC, Xbox,Ps4 Time Spent: Sora: 100 hours Shameless: 50 hours Do you recommend? Sora: Honestly, it depends if the gameplay is your kind of thing. The super over simplified version is: if you like tactical, but slower firefights, you’ll enjoy playing PUBG. More info in Gameplay. Shameless: To be blunt, yes. While the game can be a bit cruel with RNG playing a HUGE factor in the gameplay, it can be quite an enjoyable game with a few friends,and a whole lot of patience. What you rate the game: Sora: 7.2 / 10 Shameless: 6.9 / 10 Initial Thoughts: Sora: Right after receiving this game as a gift, I went in blind to a game to get the general sense of the gameplay and how movement works. The very first place I dropped in was one of the outer buildings in Pecado in Miramar. Pecado is well known to be a popular drop zone for players. Another player dropped with me and as the -much- less experienced player, I died pretty quickly. But, the gameplay interested me enough to continue playing, so I went into 9 consecutive solo rounds and some, I came pretty close to winning. That felt good as a newer player- the fact that I could get that close to winning with little to no experience. Gameplay and Story: Sora: Because there is no story in PUBG, I will be focusing on mainly on the gameplay. The gameplay is fairly smooth with several exceptions, in my opinion. The combat is as I have stated before, very tactical and drawn out most of the time. The movement is not like TF2, but more like a very straightjacketed CS:GO. What bugs me a lot when I switch between playing TF2 and PUBG is the difference in movement, as a lot of what you can do in TF2 to evade bullets is just not there in PUBG. However, this movement is a lot more realistic in an objective sense when actually in combat. That is, until you somehow fall 5 feet and die. Or if your car glitches into the ground. Or if network lag detected. Now let’s get into the strange happenings of PUBG. There’s a lot to be said about what can and does happen in PUBG. Sometimes you’ll be running along and you jump only to find that your jump didn’t go where you wanted it do go and you must wait the extra animations for landing to change direction and continue. Sometimes you’ll be driving along the terrain in PUBG and your car loses a jousting match with a pebble, which sends you flying 50 feet in the air to come crashing down and die in a vehicle explosion. The gameplay concept of a Battle Royale game is nothing new, either, but it is still fun to play against so many people. It gives a certain feeling of “you versus the 99,” which is really both intimidating and exciting to me. Shameless: There is no story in PUBG,you are a man or woman placed in a plane with 100 other players to fight, survive, and be the last man/squad alive. Backstory: There is no backstory for PUBG, only the idea of survival. Pros: Sora: Shooting others and eventually killing players is very satisfying Collaborating with friends is always fun Gun attachments add a lot to the gameplay, making some interactions play favorably for one player over another if they happen to have certain attachments Driving in cars makes for some hilarious happenings Shameless: Fun with friends Wide arrange of guns at your disposal Cosmetics to spice up your online avatar Cons: Sora: IMO, RNG decides rounds for the most part Movement is strangely straightjacketed and doesn’t give much freedom The guns system is fairly convoluted and takes experience of more than a few games to learn. Driving can kill you as easily as it can kill the other person Shameless: RNG will hate you The map will close with time Slow at the start Other players can get a unfair advantage on you Final Thoughts: Sora: PUBG is a fun game to play with friends. It has all sorts of strategies and mechanics that just can’t be mastered in a few games. The combat is tactical and drawn out, but it’s got great options while in combat. The idea of Battle Royale games has been around forever, and PUBG really isn’t very much different IMO. However, it is still a very fun game to play because of the moments when you’re driving and your car does a 1080 or when you ambush an enemy squad with guns blazing and wipe them. I can’t say it’s a step above any other Battle Royale game, but it’s on its way, though rather slowly, to being a great game. Update #7 is out now, which adds emotes and refines the UI of the game as well as makes the game more stable in general. I have high hopes for the game in this regard! Shameless: While PUBG can be at time furiously bullshit in some instances, it is without a doubt a fun experience for you and a friend. While most people will say: ”PUBG is shit, play Fortnite,” I say: “play both, have your own opinion,” because both are fun games with different art styles and mechanics. Credit to @ShamelessFapper for adding his input to the review!
