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  • Maps Added
    • mg_bomberman_grassland
    • mg_weapon_case_arenas_v1_2
    • mg_bouncingbomb_v2
    • de_plumbing

RPG Surf

  • It's back with more upgrades! All Upgrades
  • Kill exp increased to 5*player level (from 3)
  • Assist exp increased to 2*player level (from 1)
  • Exp per headshot decreased to 20 (from 50)
  • Exp for killing a dominating enemy in revenge increased to 10*player level (from 4)
  • Clipsize initial price reduced to 20 (from 30)
  • Vampire max level decreased to 8 (from 10)
  • Frost Pistol max level decreased to 8 (from 10)
  • Fire Pistol max level decreased to 8 (from 10)

Note: The first DB reset will be 9/1/19 and will occur every 2 months after.


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