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  1. You either die a toxic meme or you live long enough to see yourself become a valuable member of the community.
  2. A lot of modders haven't even implemented everything that they wanted to in 1.12 1.13 changes a lot of things for modders and they have to rewrite a lot Barely any mods will be available even by Q2 2019 If we want to have a great modded mc experience then we'll have to play on 1.7 or 1.12 and have a separate 1.13 vanilla server
  3. 100% agree with Egossi. pls be gentle @virr It's a fun place to shoot the shit and have some laughs with braindead edgy content.
  4. Totally agree. Also, from last year's thread:
  5. What flavor? Also, refrigerated or room temperature? Cold chocolate pudding: Yamuna river water packaged in cartons is the new wave.
  6. Just had this yesterday ? mac n cheese when baked is 10x better!
  7. Fuck yes my mouth is watering
  8. I love some chocolate ice cream or cookie dough, bbq chicken pizza and a full rack of back ribs....mmmmmmm What about you?
  9. Wow, I didn't know that you had an account on xG. Thank you for all that you have contributed to the jailbreak community. The maps you have created have given thousands of users countless hours of very fun gameplay. I love how imaginative every map you make is and each map is better than the last. Can't wait for arcade to be added to our map rotation. Don't be a hater bro, those aren't valid reasons.
  10. CT_Slay3R


    +1 One of the most active members, is on during those moments when the cancer gets out of hand and no staff is usually on. Calm, patient, respectful, very knowledgeable of the rules, fun guy to talk to. Knows how to deal with rulebreakers and new users. Darrth gives people chances and has an objective view of most situations. He would make an excellent addition to the staff team.
  11. Woopx has not done anything ban worthy. The clip you provided showed woopx getting trapped and demonstrating broken english. It's ridiculous that you used it as evidence for him to be banned. You get a feel for what he's saying after playing a few rounds with him. He's learning, we all started somewhere. As for him getting warden every round, it's because he seems to be the only person on CT who knows when to press his push to talk key. He spices things up and makes JB more enjoyable imo. As Chrono stated above, -1 please close.
  12. -1 has gotten slayed twice for arguing with staff, abused redie, doesnt get along with people in the server, doesnt know rules but wants to enfore them. A:6 M:2
  13. CT_Slay3R


    +1 The only bad thing I can say is that his mic could be a bit better. A:7 M:8