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Found 18 results

  1. Most updates will be posted in this thread. Some backend changes or cvar changes will not be posted. Jailbreak Removed debug printing in class Reverted open command to be admins only Fixed bug where the open command would not show the admin who would use it Damaging players will no longer have potential to spam console Grenades now have velocity when dropped (I think) Funcommands now require the reserved flag Tasers are automatically removed to prevent crashes. I'll look more into this this weekend. Fixed bug where the guard leave queue would fail to remove players from CT Markers are now red and animated.
  2. Surf Ori- Surf Ori (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Cyadine - Surf Cyanide (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Japan Reloaded - surf_japan_reloaded (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Monolith - surf_monolith_b1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Reprise - surf_reprise (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Kitsune - surf_kitsune2_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA ------------------------------------------------------
  3. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  4. I want them for my server. Finding plugins is a hassle and I'm wondering if anyone knows what plugins the TF2 Surf server has. Thanks.
  5. As many people on surf may have figured out, at the beginning of every map a plugin called advanced infinite ammo (AIA) is enabled on our surf server. This is normally a fun command however there is an exploit that allows Demo Man to infinitely charge into a supply cabinet/wall and make an exceptionally loud crashing sound/scream over and over again for the thirty seconds. While at first many people laughed and thought this was fun, quickly many people are becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed by it due to noise and ear rape for lack of better terms. When staff or players ask others to stop this I've noticed people can hardly hear voice over the sound which only makes things worse. I would like to assert that we disable the plugin (sm_aia_waitingforplayers "0") or disable demo weapons that allow for charge (sm_aia_disabledweapons "....") top avoid this exploit
  6. Anyone else get that really horrible feeling when you are just at the end of the surf, your favorite song playing in the background, and then all of a sudden you get stopped mid surf? Thats like ordering a big mac and getting a waffle from waffle house, see i have nothing against waffles, but when a man wants his big mac, he wants it, just like the ending of a surf. much anger?
  7. Hello there, I have been recently playing a lot on the xeno surf server, and I would like help identifying a surf map that I played years ago on a different server. It goes as this: It's an indoor map with a green natural, swampy, murky texture all throughout the map.This map has a background texture similar to the one I described. It has a jail with a soccer field in it that has a ball (I think) you can put in the goal. It's one of my fondest TF2 memories, and I was told to share my description on forums today.
  8. 1. Surf_Avatar 2. Surf_Fantastic 3. Surf_Insanity 4. Surf_thrill3r
  9. 1 Règles Liées au Surf Ne pas attaquer de joueurs depuis votre Spawn ou le Spawn ennemi. Note : Si un ennemi vous tue dans son Spawn alors que vous y êtes aussi, cela ne s’applique pas. Cela inclut n’importe quel type de dommage, ainsi que l’airblasting. Il est simplement, catégoriquement interdit de tuer qui que ce soit depuis votre Spawn. Sur les cartes Linéaires: Il est interdit d’empêcher la progression de joueurs passants. Ne pas construire de Constructions d’Engineer depuis votre Spawn ou sur la piste de surf. Ne pas utiliser les objectifs du jeu (points de contrôle, etc.) pour terminer prématurément le round. 2 Règles Générales Toute décision finale revient toujours aux membres du Staff. Ne parler qu’en Anglais, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Ne pas spammer, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Seuls les membres xG ont droit d’utiliser le tag [xG]. Pas de racisme. Ne pas utiliser de bugs de la carte ou du jeu (exploits). Soyez respectueux envers les autres. Pas de publicités. Interdiction catégorique de tricher ou de hacker (aimbots ou LMAOBox) Ne pas prendre l’identité d’un membre du Staff. Evitez de troller. Sont considérés comme spam les programmes de masquage ou changement de voix, ainsi que les programmes de text-to-speech (TTS). Ne pas lancer de demande d’échange avec n’importe-qui. Merci d’au moins en discuter préalablement avec cette personne dans le chat. L’irrespect n’est pas toléré et résultera en une punition. Assurez-vous d’avoir des Sprays appropries (pas de pornographie ou autre contenu choquant.) 3 Règles pour !friendly Si vous ne souhaitez pas combattre et être tués, merci d’utiliser la commande !friendly. Ne pas se plaindre d’avoir été tué si vous n’utilisez pas la commande !friendly. Ne pas utiliser de boutons (accédés par exemple en finissant une piste) si vous utilisez la commande !friendly. 4 Règles pour !cptele Ne pas utiliser la commande !cptele pour accéder au Spawn ennemi ou aux secrets de la carte. La commande !cptele ne devrait être utilisée que pour progresser dans une piste de surf, et non pas pour gagner un avantage dans les zones de combat ! N’utilisez pas la commande !cptele pour échapper de combats ! 5 Informations utiles Il existe deux types de cartes: Cartes Linéaires Si vous finissez la carte ou tombez, vous vous retrouverez en Prison ; cependant finir la carte vous donnera aussi accès à des pouvoirs spéciaux ou à des endroits cachés dans la Prison. Cartes Arènes Il n’y a ni Prison ni fin à la carte ; il vous faut surfer pour survivre ! Comment retourner à votre Spawn Nous vous conseillons de créer un Bind pour « kill » ou « explode » dans la console développeur (bind <TOUCHE> "explode", par exemple) pour retourner rapidement à votre Spawn. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser votre !cpsave pour vous téléporter à votre Spawn, s’il ne vous est pas plus utile à un autre endroit de la carte. Merci de suivre les règles de !cptele !
  10. Përshëndetje my friends! I wanted to request something that's been bugging me for quite a while now, which is the fact that you can only save one location with the !cpsave command. Perhaps it could be possible to make you save 2 or 3 locations at once? (you could choose which location to teleport to from the !cpmenu.) Thanks! :emoji_flag_al:
  11. King_Zog


