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  1. be sure to show some love if u like my stuff and hit that follow button here's my soundcloud profiles: dubstep: Trap/ rap:
  2. at least i'm not spamming u man XD

  3. i mean.... i can staff for other servers on tf2 aswell madood
  4. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Mr. Logic Toast Identity STEAM_0:1:73478039 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Since 8-27-2016 Information Dear Higher Ups, I would like to join the staff as a member who has been playing on these servers since roughly august of 2016. I believe that i can be an asset to the community and help others when there are rule-breakers. I have no intent to disrupt the peace of this community, i just ask humbly (and look forward to) being a liable staff member that can be there for the players when a staff member is needed most. Best regards, Logic
  5. 1+ nice guy, really mature depending on the day, but in general i believe he deserves member :D.
  6. yes, that is my bad. i am usually one to report the rule breakers really fast without checking who is on. i do admit to that. but that's usually only if i just joined the server vs when i've been on for a while because when i'm on for a while i actually get a chance to check who's online aside from when i just joined and have not even looked in the tab menu
  7. if you are wondering... im not worried about the length of the ban, i am just worried about my ban record
  8. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [xG] Mr. Logic Toast Identity: STEAM_0:1:73478039 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Hello, i have recieved a day ban and would like to protest that i should have not recieved the ban due to the following: so basically, i just joined xG - Surf and i load in to the server and i was sitting in spawn and a few minutes later i got spawnkilled, so i called admin as usual, but i had not one idea that there was admin already on the server due to one of my friends coming to my house to get something they left in my room, so i was distracted and while i was helping my friend out to find what he was trying to get was when i noticed that i got killed in spawn, so i go back to my computer and call admin. ( i meantioned the story becuase i'm trying to signify that i couldn't hear anyone talking on mic becuase my headphones were off ) and i also mention that i couldn't hear anyone because xG:M Skelly was the one who banned me and his reasoning for how i should have noticed that he was already there was that he was talking on mic. (we talked in steam chat after i got banned) i know this was a long one to read, but i would like to be unbanned and have my ban removed from my record becuase of the situation expalined above. thank you.
  9. hey @Bello i'm still looking to be mod... thoughts?
  10. +1 chill guy. knows the rules. i think he'd be a great addition to the community. A:9 M:10