  6. Hopps

    Night In The Woods

    Game Name: Night In The Woods Platform: PC (steam), Ps4 Time Spent: 21 Hours Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: 9.5/10 Initial Thoughts: Going into the game i already had previously played the 2 mini-games created by the developers, I was excited and ready, it had beautiful art style, aesthetics that appealed to me with simplistic colors and shapes. Gameplay and Story: The gameplay itself is more like an Experience of a story which you can choose how it is told depending on where you explore and go, lots of side things to do, mini games, and deep elements to the characters, You play as a Character named Mae who is returning home and things have changed quiet a bit. Backstory: Main Character is coming home from college, they had dropped out. Pros: Beautiful colors, Aesthetics Characters feel Alive and Relatable Covers Real Life world issues Characters are full of Variety Many different side arcs for multiple playthroughs Amazing Soundtrack Cons: Can't find everything in first run All Achievements are Obscure A tad Short some really cheesy lines More of a experience than a game Final Thoughts: Night In the woods is more of a experience then a game, but its a wonderful relatable experience, I personally enjoyed it, and most of those who have played it too have enjoyed it, has a pretty good story, lots of fun to explore, and fun to theorize with fellow fans.
  7. If you want to post a review for any game (Any platform as long as it's a real game that others might have played), you must use this format. If you want your review to be seen by our xG Curator Page, your review must be detailed and have a lot of thought in it. If we decide to use your review, we will redirect our curator page to your review directly. On top of that, reviews that get accepted or liked by the community will get bonus credits and a custom badge! If there's anything you feel should be added to the format, or if you have any questions feel free to post here. Title of your thread should only be the full name of the game (If it's early access, add that beside the title with [ ] ) Example: The Forest [Early Access] Game Name: Platform: Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it) Do you recommend? Y/N What you rate the game: (1 to 10) Initial Thoughts: Gameplay and Story: Backstory: Pros: (At least 2 reasons) Cons: (At least 2 reasons) Final Thoughts:
  8. Game Name: The Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time Platform: Nintendo 64 Time Spent: 50~ Hours. Do you recommend? Yes 100%. What you rate the game: (1 to 10) 9.8 Initial Thoughts: I played this as a child and watched my brother play it when it first came out, and I was blown away by how different the game was compared to things I was used to at that time. (i.e. super mario brothers) The game is about a kid named Link (hidden in the Kokiri Forest and taken care of from the great Deku Tree) who has to save Hyrule from the antagonist Ganondorf; The king of the Gerudo Thieves. Pros: Music - an incredible soundtrack surrounds this game that really complements the unique locations throughout the world. Unique music for boss fights, dungeons, mobs, shops, and side characters. The music is iconic now and given respect throughout the Zelda series time to time with small iterations to make them stand out. Shout out to Gerudo Valley! Open World - For the most part, you can travel to everywhere you see as long as you have the necessary items. There is a ton of secrets and side missions you can do that is not forced upon you, and these places are not always near your main destinations so it really encourages you to explore and try to figure out the puzzles. Difficulty (Medium) - It's not a very hard game, but it's not something that is super linear that babysits you to progress forward like games nowadays. You will get stuck time to time, and you really need to listen to the clues throughout the world if you play through it the first time. The clues throughout the game are given very creatively and subtlety through the use of Navi (your fairy), unique objects, and important NPC's. Cons: Glitches - This is a double edged sword as this game is super bugged in terms of how much you can glitch this game but it also makes it one of the most watched games that get speedrun on Twitch. Ocarina of Time generally (a full run through, not 100%) would take you about 10ish hours normally to finish, but with the help of glitches (nothing third party) you can finish the game in under 20 minutes. Some glitches do potentially crash the game as well, but as long as you aren't aiming to do glitches the game runs fine. Combat (Easy) - Once you understand the mechanics of defending and how to deal the most damage via jump slashing, you can usually 1-2 cycle boss fights and dying pretty much becomes impossible. Final Thoughts: One of the childhood classics, a game most deemed as the greatest of all time. Definitely revolutionary for its era, and easily in my top 5 favorite games. It's single player, but the Zelda Titles (aside from the Four Swords) are meant to be single player games and they do it really well. This game lasts a good long time, minimum 10 hours game time before you finish a play through for the first time if you aren't familiar with the puzzles, but there is a ton of secrets and puzzles that easily add 5+ hours if you want to potentially 100% the game or get close to it. With Breath of the Wild coming out soon for the Nintendo Switch as the launch title, there is a lot of hope that this is the Zelda game that is worth the hype as the previous wii titles were not as well made as the previous titles (Majora's Mask + The Windwaker). Until the game comes out, we can only hold our breath and hope for the best.