    Just an average day on Surf....
  12. I don't understand why have noclip in the donator shop, but none of the other commands. Why not put the killstreak command in the shop for like 50,000. I completely understand it is an incentive to donate, but it'd be nice to have ks in shop.
  13. Recently i've been joining other surfing servers lately to see what they were like. One of the things I have noticed is that other skill surf servers have a WAY higher max speed limit while surfing. I have done some looking around into some of the most popular servers and it is the same thing, the have a higher max speed limit. Currently in the official xG Surf server the max speed limit is around 565%. Now when I have joined other servers, almost every single one of these servers had a max speed limit above 780%. For examplr one map for instance surf_horizon has a final pro end jump. Now with the max speed limit of 565% to about 640% some people can BARELY make, most of the time its only one or two people that could make it. But if you increase the max speed limit to about 750% you would make it more fun and enjoyable for players in the server because they know they can make the final jump on surf_horizon. In conclusion I would think that raising the max speed limit for the xG Surf server would be really helpful for newer players and surfers. This will make the player feel happy about themselves because they have accomplished their goal to beat the map or even beat the pro end. Thank you :3 -Benny
  14. Skill surf is now live! Please make any suggestions or bug reports in this thread. Map requests are to go here. The ip is The server currently features 49 maps, which is a mix of Tier 1-3 maps. A full maplist can be found here. We will have custom models on this server as well, ETA for those are in a 1-2 weeks. If you have any idea of what we could add, use the suggestion thread linked above Happy surfing!
  15. okay so my idea is we add a timer to the surf server and we have a scoreboard for the fastest times. The scores would get wiped at the end of the week or something like that. maybe an overall high score. people submit their highscore with a screenshot on steam or something like that. I think it would create compitition for the more experienced surfers.
  16. King_Zog


    Let's put this into context : I have to go somewhere during 5 minutes, right? So I godmode because the spawn throws you out of it, (I mostly play on the surf server) and I don't especially like being loopkilled. When I come back, I forget that I have godmode on until a pyro tries to set me on fire. I ain't the only victim of this though, and if you have the godmode command, it probably happened to you more than once. Don't lie. Anyways my idea was that when you have godmode toggled, there's text at the bottom that says something like "Hey, you're still in godmode!". I dunno it's just an idea.
  17. So, i remember when xG Surf had Mesa on it's map list for a short while, but it was taken off because it ran into issues due to the fact it was one main spawn for both teams. Well, I was thinking about possibilities to fix the spawnkilling issue so that everybody could enjoy the lovely map that is surf_mesa. The possibilities i have in mind are: -Implement a plugin that forces everybody into friendly mode for that certain map (if that's possible) -Make it so that the invincibility of each player lasts until they leave the spawn area (once again, only if it's possible) -Force everyone on the same team for the map So the three ideas above are what could be done if it's possible, and wouldn't have that many implications (I'm assuming?). One idea that is realistic but might be looked down upon is that the rule of "No Spawnkilling" could have an exception for maps of this nature, and people could simply do !friendly if they don't want to die. I know there are a quite a bit of people who would like Mesa back, but this is still just a suggestion. Thanks for reading. NOTE: I am suggesting to reimplement mesa, not just change the rule for other maps like it, if that was not already crystal clear.
  18. We need more surf maps pls!!! only need combat Surf , not skill Surf, DIFFICULTY Tier 0:It is all surf arena , dont have jail and Is so easy To practice surf Tier 1 :Very easy Tier 2 :easy Tier 3 :intermediate Tier 4 : Hard Tier 5 : skilled Tier 6: godlike SURF LINEAR 1) surf_telstar_b4 added :surf_telstar_b4 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 2)surf_rebound_v1 added :surf_rebound_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 3)surf_prelude_b3p added :surf_prelude_b3p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 4)surf_lament_n2p added :surf_lament_n2p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 5)surf_blackout_v3 added :surf_blackout_v3 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 6)surf_minuet_v1p added :surf_minuet_v1p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 7)surf_Reanimation_v1 added:Surf_Reanimation_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 NEW LINK , IS FIX 8)surf_twilight_rc2 added:surf_twilight_rc2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 9)surf_rainbow_v1 added:surf_rainbow_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 10)Surf_Torrent_V1b added:Surf_Torrent_V1b (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 11)surf_monsterween_v2 added:surf_monsterween | Projects | Monster Projects Tier 2 12)Surf_Overcast added:Surf_Overcast (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 1 13)Congo black :surf_congo_black.bsp Tier 1 14)Surf_year3000 :http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/35347 Tier 1 15)Surf_toast_redone :surf_toast_redone (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 1 16) Surf_pox :surf_pox (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 17)Surf_Legends :surf_legends (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 18)Surf_alpine added:surf_alpine (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 19)Surf_meister_v3_final :surf_meister_v3_final (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 SURF ARENA 1) surf_frictional added:surf_frictional (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 2)surf_ny_bigloop_tf2 :surf_ny_bigloop_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 3)surf_buck-around_tf2 :surf_buck-around_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 4)surf_Entrance_v2 :Surf_Entrance_v2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 5) surf_10x_reload_tf2 added:http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/47543 Tier 1 EXCLUSIVE SURF MAPS (EXTRENLY HARD TO FIND) Surf_Peppermint added:surf_peppermint_v7b.bsp Tier 1 PLS ADD this surf , cuz this map is Extinct , Really is a good map, It is a surf linear IP SERVER [xG] Surf-XenoGamers.com Game: Team fortress 2 Now tell me , What is your favourite Surf map? By thevacindak Next post: Surf Index ( tricks , codes and secrets) 15/10/2015 Surf Code Index